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Zebra Girls - Alexia Sky(e)

Zebra Girls - Alexia Sky(e)
Today we're checking out Alexia Sky, who sometimes spells her name Alexia Skye, which if you type into google image search, this beautiful woman that I wished did porn pops up. I spent about 20 minutes going around on that one this morning, and I think I know why? Porn names aren't real names. So she might spell it one way. The porn company spells it a different way. A review might spell it a third way.. None of them are correct, because the shit is made up. It's just a hassle.

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I don't know how long this teen, Alexia Sky, spent doing her hair, but her blonde hair was braided up with pigtails. She was shy at first, but the interview went very well. It wasn't long before she got warmed up in front of the camera. When Billy showed up and showed Alexia his big cock, this teen went crazy - I guess she really does have an addiction to big cock.