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Latin Adultery - Alexa Tomas

Latin Adultery - Alexa Tomas
We all know that there's been a lot of political shit going on this week in these United States. One of them happens to deal with what Donald Trump and his war with the Mexicans. Now, I know that I'm in the north part of the country, and I don't fully understand the strain that Mexicans put on this country. And I know that presidential candidates ( if that's what you want to call him ) need to rally against something, but is this what he picks? It seems like we've got a lot shittier things that we can all rally against, but I guess he's going with that one. I guess it's working for him though, because the last poll that was taken puts him in second place behind Bush. I guess someone has to be in second place, right? But whatever the arguments against having Latinas come into the country, I can think of one fantastic reason why they should come.

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