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Big Tits at Work - Valentina Nappi and Abbey Lee

Big Tits at Work - Valentina Nappi and Abbey Lee
We're going to have a quick one today because it's opening night for football, and I still need to tie the woman up in the basement so I'm sure she doesn't bother me during the game. I'm thinking about putting a diaper on her so she doesn't make too much of a mess, but I don't know if I have to be the one that changes her after. She says that I don't need to tie her up this time because she's going to be going out with her friends, but I don't know.. She always seems to come back exactly when there's two minutes left in the game, and she wants to tell me about her night. I don't know if I can take the chance that it's not a close game, and now I have to knock her out with a sap again. If I do that anymore, she might be the first non-football player to get Repetitive Head Injury Syndrome, and I don't want to have to feed her soup all the time.

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