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iTeens (iTeens.com)

Who doesn't love teens? That's right, everyone loves these perky teenage girls. They are inexperienced and they are young. Their pussies are still tight and they are longing for a large cock to fuck them and tongues to tease their pink pussies. Now what are you waiting for? These teens are here for you on iTeens, and they are ready for some hot fucking.

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iTeens (www.iTeens.com)

My Teen Oasis (MyTeenOasis.com)

The teens from My Teen Oasis have gone crazy - crazy for sex. These girls would do a lot of crazy things just for their pussies to be filled with a cock or two, or more. Watch these pretty little ladies suck the cocks of their teachers, classmates, or the whole football team. Teenagers nowadays really do need discipline, and the best way to do that possible is to get their pussies pounded until they get sore.

$2.95 Trial, $29.95/month, $95.40/year
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My Teen Oasis (www.MyTeenOasis.com)

Sex Toy Teens (SexToyTeens.com)

If you love your young babes not a day over 18 and with all holes plugged with pretty pink sex toys, then you will love Sex Toy Teens! These babes are so young and sweet, and all they want to do is try out their fresh barely fucked pussies with their pretty pieces of plastic that they hide in the nightstand drawer! That's right--every hot teen snatch on this site will get hot solo action from dildos and vibrators! These chicks are so horny and they're ready to pop those cherries, but they don't have a guy around right now, or maybe they just want to share it with you instead of some other lucky motherfucker. Cum on down and see our sweet teens on SexToyTeens.com!

$1.85 for a 3 Day Trial, $29.99 a Month
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Sex Toy Teens (www.SexToyTeens.com)

Teenage Delinquents (TeenageDelinquents.com)

Sometimes when a teen bitch gets out of control, we have to take a step back and teach that bitch a lesson. That's the lesson I learned from checking out the Teenage Delinquents website. These cute bitches are fuckable, but they open their mouths, they are downright nasty. They talk so much shit, they'd make a sailor blush. The only way to shut these sluts up is to shove a cock in their mouths and down their throat. Check out the teens on TeenageDelinquents.com and join the Reality Gang for just $1. Teach these sluts a lesson in manners.

$1.00 Trial, $38.80 Monthly, $95.76 Yearly
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Teenage Delinquents (www.TeenageDelinquents.com)

Sweet Juliet (SweetJuliet.com)

Sweet Juliet is as sweet as her name sounds. She is a teen who's willing to share her most intimate moments with her fans. Juliet is a bit naughty. She just turned 18 but she already has a lot of experience already. For her website, Juliet teases, but in the end, she takes her top off and lets you guys take a peek of her pretty boobies.

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Sweet Juliet (www.SweetJuliet.com)

Project Teen Sex (ProjectTeenSex.com)

Who doesn't love teens? Well we do, and they are the reason why Project Teen Sex exists. We just love how they fuck that we decided to feature them. These young girls are craving for larger cocks. They are not going to be disappointed because the male models of this website have cocks that could barely fit their tight pussies. It's good to see these young women get fucked.

$1 Trial, $29.95 Monthly, $89.95 Yearly
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Project Teen Sex (www.ProjectTeenSex.com)

Tiffany Lee Fisher (TiffanyLeeFisher.com)

Tiffany Lee Fisher is a sweet blonde with a lot of guts. She dares to go all nude on her videos and photos of her personal website. She's not afraid to show off her pretty teen body because she is proud of her pink and tight pussy, her sweet tits and her perfectly round ass. Tiffany is a whore in the making. She also has several scenes where she plays with pussy. Her pussy is just too wet all the time that she can't keep her hands off it.

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Tiffany Lee Fisher (www.TiffanyLeeFisher.com)

Nubile Films (NubileFilms.com)

A lot of people ask what Nubile is. Basically, a nubile is a young lady who is ready for marriage. What we have here on Nubile Films are hot, legal teens who are about to make your mouth water for their gorgeous faces and hot bodies. We'll never get tired of watching naked young ladies, most especially if they are as hot as our models here on Nubile Films.

$29.95/month, $80/4months, $175/year
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Nubile Films (www.NubileFilms.com)

Teens At Work (TeensAtWork.com)

Most of us would love some good service and when we don't get it then we want to be compensated for bad service. Sure, you want to complain to the manager but you don't want to get the nice hot girl behind the counter fired. So what's a guy to do? Let her compensate you with a free fuck. TeensAtWork.com shows what these will do to keep their jobs and it sure doesn't look like they are complaining about the on the side work that they have to do to keep their customers and bosses happy. These barely legal babes bare it all and make sure that they make employee of the month.

$1 Trial, $29.98 Month, $59.96 3 Months, $119.98 Per Year
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Teens At Work (www.TeensAtWork.com)

Gina Milano (GinaMilano.com)

Gina Milano has that irresistible innocent look on her face. But don't let that fool you. She assures everyone that there is nothing innocent about her. She's daring and she's horny. A pretty good combination for a girl who's very willing to post her erotic photos on her personal website. Watch her as she shows off her collection of the sexy panties. She loves her body and how men drool over for it, and she's sure that you're gonna love her too.

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Gina Milano (www.GinaMilano.com)

Alison Angel (AlisonAngel.com)

Alison Angel looks oh-so-sweet, but we all know there's a naughty girl behind those perfect pretty pics... She's just nineteen years old and she wants you to look at all her most private pics! She loves to get dressed up, take off her clothes, and play with her sex toys just for you! Watch all her hi-res content tonight at AlisonAngel.com!

$24.95 a Month, $49.95 for 90 Days
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Alison Angel (www.AlisonAngel.com)

Sara Sexton (SaraSexton.com)

Sara Sexton. A hot 18 year old gymnast who decided to make a website to share her sexy photos and videos with you. Yeah, the name is a laugh and a half—I can just see the webmaster guys sitting around saying, "Let's give her a last name with SEX in it." Not exactly original, guys. But anyway—is Sara Sexton hot enough to carry your interest past that? Find out, check out SaraSexton.com for yourself.

$2.93 Trial, $29.99 Monthly
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Sara Sexton (www.SaraSexton.com)

Teen Slam (TeenSlam.com)

On Teen Slam, we have the freshest teens and brand new amateur sluts slammed so hard that they won't be able to walk for a week! These nasty bitches get totally creamed, and they really have an insatiable appetite for hardcore nasty sex. Our top rated teens are Cosette, Sindee, Taryn, and Onna--all amateur babes that you'll love getting to know in these filthy scenes that you won't find anywhere else. Just look at the expression on their faces when they see a huge hard cock, and see how they handle their first hard fuck on film! It's all right here at TeenSlam.com.

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Teen Slam (www.TeenSlam.com)

Teens Do Porn (TeensDoPorn.com)

If you didn't think that teens do porn, think again. TeensDoPorn.com features some of the hottest barely legal teen girls spreading their pink pussies for cocks. These barely legal babes are hot, horny and looking for a hard cock.

$1 Trial, $24.87 Monthly, $49.87 Every 3 Months
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Teens Do Porn (www.TeensDoPorn.com)

Meredith 18 (Meredith18.com)

Meredith 18 is your typical hot chick whom you can fuck inside your car. She's a badass babe who can seduce anyone with her looks. She won't let you see all of her on her website, but mind you, she got these hot poses that would make your pants really tight. She's sweet, she's sexy, and she's got the attitude a lot of guys love.

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Meredith 18 (www.Meredith18.com)

Little Lupe (LittleLupe.com)

Hey guys, I'm Lupe, and you've reached my very own personal website, LittleLupe.com! Thank you so much for visiting my website! I really love to experiment sexually, and nothing gets me hotter than experimenting in front of the camera, knowing someone might be watching! I'm a very tiny Latina, and I love everything about sex, whether it's with girls or with a big hard cock! You won't find a cuter girl anywhere else on the net, and certainly not one as horny as me! :

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Little Lupe (www.LittleLupe.com)

Ivy Summer (IvySummer.com)

Hi everybody, it's me Ivy Summer! I hope you like my site. I am 18 and I love the internet and all the gorgeous girls who cum online and bare all. I decided that I just had to get my own site so I could live out all my exhibitionist fantasies!

I am crazy and love making faces and having fun. To really get to know me and really enjoy my site, you have to have a great sense of humor and forget about anything that is important.

Check out my tour and sample pictures and videos. When you join IvySummer.com, you get access to the entire Pancho Pass network of sites, including Felicity Fey, Katie Fey, and Lez B Teens. So get off your ass, grab your lube, and join today.

$34.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Ivy Summer (www.IvySummer.com)

Teen Travels (TeenTravels.com)

At Teen Travels, we find cute teens all around the world, take their photos in exclusive photo shoots, and put them online on our site for all the world to see! The site is packed with hundreds of photo shoots and more than 25 hot video scenes in both AVI and WMV format for you, perfect for putting on your iPod and taking them on the go for some teen travels of your own. Our content falls somewhere between softcore and hardcore, with plenty of exposed pussies, some girl-girl action,and some blowjob and handjob scenes! Our teens are so shy but definitely not innocent! Let's get out on the road at TeenTravels.com and see just what these naughty young girls are willing to do when the cameras start rolling!

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Teen Travels (www.TeenTravels.com)

My Mary Anne (MyMaryAnne.com)

My Mary Anne is not about one babe, it's about two sisters! Mary is nineteen and Anne is eighteen, both with long brunette hair and sexy green eyes! They both love to get dressed up and then take off their sexy clothes for the camera. Sex toys are a favorite of both of theirs, and they can't wait for you to watch them play! See them both right now at MyMaryAnne.com!

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My Mary Anne (www.MyMaryAnne.com)

Little Mutt (LittleMutt.com)

We'd all like to see how young girls nowadays play. What better way to celebrate the coming of age of these teens than teaching them the basics of hot sex? Oh, and they are fast learners. Watch them on Little Mutt as they perform blow jobs, get their tight little pussies fucked and play with other girls. These teens are young and adventurous. The surge of hormones indeed is obvious with these little sluts. They just can't take their hands off their pussies and they want their pussies to get fucked.

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Little Mutt (www.LittleMutt.com)

Totally Teen (TotallyTeen.com)

Craving some hot teen action tonight? Why not join Totally Teen, where you can keep your XXX experience limited to just teens? No MILFs invading your territory here--these girls must be 18 and not a day over! All our flicks are shot in 1280x720 hi-def, in gorgeous widescreen. Watch these petite babes go to town on these hard cocks, downloadable in WMV HD format or in formats designed specifically for your iPod or PSP. If young babes are your specialty, then cum and get 'em, all right here at TotallyTeen.com.

FREE Trial, $34.95 Monthly, $59.99 for 3 Months
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Totally Teen (www.TotallyTeen.com)

Drunk On Cam (DrunkOnCam.com)

Drunk On Cam captures all those party hearty hotties in the heat of their most drunken moments! If you think the girls in your neck of the wood party hard, you won't believe what THESE girls do! Making out with their sexy girlfriends, showing off their perfect bodies on spring break, and even upskirt and nude beach action! See it all completely unrestricted in the members area at DrunkOnCam.com!

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Drunk On Cam (www.DrunkOnCam.com)

Harmony Finn (HarmonyFinn.com)

Hi guys, it's Harmony Finn. Thank you for stopping by my site. I'm not as big breasted as some of the other Pancho Pass girls like Felicity Fey and Katie Fey, but I love having this site and showing off my cute teen tits. My site features tons of high-quality pictures and videos. When you join HarmonyFinn.com, you get access to about 30 sites in all - so check us out and the network, and we hope you enjoy your stay.

$34.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Harmony Finn (www.HarmonyFinn.com)

Katrina 18 (Katrina18.com)

Hey out there, what's up? I'm Katrina, and this is my site, Katrina18.com! I'm 5'7" and a slight 110 lbs, so I'm quite the dainty little thing. I just turned 18, and I'm really excited about having my very own website! I really love taking pictures and shooting videos, and I like to make sure that all of my sets are as fun and playful as they are sexy and sensual! I'm not afraid to kiss and play with girls, even though I normally do prefer hot boys! I hope you enjoy it! xoxo Katrina.

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Katrina 18 (www.Katrina18.com)

Cute Angie (CuteAngie.com)

Teens nowadays are so much different than before. They have these cravings that are not easily sated. You can obviously see that their hormones are raging - they wanna fuck here and there, anytime, anywhere, as long as there's gonna be cock sucking and fucking, these teens are on the go. This doesn't exempt Cute Angie. But Angie prefers girls over the hot studs that flirt with her. She can satisfy herself with a dildo too.

$2.95 Trial, $29.95 Monthly, $59.95 for 90 Days
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Cute Angie (www.CuteAngie.com)

Bianca 19 (Bianca19.com)

Welcome to Bianca19.com. My name is Bianca and I'm 19 years old. This is my first site and I am so thrilled, I can hardly keep my panties on! I am a very curious and naughty girl, and I love to play around totally naked in my room and experiment with my body. I love it when people are watching me, and these pictures and videos I have in my member's area are going to make you very, very horny! Come on inside and take a look for yourself and tell me what you think.

$34.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Bianca 19 (www.Bianca19.com)

Tabatha Fey (TabathaFey.com)

Teasing is important. It makes you want more. Tabatha Fey knows that. That's the reason why she won't let everyone see what's she got in one go. She knows how to make men's mouth water. Tabatha has this glorious perfect body that all women want. Not only that, she has this feisty attitude that men find challenging with women.

$34.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Tabatha Fey (www.TabathaFey.com)

All About Ashley (AllAboutAshley.com)

Hi there, welcome to AllAboutAshley.com. I'm Ashley, and this site is all about ME and it's pretty much the best site ever made. I want to share myself with you 100%. Ever since I turned 18 and realized I could make a little cash showing you my tits and pussy, I've been living a dream. I get off on showing my sexy teen body to you, fantasizing about the thousands of you staring at me, wanting me. Inside my site, you'll find thousands of videos and pictures which I hope you'll love. So if you want to be All About Ashley, then I hope you'll take a look at my site. I know you'll love it.

$2.93 Trial, $29.99 Monthly
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All About Ashley (www.AllAboutAshley.com)

Dasha Markova (DashaMarkova.com)

Hi, I'm Dasha Markova. Take my hand and let me show you around my world! Let me charm you with my sexy naked body! I want to drive you wild with my stunning cat-like eyes, along with a stunning body to match! I'm totally nude all the time on DashaMarkova.com. Join me to see more.

$34.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Dasha Markova (www.DashaMarkova.com)

Lanas Fantasies (LanasFantasies.com)

Lana's Fantasies have now come true. Now that she is 19, she is able to post her daring photos on her own website. This lady wants to get past the sweetness that everybody thinks of her. She wants to be knows as a grown up, and here she is. Without disappointing anyone, this blonde girl shows off her stuff. She has the sexiest body and the wildest guts.

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Lanas Fantasies (www.LanasFantasies.com)

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