Young Ripe and Ready Rating: 78

Young Ripe and Ready - www.YoungRipeandReady.comIf you're in the market for some good teen material, Young Ripe and Ready is a part of the Meat Members network and it's ready to fulfill some of those needs. It's brought to you by John Dough, and it features some really hot fucking action. Let's jump inside and see what it's all about, shall we?

There are 32 updates on the site as I write this, but it was last updated nearly a year ago. It's really a shame—the layout is crisp in deep pink and white (a perfect combo, like pussy and cum!), and everything looks perfect on the outside. I guess it's like the teens themselves—young ripe and ready, but damn if they don't both need some work.

There are mostly white girls on this site, though you'll also see a few Asians and Latinas too. Unfortunately there's only one black girl in the whole bunch, so if dark and lovely broads are your personal favorite, you'll want to keep on cruising until you find a site that caters more to your needs. I like to see a broader mix than this—every color of the rainbow, you know?

There are no full movie downloads available on the site, which is really too bad. It's common throughout the Meat Members network though—for some reason they just don't offer it. You do have your pick of low and high quality downloads of both Windows Media format files (WMVs) and Quicktime format files (MPEGs), the former being the smaller ones and the latter being the better ones. It's nice to have a choice of low or high quality in each one, rather than just a choice between the two file types.

Don't bother looking for hi-res pictures on this site. For some reason they are linked to on every single update, but the links basically go nowhere. I don't know why they bother linking the text—they would be better off just leaving them unlinked so it would be obvious that there's nothing at the other end. This is true of the whole Meat Members network, so don't expect it to be different on any of the other sites.

Screencaps are another story. There are about 400 per update, and they are crisp, clear, and lit very well too. It's nice to find screencaps that are worth looking at. These are 720 x 480 pixels, large enough to fit my entire IE7 window on a 1024 x 768 monitor. I really have no complaints in this department. They even offer zip sets, which allow you to save all 400+ screencaps with just one click. I'm baffled as to why there are one-click downloads for the screencaps and not for the movies, but it's not dramatically different from other sites I've seen. You usually get one or the other, never both.

Membership is reasonable at $29.95 for 30 days or $59.95 for 90 days. You get a free month with that 90 day membership, because three months of membership would usually cost you $89.85, and this deal shaves off $29.90. I know I know, too much math. You just want your porn.

Overall I'd give this site a 78/100. It's got some serious merit, but it's also got a lot of drawbacks—no hi-res pics, no full movie downloads, no more updates, etc. You do get about 40 Meat Members sites with your membership though, and for that, it's worth the price. I don't let sites skate by on their networks though—this one isn't off the hook, it's just that you can't ignore the fact that it's on a great network. Check out the full review of the Meat Members network right here on this site for more information on that.

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