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Teens For Cash Aaliyah Jolie
We were on a mission to find a broke little slut, and find her we did! Aaliyah was as cute and gullible as they come - and she made us cum when we banged her tight cutie-y hole! We showed her that you can't judge a book by its wrinkley cover!

Teens For Cash Sherry
This hot little cutie thought it was just going to be another broke day at the park. We picked her up and offered her a chance to make some quick cash, all she had to do was suck and fuck some old cock. How's that cum taste slut?

Teens For Cash Bridget
We were out searching for the first petite little piece of ass we could find. Lucky us we stumbled on this easy money slut looking to make a buck. We gave her our smooth lines so that we could get a look at her smooth curves! Soon she was begging for cock, and we gladly obliged, and included a cum blast to the face for ...

Teens For Cash Lilly
We decided to have some fun by finding us a bitch and convincing her to leave work for our wrinkley asses. That wasn't hard once we met Lilly. We fed her some bullshit about being talent scouts and she lapped it right up. We threw some cash her way and soon she was lapping up our cocks and tasting the white geyser flow!

Teens For Cash Keely
Keely has no job, but loves to shop. We love to shop, too, and today we are in the market for a cutie pie like her. Keely was reluctant to go with us at first, but the temptation of cash eventually overwhelmed her. Soon she was showing these old dogs her tricks, and left them panting for more!

Teens For Cash Goldie Coxx
Goldie was such a slut that she posed as a cutie and jumped in the van before we knew what was happening! For a hot grand she sucked our old dicks like a champ and let us fuck her up, down, and upside down! After a face full of splooge, she's the happiest little porn star on the web!

Teens For Cash Trixxi
We had to go deep into the hood and case several streets before we found 18 year old Trixxi. How do we pitch a hottie about a TV show makeover without getting our asses shot at? Money talks, and brown sugar walks. Matter of fact she walked all over my manhood because she knew her shit and all, but I fronted a little sumpthin' ...

Teens For Cash Chole
Chloe was an easy pick up - she was all about being on the TV! She said she was willing to do anything to get the gig, and we made sure she was true to her word! Wait 'til you see this hottie do deepthroat - her mouth is like a bottomless pit for cock!

Teens For Cash Brianna Beach and Dr Lovemore
Inmate Brianna thinks she can get out of work by faking sick. The prison Dr. figures out that its a ruse and decides to put her ass on lock down so he can go downtown. He convinces her that she'll need to spread wide for an internal exam which leads to a deep probing investigation.

Teens For Cash Krystal-Lynn Lovely and Doc D
Krystal needs a checkup before her surgery, but she's not happy about her doctor's male assistant doing the exam. Once she finds out that she might have to wait two full months before having sex post surgery, though, she decides that being probed by the assistant might not be such a bad thing....

Teens For Cash Dr Meyer and Candi Apple
Rhonda got more than a breast consultation! Dr. Slute used every instrument he had available to ensure he conducted a complete examination. Thigh pounding action mixed with creamy facials was exactly what the Doctor ordered.

Teens For Cash Haley Scott
This babe flagged US down for a change, in search of a ride to Vegas to start her new job waitressing. Since she was too broke for even a bus ticket, we were just what Haley was looking for; horny guys with cash to spare. Don took to her big natural titties like a baby to its mother's breasts, and pretty soon she was ...

Teens For Cash Patricia Petite
This was definetley a great score on my behalf ! This chick has a nice sweet ass that I got to screw just thinking about it turns me on! Patricia got me all hot and bothered with that wild crazy bright hair color and in her little hot skirt she had on. Watch us get it on here.

Teens For Cash Desiree
We set out to find a nasty slut to take home for some serious banging, and our plan worked like a charm. Desiree was a party girl with a banging' bod and a totally DTF vibe, which explains why she was more than happy to say yes to a load of cum on her tits!

Teens For Cash Morgan
Morgan was looking to break into the porn industry. She wanted to start small, check out what it was about, see if she liked it. Well, we don't do things small here and we dumped her into the deep end and brought out the big black dick. It was sink or swim for Morgan and she did all the strokes to keep her head above ...

Teens For Cash Kyla
Our ambitions were limited as to how far Kyla would go. We figured she'd show us some titty, maybe even take her pants off. Ambition is a great motivator, though, and in her case Kyla's ambition yielded some quality sucking and fucking -- and even a nice, sticky facial to top things off!

Teens For Cash Leila
Leila says she doesn't hang around with black guys, because her parents told her not to. WTF? Oh well, an appeal to her desire to get famous was enough to overcome her parents' racist inclinations, so in the end, she got to learn firsthand about the merits of big, black cock!

Teens For Cash Trina Michaels
When D brought in this smokin blonde for an audition, the first thing we noticed were her nice big tits and fine little ass. It was her mouth that D will remember best though, especially the way she took his whole massive cock in it, no problem! Wait 'til you see the hµrting D puts on this tight white twat!

Teens For Cash Slut Ditches Work to Fuck
We found Tiffany working in a clothing store and wanted to know if we could buy some clothes off her, but in the end she let us buy her clothes off of her hot gorgeous body! She knew how to work it for extra cash, but it was worth it to dump our old man loads right on her face!

Teens For Cash Holly Wellin
Holly is from England and answered our add for being in a rap Video. Little does she know that she's going to have to suck and fuck a huge black dick to get the part. The catch is, there's no rap video, and the video we're shooting is her getting impaled by a huge meatstick! Watch the action as this black dick ...

Teens For Cash Genesis
Genesis is a problem student, in need of some real discipline. She's failing 3 of her 6 classes, and the Dean has a new lesson plan and some "extracurricular activities" to help improve her grades: a blowjob earns a C average, but for straight A's, she's going to have do more than blow!

Teens For Cash Nadia Isn't So Nyce
Nadia was a little unsure about us at first, but once she overcame her shyness, she was as nasty as they come! She bounced that skinny body of hers all over the bed, riding a nice fat cock until it unleashed a load inside her, and then she squirted it back our for our cameras to see - what a dirty little whore!

Teens For Cash Austin
Austin fills out her "power skirt" and top VERY nicely, rendering our usually talkative crew virtually speechless. Once Buster's cock is shoved up inside her, Austin has plenty to say, mostly along the lines of "Oh GOD yes!" and "that feels SOOO good in my pussy."

Teens For Cash Taryn Thomas
Taryn wasn't really swayed by the old "we're making a documentary" line, but the promise of cash was enough to make her do just about anything - up to and including letting Frank spurt his cum all over her pretty young face!

Teens For Cash Missy Monroe
Dick and his buddy are shooting a documentary on the lifestyle of female college students. The busty blonde Missy is spotted alone off campus and is offered a front screen interview. Once indoors, Missy shows the camera what her ravishing college experience has been like. She's been dying to release her inner self ...

Teens For Cash Britney Jay and Dick Tracy
Britney is a cute blonde model. Her favorite pastime is to take walks on the beach. She wants a guy who can make her laugh and pamper her. Her date Dick is 24 and self-employed. He Thinks the best way to pick up babes is to humor them and to make ladies think that he doesn't want to only fuck them. Will this couple ...

Teens For Cash Aspen Gets Creamed
Aspen was looking for a nice guy and not a perv, so as soon as Ethan started being lewd, Aspen declared the date over and stormed out. Aspen must have been pretty horny, because somehow, even after she declared him the "dumbest motherfucker on earth", Ethan managed to worm his way back into her good graces - ...

Teens For Cash Tricky Dick
This date was off to a good start, until Destiny found out Buster was unemployed and broke, and she had to pay for their coffee. It looked like things might fall apart, but when Buster finally turned on the charm, Destiny started throating his pole like she was born for it. As it turns out, her "destiny" was ...

Teens For Cash Riley Mason
Riley was living as a student on Mom & Dad's money, but her allowance wasn't enough to support her shopping habit. So when she met these two horny rich geezers, she was willing to do whatever it took to get to their wallets, even if it meant putting out some of that tight pleasing pussy!

Teens For Cash Huge Melons
Young, stacked and VERY eager to suck a cock -- that's Carly. In this scene, we oiled her up and got her off real good a couple times before even letting her touch a cock, and the anticipation really brought out the slut in her. Wait 'til you see her deepthroat Jack's pole!

Teens For Cash Eva Angelina
It's a classic scene with luscious Latina Eva Angelina, who gets covered in baby oil and put through her sexual paces until Jack blows his load all over her big, perfect tits!

Teens For Cash Railee and Brigette and Eli
We shook Tom out of his seaside nap, but he didn't seem to mind - since his wakeup call came in the form of two hot little tourist babes who were out for a wild time! We started them out slow, but the shoot picked up steam fast, as the babes hopped on Tom like an amusement ride. And pretty soon, Railey and Bridget ...

Teens For Cash Haley Paige
We spotted this gorgeous little brunette strolling down the sidewalk towards her boyfriend's place. Hailey told us she'd always wondered what it was like to be in a hot video, and we were more than happy to give her the opportunity. For our screen tests, simple titty flashing ain't enough though; she needed ...

Teens For Cash Lanni
The instant I spotted this little hottie on the dance floor, I knew I had to have her. She had the body, the face, the attitude - everything about her just screamed I'm a great fuck!; I thought I'd have to beg her, but in the end, she was doing the begging!

Teens For Cash Briana Devil
Briana likes it deep and hard; what a coincidence -- that's how Eric likes to dish it out, too! He also likes blowing his load all over a girl's face, but we'll save that piece of information for Briana until *right before* it becomes relevant. ;-)

Teens For Cash Double the Fun
Rebecca and Valentina are adults now, so they think they've done it all...well ladies, think again. Our duo of wonderfully well endowed studs are about to put these barely legal (18+) bitches through the kind of hair-pulling, cervix-scraping pussy pounding that are gonna make these two wish they were virgins again!

Teens For Cash Nikola
Nasty nymph Nikola may not have been legal for very long, but she knows how to part her pussy and rub her clit like a seasoned slut! Once she's done with her solo fun, she gets a visit from a penis-packing stud who teaches this barely legal (18+) bitch how to stretch her petite pussy to all its gaping glory!

Teens For Cash Hailey and Lani and Nikolai
Two single, hot tourist honeys get hooked up on the beach, and they find a stranger to get busy with. They're totally down for some sexual adventure. First it starts off with spanking a stranger and flashing their tits but somehow they ended up doing A LOT more ....

Teens For Cash Heather Presley
"A story of a farm honey going to the big city...and luck goes her way!" Running into the geriatric googling guys, small town lass Heather had thought she hit the big time! Interviews... and getting paid! Watch as she is stripped, flipped, and dipped while getting some cash to boot!

Teens For Cash Tori
It was Dick Nasty's 50th birthday, so we set out to find him something really nice. We found something alright, a barely legal (18+) hypnotic hottie by the name of Tori. Dick wanted to do bad things to her but Tori had a price. So we paid up, then Dick gave Tori some over-the-hill cock! Happy B-day Dick!

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