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Teens For Cash Bianca
Bianca was a typical struggling student, working nights while earning her degree. As she was in dire financial straits, it didn't take much cash to coerce her into losing her top. The more money we gave, the more of a slut she became, and soon our cocks were as empty as our wallets!

Teens For Cash Oklahoma
When we told this blonde babe that she could earn some extra cash taking our survey, she never expected the first question to be "Will you take your shirt off"! But then again, we never expected her to agree only if BOTH of us paid her! She drives a hard bargain... But we're gonna get our money's worth driving hard into ...

Teens For Cash Roxie
What happens when you take two horny old bastards, a hot little ravishing vixen, a huge pile of money, and put them all in the same room together? We have the answer for you here on cuties for cash!! This week see how Roxie gets tricked into fucking the old geezers for a few greenbacks!

Teens For Cash Cali
Cali though it seemed innocent enough to do a striptease for us. We got her back to our bachelor pad and mentioned that we had more money if she's make it more of a lap dance. She fell for that too, so why stop there, we kept offering her more, more, more until we had another teen ass for a little bit a cash!

Teens For Cash Ellie Idol
When we saw this piece of fresh meat walking down the street, we were overcome by a craving for bearded baby clam. After generously contributing to Elli's culinary education, she gave us private lessons in the 'French arts'. She got us fired up pretty quickly, but we slow roasted our sausages in her hot little oven, leaving ...

Teens For Cash Sabrina Starr
When Sabrina's went to return the tools her dad borrowed from their neighbor, she never expected to get nailed! Alex might be old, but he's got one of the biggest toolboxes in town and the money to fund even the prissiest 'projects'. Watch her build up his bald head and then get loaded with his old wood.

Teens For Cash Kortni Kiss
Our senior slut seekers have done it again! They weren't on pussy patrol for long before they found this girl next door type whore. So sweet and accommodating, they though all they needed was to get her back to their room for services, but an extended stay in her doesn't CUM cheap! However, the amenities are well worth ...

Teens For Cash Renee
This week we have a hot Malibu blonde named Renee. When we met this spoiled princess tanning on her daddy's private beach, she threatened to call the cops! But once she caught a glimpse of some greenbacks, it was obvious that she would do ANYTHING to get them out of our hands!

Teens For Cash Tatiana Kush
Tatiana arrives to give the guy's house a thorough cleaning. However, housekeeping doesn't pay much, so when Dick and Rod offer her cash to clean her carpet Tatiana is all over them. Once she vacuums the dust off their old pussy punishers, Tatiana is the one left cleaning up the mess!

Teens For Cash Victoria Cross
Victoria learned the value of her tits early in life. In fact, it took us $570 just to get her clothes off and her wet mouth around our cocks. But it only took another $81 for her to let us land our Bald Eagles in her fuzz nest. With a windfall like that, she won't have to babysit for a couple of weeks!

Teens For Cash Vanity Cristol
It never ceases to amaze us where Rod and Dick find girls to bring home. This time they were at the recycling center when they met Vanity who obviously needed some quick money. They offered her $40 for her time, but if she's willing to show them her jugs and play with their 'beer cans' she won't have to recycle anytime ...

Teens For Cash Arianna Armani
This Russian rookie may not speak English very well but she knows exactly how to say "more money". She's willing to do whatever Dick and Rod want her to do as long as they keep throwing those bills. Once their pockets were empty, her pussy was full and her cries for "more money" just turn into cries for "MORE!"

Teens For Cash Monica Morales
The guys that make DVD's out of Dick and Rod's naughty home movies should have known what would happen when they hired sweet, sexy, 19yr old Monica to work the front desk at their office.... One day Dick and Rod would come in and convince her to show them what she's learned watching all that free porn.

Teens For Cash Brittany Angel
This sweet teeny just needed a tiny bit of cash in order to catch the bus home. Well how about a lot of money for a different kind of ride? Hop on our band wagon for a bone-in blonde treat sandwiched between our loose meat. Grab a napkin because this episode is so JUICY you'll have to wipe off!

Teens For Cash Laila Mason
Laila, what beautiful red hair you have; What perfect round nipples and tight little coochie too. Will you share your goodies with these two old sheep? Cum watch Laila get tricked into exposing what's under her coat to our big bad boners for a little extra dough in her picnic basket.

Teens For Cash Cara Dee
Cara won't even give her boyfriend a blowjob, but then again he doesn't have a pension to entice her with. We knew she was going to be an easy sell because she was seriously broke, but seriously money hungry. She named her price and we doled out: boobs $20, pussy $200, but her 1st taste of CUM... Priceless.

Teens For Cash Marie Mccray
The men are making a nature documentary and college slut Marie is the perfect subject. Here we see a strapped for cash student in her natural habitat, gagging on cock, riding dick for money, and getting her face splattered with hot sticky jizz.

Teens For Cash Nika
Visiting from Russia, Nika wants to spend one day at a theme park but she's unprepared for how expensive it is. Dick and Rod hate to see a young girl's dreams get crushed so they devise a plan that makes everyone happy. They'll pay for her day at the park if she lets them ride her.

Teens For Cash Chloe Chanel
Political science freshman Chloe was going door to door registering voters when she met Dick and Rod who would soon become her hardest customers. They voted for her to get naked, then they offered to contribute to her campaign if she let them stuff her tight ballot box.

Teens For Cash Daffne Diamond
Camera man Ricco's got a hot new assistant and she's the perfect target for the dirty duo. They convinced the naive new-cummer that there's no better way of becoming a good director than by learning to get VERY comfortable in front of the camera. Guess what the ultimate test of comfort is?Cum inside and see...

Teens For Cash Melissa Juliana
While out looking for their final resting place, Dick and Rod found Melissa who was doing research for a school project. The near dead duo deferred her studies with some cash incentives, then they taught her that age doesn't matter when her pussy's ready to be filled up with cock.

Teens For Cash Hailey James
After a trip visiting grandma, Hailey ran into our two wrinkled wolves on the prowl for some fresh meat. But in order to peek under this Red Ridings' Hood, they'll have to drop some serious cash. Watch as she finds out what big dicks they have, in this not so story book ending.

Teens For Cash Becky Sweets
A late night party left over some remnants that Dick and Rod wanted to see! What better way to start the day than to have a young hottie come out of the back, and agree to give us some back. For a little incentive, we gave her the interview, some cash, a lotta dick, and a face full of jizz.

Teens For Cash Mackenzee Pierce
Mackenzee was boning up on her soccer skills in the park when these two brittle bastards caught a glimpse of her athletic physique. Watch as they put her ball handling skills to the test and practically pay this sexy soccer seductress's way through college!!!

Teens For Cash Kendra Kay
Kendra was collecting coins for her candy cache when she came close to the cunt-happy carpet crooners. Dick and Rob offered to buy all of the candy to free up her time for them to fondle her. She found that camp will never match the fun she had getting there.

Teens For Cash Jayden Simone
While out shopping for their meds, our favorite fossilized, female fondlers met young Jayden. She was desperate for a job and they were happy to have her do some dirty work on them. With a quick flash of cash Jayden was ready to climb up wrinkled flesh trees and drain them of all their sap.

Teens For Cash Faye Valentine
Dick and Rod are two lecherous old goats that will do, say, and pay just about anything to get fresh faced Faye to fondle them. Flirting finally freezes her fears, opens up her mouth and her snatch to their pay for play offers. Cum and watch this babe learn as she earns.

Teens For Cash Faith Daniels
When the bus back to Oklahoma broke down Faith was pennyless and stranded. Lucky for her Dick and Rob were willing to buy her a ride if she rides them. So this Okie ponied up her puss and started sucking. When their horses were out of the stable she mounted up for a wrinkled old roll in the hay.

Teens For Cash Lexi Lynn
Nurse Hatchet "the Ratchett" is at it again.. She's sent poor Lexi to get their vital signs and make sure the guys were getting enough activities. This sweet intern wasn't making much moola, so they made an offer she couldn't refuse. See the roaming relics wrestle the willing in this epic adventure of "money over mummys".

Teens For Cash Cassidy Essence
Cassidy was going door to door collecting donations for her cheerleading camp. We knew this cheerleading camp-tramp would be perfect for our "try outs". That pussy was so tight that we couldn't give her our full extension! Watch as this sexy, beautiful nymph climbs on top of our meat batons, sucks and licks our ...

Teens For Cash Nikki Luv
After a hot day at the gym playing basketball, Nikki met up with the ancient assholes. They wanted her play with their balls! Trying to coax this teen out of her clothes took some effort (plus some cash), but the end result was a teen sucking, fucking, and moaning to these geezers delight! Watch how much cash they part ...

Teens For Cash Aarielle Alexis
With us in need of our medication, the pharmacy had it delivered to us, and they sent Aarielle. She's a sexy 19 year old, so we thought we'd get our dinosaur dicks hard and wet while giving her a little cash for her time! Aarielle lasted longer than our medication and sent us on an ecstasy vacation. Cum watch as she works ...

Teens For Cash Nina Stevens
Nina, a blazing hot 19 year old came over to meet us... two old geezers. Letting money guide her decisions, we quickly turned this intern into internal ground-round. Poking and sliding into her hairless meat mound, and choking this tiny princess with our wrinkled meat daggers, she was soon a pro at bridging the gap between ...

Teens For Cash Gia Givanna
Gia, Gia geriatric dick eater. This soft young thing told us that she hasn't had a lot of experience when it comes to sex but she loves to suck dick. So we made sure that she had a meat stick to suck on while her taco was getting stuffed with a fat sausage.

Teens For Cash Jaclyn Case
Sneaky Dick found cutie Jaclyn all for himself and he wasn't plunking down greenbacks for all her hard work! $325 and a pricey dress later she was knee deep in ancient dick and loving every minute of it! Don't miss this one!

Teens For Cash Chavon Taylor
What is the best interaction between OLD and YOUNG?? Sticking an ancient cock in a nice teen pussy! It's time to give her a quick ride on the baloney pony! No teen can ever this turn down; especially if we say we've got a few bills involved! Spread them teen legs, its time to drill for oil!

Teens For Cash Jacky Joy
A quick dip in the pool Jacky thought she was just there to have a little relaxation, but we had another idea in mind...It's so easy to show a little cash to get a nice piece of ass! Teens are so money hungry its amazing how much of the teen pussy we're getting! jealous? Check it out!!

Teens For Cash Sasha Grey
Curious little Sasha heard about us from a friend too bad she didn't hear everything!! The bait has been set and we're ready to give this little cash hungry teen a double dose of the wrinkled old cocks! Will it be worth it to her? Who cares, it'll be worth it to us when we get off!!!

Teens For Cash Kyanna Lee
Little Kyanna lost her sweet little pussy cat, searching frantically thru the yard, we offer her some cash for another kind of pussy, Just a few bills in and we are ready to get our cocks deep inside this little teen slut!! We Maybe old, but we know how to get the job done right!!!

Teens For Cash Kissy Kapri
Playing pranks are what teens do best, Knocking on doors and running away and this hottie knocked on the right door! She claims she's bored we'll give her some good entertainment with our hard cocks!!!

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