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Teen Hitchhikers Easy Izy-Bella Blu!
A guy on a skateboard isn't the kind of lift a hitchhiker is generally hoping for. However, Izy-Bella Blu is clearly an nice lay and just screams eager, so really any four wheels will do. Skateboards don't require an oil change but Izy-Bella stills gets a good taste of the dipstick!

Teen Hitchhikers JC Simpson is Sopping Wet!
JC Simpson must have lost her bikini at the beach but that works to her advantage since she's looking for a ride and she is about to get fucked in a hot tub, anyway! She doesn't even have a second to dry off, inside or out!

Teen Hitchhikers Sindee Shay Shows us Some Southern Hospitality
Sindee Shay is willing to do what it takes to make it in Hollywood. She may be new to the casting couch concept, but she takes to it right away. She definitely has the goods to star in my kind of movies!

Teen Hitchhikers Giselle Monet
After waiting for what seems like forever, Giselle Monet finally gets someone to pick her up. The thing is, the only place she has to go is down on the guy driving! Sometimes stopping for strangers isn't such a bad idea!

Teen Hitchhikers Lexi Diamond
The desert may be hot, but not nearly as hot as little Lexi Diamond! She's young, tiny and has a beautiful pussy that is amazing to see up close!

Teen Hitchhikers Shay Bennett
Shay Bennett has just broken out from a mental hospital and gets picked up by a couple of guys who are not too picky about who they have a good time with. It turns out to be a great idea -there's nothing like fucking a hot crazy chic in a straight jacket!

Teen Hitchhikers Lily LaBeau
I'm not really sure where Lily LaBeau wants to go, but I do know is where she ends up. In a hotel, with a stranger, sucking his cock and getting a much better ride than if they had stayed in his car. Looks like it was a case of right place right time for that driver!

Teen Hitchhikers Mallory Rae Murphy
Its hard to understand why anyone would leave Mallory Rae Murphy on the side of the road. She's young, hot and is an amazing lay! Anyone with room in their car for fucking should definitely stop if they see her trying to hitch!

Teen Hitchhikers Ally Kay
What are the chances that a hot, young hitchhiker would get picked up by a white van with no windows and a mattress in the back? Ally Kay is the lucky legal teen on the side of the road when the Fuckmobile drives by!

Teen Hitchhikers Victoria White
Leggy young blonde Victoria White is in desperate need of a ride into town. She gets picked up and ends up going to town on the nice man's cock!

Teen Hitchhikers Jamey Janes
Jamey Janes forgets about her broken down car once she gets picked up and has her troubles banged right out of her! She gets taken places her car could never go!

Teen Hitchhikers Katie Summers
The LA bus station is a guaranteed place to find pussy. Young, ripe, desperate pussy! Katie Summers fits this description perfectly and this clever guy gets a great lay!

Teen Hitchhikers Lexi Belle
Lexi Belle doesn't need a voice to tell you what she wants. All she needs is a couple apples and a loaf of bread for Anthony to get the point. He finds out that lips aren't just made for talking.

Teen Hitchhikers Misti Love
Young cutie Misti Love is hoping to get out of the cold and into some cock. When the delivery van comes by, the driver picks her up, warms her up, and gives her everything she's been looking for.

Teen Hitchhikers Brooke Lee Adams
Brook Lee Adams arrives in LA and is immediately picked up by a "Talent Scout." Who knows if Brooke Lee will get any "real" work from this, but she definatly does have talent!

Teen Hitchhikers Annika Adams
Annika was hanging out one day when it started to rain and she needed a ride home. She asked us for a lift and we gladly gave her a ride back to our place so she could dry off...and then get wet again! My last girlfriend said I had a small dick so I had to get Annika's opinion and see what she thought of my package. She ...

Teen Hitchhikers Rachel
Hey Rachel, need a lift? we're testing a new camera!It's a long way, but we're sure can find something to do along the way. So you like to party? There's a party in my pants and your invited to cum! Show me Show me! Put your mouth around my cock baby! Yeah we're giving you a ride Rachel!

Teen Hitchhikers Savannah
Hard up and in the desert, they find Savannah looking for a ride. She's 5 blocks away and it's hot outside. 19 and dressed to impress for a job interview. Well this car is a gas guzzler and Savannah needs to pay a toll. A blowjob sounds good! It ain't going to suck itself!

Teen Hitchhikers Cara
Cruising the streets looking for that young hot pussy. Cara Dee looked like she was going to church. Praise the lord! We played some I'll show you mine if you show me your's!This worked pretty good, so they moved onto cock sucking, then found a place for some heavy duty fucking!

Teen Hitchhikers Brooke
Looking for road head, our guys head to the local college. Brooke was headed to her girl friends. Right off the bat she's touching and kissing and coming on to our guy.The camera turns her on.She wasn't even wearing panties.This was the fastest they have ever got a hitchhiker going down for the camera.

Teen Hitchhikers Lola
The camera, the dick and the verbs are on the streets looking for that girl. Lola was walking like she was lost. Her friend kicked her out of their car, their lost, our gain! She couldn't afford to help with the gas money and it's ass or gas, nobody rides for free! Lola is ready to pay for the ride of her young sweet life!the ...

Teen Hitchhikers Jada
Cruising the college, finding a cute girl named Jada " What's up with the camera?" Jada shows off her nympho tattoo on her neck, our guys need proof of that and Jada is eager to show them why she got that tat! She got straight to the cock and loves to give the sloppy blowjob

Teen Hitchhikers Kristina
Today was a totally fucked up day...cold weather...rain...all that! However I was hopeful in finding a freak to pick up in this messed up weather. Today we ran into a girl by the name of Kristina that was stranded cause her car broke down, and she needed to get to Ventura. We were willing to give her a lift, but needed ...

Teen Hitchhikers Crissy
So we decided to go into an area of SoCal where there was no transit system at all whatsoever...so we could find a stranded freak to pick up! This never fails man, we found a hot brunette, Crissy, looking for a ride a couple miles down the town. Coem to find out that Crissy was a college freak that went both ways! She ...

Teen Hitchhikers Kylee
Today we decided to pick up a fine thang at the junior college cause we knew that there were some hot pieces of ass over there. But get this, on our way there was this fine blonde chick fuckin hitchhiking her way to the college! What a goddam coincidence! The only way though for her to get a ride with us, was to flash ...

Teen Hitchhikers Bonnie
We ran into this young hot teen who was hitchhiking...and needed a ride to woodland hills. She only have five dollars for gas money which is not enough...so we told her we can always work something out. We told her that the car won't move until there is something is going on..like her flashing her tits...and as long as ...

Teen Hitchhikers Marie
Damm we are so lucky to find Marie hitching a ride! She got an argument with her mom and she's trying to go to her friend's house. She needed her phone so we had to take a detour back to her house where nobodys home! I'd say we just hit the home run! Score! In the world of hitch hiking...no ride is free so she had to pay ...

Teen Hitchhikers Natalie
Natalie needed a ride to a friend's house and we happen to pass by her hitchhiking to get there! She was wearing this bright short dress and she was looking pretty hot! She couldn't pay for gas so we told her she has to show tits then suck dick for payment! We offrered this teenie a ride on some hard cock before dropping ...

Teen Hitchhikers Missy
We saw Missy on the side of the road trying to hitch hike for a ride...she tried to watch a concert and didn't tell her parents so she couldn't get a ride from them. Now she's stuck with us for the ride..and all along I just want to stuck my hard cock inside this teen's tight young pussy! This hungry teen ate my hard cock ...

Teen Hitchhikers Cali
Cali was such a sweet teen who needed a ride to her father's house. Too bad she got no gas money so I told her we can work something out! So I told her straight up that gas was expensive and she needs to show her tits and suck my cock if she wants to get anywhere! Of course can't go back to her mother so she became naughty ...

Teen Hitchhikers Margaret
It was very cold outside when we saw this red head teen trying to get a ride to the store. After explaning away the camera she got in the car where's she's about to ride the hardest of her young teen life! She was okay to show us some tits and ride onto some cock for the ride cuz' it's the least she can do for having no ...

Teen Hitchhikers Dakoda
We couldn't believe that we picked up this young and sexy teen hitchhicker! She was running away from home but lucky for us, we happened to drive by her! She didn't have the money for a long drive so we told her we'll take ass instead! We made her eat my boy's hard cock all the way down and got to fuck her tight teen snatch ...

Teen Hitchhikers Gia
Shoot Gia was excited when we stop our ride for her cuz' she couldn't wait to go to Vegas baby! This hot teen hitchhiker wasn't shy showing off her tits for the ride since she wanted to be a showgirl anyways! Of course I'm not getting away with this by not showing my junk anyway! So I asked her if she wasn't to get to ...

Teen Hitchhikers Brynn
Daym we got lucky today bro! We found this really hot teen on the side of the road and she said that she needed a ride to the mall because she broke her phone while she was fighting with her mom. I told her I have an extra ephone at home and that she can have it if we get some sort of payment of course! We didn't want ...

Teen Hitchhikers Chrissy
Chrissy found herself out of nowhere and didn't know where her car was...she partied too much last night I think! So she asked if we can take her back home which is more then an hour away! We said sure if she can give us cash, gas, or ass! Unfortunate for her she had no cash...fortunately for us we accept ass! She hesitated ...

Teen Hitchhikers Victoria
We found this totally hot teen trying to hitchhike in the middle of nowhere! She was being fun and adventurous and didn't care where to go. She was hungry for some hard cock for sure! She gave me the best road head all the way to my place where she easily spread her long legs! Her breast are naturally soft and humongous! ...

Teen Hitchhikers Faye
Faye needed a ride to get to the beach while skipping class! This naughty girl is about to get some spankin'! She had little money for gas and this ride is all about gas or ass! But she was happy to keep her money for lunch and eat my boy's cock for the ride! Later we took her home and continued her hard ride with my boy's ...

Teen Hitchhikers Lindsey
We found Lindsey trying to hitchhike her way to the beach where her friends are. She was happy and flirty with my boy that she was happy to show her tits if he can show her his big dick too. She showered her mouthful of appreciation by sucking dick. Lindsey showed her wild and we were lucky to see it all! We took her home ...

Teen Hitchhikers Sabrina
This foxy girl was hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere! She was very flirty and told us she needed a ride... it's all good we'd love to give her a ride on her ass! She has one sweet ass too! Sabrina had a wild side in her and she thinks getting ride from strangers are totally hot! She knows how to swallow deep all the ...

Teen Hitchhikers Kymber
Too bad Kymber found her boyfriend cheating on her...that's why she needed a ride out of town to get away. Good thing we came by in time to snatch this teen ass! Gas is expensive nowadays so she reluctantly gave my buddy some sloppy road head! Revenge is sweet! it turns out this bashful teenie is totally horny and came ...

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