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Pure 18 Alanna Anderson
Alannas school counselor, Mr. Jenson, had an appointment with her mother at her house. Alanna made sure that her mother would not be home when the counselor arrived. When Mr. Jenson threatened to call her father, she quickly begged him not to call her father and that she would do anything for Mr. Jenson not to call him. Mr. Jenson took advantage of the situation and began feeling up her sweet tits. He undressed her juicy tits and luscious ass. She was not sure at first, but after he began licking her ass and pussy, she could not get enough. She got her pussy pounded and got man milk all over her pretty face.

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Jizz Bomb Alanna Anderson
Jizz Bomb Alanna Anderson
  Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blond cutie pie Alanna Anderson is spreading her tight cheeks apart for cock. She needed to stuff her hot mouth first before swallowing our inches into her pussy. Alanna's sweet round ass took our attention most of the time as we fucked her wet pink ...

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