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Cost: $34.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days Rating: 88

Kristina Fey - www.KristinaFey.comKristina Fey is just 18, and she's one of those sexy Fey girls from the Pancho Pass network! You might already know Felicity Fey, Katie Fey, and Ana Fey. Are they sisters? I have no idea. I can't find any mention of that anywhere. All I know is that they're all young cuties with a similar look, so if I can get my hands on any one of the Fey girls, then I'm a happy camper. Kristina Fey seems to have the young naughty vibe like a lot of those troublemakers in the celebrity circuit do nowadays... you know, the ones whose nude or semi-nude pics seem to leak onto the internet with increasing regularity? Well, Kristina isn't gonna make you wait for it—she's got TONS of nude content that you can access any time you want. Let's log into Kristina Fey and check it out!

The top banner in the member's section of Kristina Fey hints at her 18-year-old innocence—she's lying there in cloud pajamas—but the smirk on her face tells you that she's ready for much more than innocent pics like that! Just below her is the main menu (home, pics, videos, etc.) followed by some featured updates and links to all the bonus sites (info on those is included later, keep reading). The latest news update is, well, pretty old. But the photo updates (a little further down the page) are current, so that's good news. No dates on the video updates, so I'll assume they don't update those anymore. The focus here is clearly on the photos, so if you're a photography buff you will be very into that.

One of the pain in the ass drawbacks on the other sites on this network is that the updates are organized by month, so it was a huge hassle to even try to count all the updates, and you had to click on each month just to see what was included there. I'm glad to see that they didn't use that system on Kristina Fey. Instead they just list each update separately with a thumbnail, and they are spread out with 20 updates per page, over 25 total pages. YES, that means there's a total of 500 photo sets. Can I get a woo hoo? That's a lot. I'm excited about this, and if you're thinking of joining then you should be too.

Kristina Fey's galleries typically contain 100 photos each, and they are sized 680x1024 so they look fantastic! Please note that sometimes Kristina gets completely naked and sometimes she doesn't take anything off at all. She's one of the more demure girls, just turned 18 and she's flirting with the wild side but doesn't always take it there all the way. Sometimes she'll just pose and bare her stomach, and sometimes she shows everything, right down to the pink. This mixture of kinds of photo sets as well as the variety in settings makes it very different from most other galleries that you're used to. I like it a lot, but if you need the nudity to get you off, then just focus on the ones with nude thumbnails. I'd say 85% or more of the updates are in fact nude, so out of 500 that's still a TON of nudity! I think you're going to like these Kristina Fey photo galleries a lot. I know I did.

The videos are also all listed separately in the videos section, rather than by month, which again is a huge improvement from a lot of the other sites on this network! Again there are no dates, so I don't think this section is updated anymore. There are a total of 48 updates here, which I'd say is adequate and it should get you through 30 days. The movies are full only, not clips, and they are typically anywhere from 20MB to 50MB. Kristina does get into some softcore masturbation here, but still the focus is mainly on stripping and showing off that cute little body. The resolution on the movies is 720x576 on both formats but the WMVs seem a little smoother to me, so I'd opt for those. Faster download too, so why not?

You get a bunch of great bonus sites from the Pancho Pass network with your membership to Kristina Fey, ready for the list? Stormy Friday, Porn Wipes, Dasha Markova, Harmony Finn, Ivy Summer, Felicity Fey, 18 Magazine, Nastya Girl, Katie Fey, Andi Pink, Crimson Teens, Scarlet Peaches, Red City Nudes, Panty Fruit, Ariel Rebel, Wild Tarts, Paris Tale, Tranny Sex Nation, Exclusive T Girls, True Tere, Kylie Teen, Piper Fawn, Lez B Teens, Tabatha Fey, Cute Girl Feet, BFT Girls, Teen Travels, Teen Foot Club, and Ana Fey. Good stuff, all with adequate amounts of content even if a few of those aren't updated anymore. I would definitely recommend this entire network of sites.

The price to join Kristina Fey is $34.95 for 30 days or $69.95 for 90 days. Those apply for both credit cards and online checks, and there's also an option to join by phone but that's only for 30 days (currently at the same price). I think the price is a little steep but if you take into consideration all the bonus sites you get, it's still totally worth it. Kristina Fey gives you almost 50 hot videos, 500 hot photo sets (I'm still wowed by that number), and a ton of bonus content. I'd give this site a rating of 88/100. Join now!

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  • Kristina Fey by 8/9/2010 6:16:43 AM (68/100):
    Kristina Fey is a blonde who loves to tease and taunt you until you can't take any more. While much of the content on the site is softcore, there is a bit of playful lesbo action and that makes the site hot, but not hardcore. There are 43 videos you can save in good-quality AVI or Windows Media format. There are also 210 sets of nearly high-res photos to save in handy Zip files. Your downloading is limited to 600MB per hour and the site is no longer updating.

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