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Cost: $4.95 for 3 Days, $39.95 Month Rating: 85

Hot Campus Teens - www.HotCampusTeens.comI've never reviewed Hot Campus Teens before, so I was eager to get inside and see what they had to offer. The first thing I noticed was that the girls are really hot. They look like real college babes, not older women who are faking the twenty-something look. There were only one or two that I wouldn't bang, and that's just because they weren't my type.

The premise of the site is that these girls exchange favors for favors-if a guy gives her a ride home, she fucks him in return. If a guy helps her study, she fucks him in return. You get the gist. It's not the most original concept, but with a college site like this, who needs originality? You just want to see hot college babes servicing some cock, am I right?

The number of updates is small, but this site seems fairly new so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one. At the time of this review there are 19 video/photo sets. Each video is about 30 minutes in length, and you have the choice of viewing that in either Windows Media format (WMV) at 320 x 240 resolution or 640 x 480 resolution, or you can view them in Quick Time format (MOV) at 320 x 240 resolution.

My big issue with the movies is that they're not downloadable. I'm not a big fan of streaming videos. Most people aren't. I'm not sure why they would be so stingy with their videos. It's not like their concept is so original that they're afraid someone will steal the content and sell it themselves. The emphasis should be on customer satisfaction, and customers demand downloadable videos. To make matters worse, they are separated into multiple clips that you have to click through. You'll have to repeatedly click the back button to return to the girl index, because after each clip it advances you forward a page, and there is no home link provided for your convenience. If you do buy a membership, you may want to copy and paste the home link every time you're surfing the site so you can avoid that whole mess.

There are the same number of photo sets, 19 at the time of this review. Each one has about 150 pictures in each one, and rather than being professional photography, they are screencaps from the movies. I didn't mind this, because it gave me a good preview of what was in the actual movies. There was one gripe that I had with the photos though-they really need zip sets. Some of these photos sets were so hot that I wanted to save them on the spot, and I couldn't do that without individually saving hundreds of photos.

I did like the fact that you can rate the video and photo sets, anywhere from "ice cold" to "ON FIRE!" The babes are beautiful and it's nice to be able to comment on that with just a quick click of the mouse button. The videos are also filmed in HD, so you know that you're getting true quality.

Check out this huge list of bonus sites that come with your membership to Hot Campus Teens: Her First Anal Sex, Gang Bang Squad, Teens For Cash, Bang Boat, Back Seat Bangers, Her First DP, Wild Fuck Toys, Her First Big Cock, Housewife Bangers, First Time Swallows, Black Cocks White Sluts, My Sex Tour, Her First Ass to Mouth, College Wild Parties, Porn Stud Search, Her First Lesbian Sex, Just Facials, and Milf Seeker. With the actual site included, that's 19 sites in all.

The price is too high to earn my overwhelming stamp of approval, at $39.95 per month or $69.95 for three months. There's not enough to keep you busy for three months, so skip that. The site will probably be great as time goes by, but right now it only earns an 85/100 due to lack of quantity and lack of downloadable movies. I'll be happy to return and give them a higher rating when they improve! For now, be sure to check out Hot Campus Teens and make up your own mind

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  • Hot Campus Teens by 8/9/2010 6:15:31 AM (78/100):
    The sexy coeds on this reality site make me miss my college days as they are quite easily seduced into some hardcore fun. There are 136 episodes and each one comes with some images and a video. Only some of the vids can be downloaded, but those that can be look sensational. There is an initial download limit until you make it through three months of membership. You get 35 bonus sites, which is great, but they should think about updating more frequently than once a month.

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