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Fast Times at Naughty America University... or Fast Times at NAU... or even just Fast Times (I swear they keep shortening the name every time I come back to do a review!) is Naughty America's foray into the world of crazy college sex! They feature sorority girls, dorm girls, teachers, college chicks, sexy amateur blowjobs, and hardcore amateur sex! Let's get in there and see what Fast Times at Naughty America University has for us to enjoy tonight.

Some of the names you might recognize on Fast Times at NAU: Nikki Sexx, Vanessa Lynn, Nikki Hilton, Vixen, and Reena Sky. These babes are dedicated to making your amateur sex college fantasies come true. All of the videos feature these hot young babes sucking cock and riding hard dick, and some even feature threesomes and foursomes! There is so much hot teen college girl content on this site, and all hardcore. It'll drive you wild. Let's get in there and check out Fast Times at NAU from behind those dorm room doors.

At the time of this review, the site has not been updated in four months, but I have heard that updates will resume this month. If they continue on their usual schedule, you'll see weekly updates. There are already 180 updates on the site, so you definitely don't have anything to worry about. There is plenty of hot college amateur sex here to keep you satisfied, and even if you somehow got through all of those, there are all those bonus sites to rely on too. We'll talk about those in a minute.

The layout of this site makes it so easy to get around, and since it extends throughout the entire network, it's easy to navigate all the sites as if they were one big megasite. In a way, they are. The bonus sites are available in a hover menu at the top of the page, and the updates all go down the main page in multiple pages. Clicking on an update takes you to the page where you can download all the video and photo content. Let's check that out.

The videos are available in Flash streaming, which I love, big and bold right at the top of each update page. If you prefer to download your videos, you can get them in three different WMV qualities (normal, high, and DVD quality), MPEG, and iPhone/iPod format. There is also an additional iPhone/iPod format download that condenses the movie down into just five minutes for the ultimate in on-the-go porn. Nice. The highest quality WMVs come in 720x540 resolution which is a little lower than most sites on this network, but damn that is good enough for me! Very nice quality. No complaints.

Like screencaps and high resolution photos too? They have both. The screencaps are sized 732px and the hi-res shots are sized 800px. They both look fantastic. You get about 100 per hi-res set or 450 per screencap set, and there are slideshows and zip sets for both. Very cool. Can't complain about the quality here either. Despite a four month summer break, everything is top notch.

Now, you get about 20 bonus sites with your membership, but these are the ones that I am positive will quench your thirst for more hot teens: My Dad's Hot Girlfriend, My First Sex Teacher, My Sister's Hot Friend, Naughty America, Naughty Bookworms, Naughty Athletics, Naughty Country Girls, and SoCal Coeds. And of course Naughty America HD in case you want any content to watch on your HDTV. Nice bonus there, huh?

If you have decided to join Fast Times at NAU, it'll cost you $24.95 per month. Glad to see they keep the billing options simple. I think it's definitely worth it to join this site, with or without current updates (but again they are supposed to start updating regularly this month). The entire network is extremely reliable and packed with hot content, so it definitely gets my vote. Final score for Fast Times is 87/100. Join tonight!

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Fast Times at NAU Video
Fast Times at NAU Video

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Fast Times at NAU Picture

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  • Fast Times At NAU by 8/9/2010 6:15:28 AM (84/100):
    Fast Times at NAU will get you through those rock-hard moments! Cute coeds are living their real lives on this site. Whether they need extra cash for booze or are turning to their buddies for comfort, they end up stuffed with big frat cocks at Naughty America University. There are 181 vids and 147 sets of pics on the site and members also get access to bonus websites and other goodies. The site hadn't updated in a year before adding a new and HD scene last week.

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