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Cost: $1 for 1 Day Trial, $24.94 a Month, $59.37 for 3 Months RexMag.com Rating: 78

Disgraced 18 - www.Disgraced18.comDisgraced 18 is a brand new website whose sole purpose is finding hot teens to humiliate! You into bondage? BDSM? Gagging, spanking, breast torture, fucking machines, and generally just seeing pretty girls getting beaten and loving it? Then you will love Disgraced 18.

Disgraced 18 has done something that not a lot of fetish websites have, or even many porn websites in general! They have taken a tried and true niche and truly made it their own. On Disgraced 18, unlike a lot of teen sites, you aren't going to just see teen girls that look like they are 12. These girls are 18, sure, but they don't try to look like children — they look young, hot, and ready to get fucked. Also, unlike other fetish websites, this site isn't full of gloomy babes with too much eyeliner and cheap costumes. This website is full of color, not the same old black latex teddy. Ever seen an electric pink gag, or a girl getting fucked and spanked with neon colored toys? I bet you haven't, but you will here on Disgraced 18.

So far, there are only twelve sets uploaded to the website, but this is a brand new site so they are off to a good start. Thankfully for you, this website updates once a week, so by the time you're reading this they should be even more packed with content. When you first log in, you'll see a page that gives you all of the most recent updates. There are also links on the side that go to other content, like chat, Porn Pros TV, a way to browse the site by specific model, and a category browsing link. Also, beneath the tool bar at the top of the page, there are three text drop boxes that say "Jump to: Pick a site.. Pick a category.. Pick a model" respectively. There are tons of great sites you can jump to, but more about all of that stuff later, I'm getting ahead of myself.

To get to the content, just click on any of the thumbnail links, and it'll direct you to a page that has all of the content for that particular episode. If it's video content you want, this website offers you tons of options! Pretty much any type of format you could possibly want, and some you'd never even think of, are offered. You can download the video in full length in WMV or MPG format, or watch the full length video streaming. There are also 1-minute and 4-5 minute clip download and streaming options. And as if all of these options weren't enough, there are also download options for XBOX, PSP, iPod, iPhone, and DVD/CD! All of the videos come in a default format of 720 x 400, though they can be expanded to full screen size without losing much of their clarity or quality. A full length MPG runs around 560MB: a full length WMV is typically around 500MB. MPG and WMV long clips typically tend to run around 70MB or so. A 1-minute clip is normally in the ball park of around 15MB, and is only available in WMV. For streaming options, there are dial up and broadband settings so you can tailor them to your own internet connection. All of these videos are of superb quality, crystal clear and incredibly well shot with excellent sound.

If you want photographs, you will find them right next to the video content. When you go to the page that holds all the material for the episode, on the right side of the page you'll see two sections, one for video screencaps and one for high resolution images. Each set seems to have somewhere around 500-600 of these high resolution images. The high resolution shots come in at around 850px × 850px, and when they say high resolution, they mean it! Every single shot is magazine worthy, but just because it's magazine worthy doesn't mean it doesn't keep up with all the hot, raunchy action that goes on in the sets! For the video screencaps, there are normally only around 100 or so of those, and those also clock in at 850px × 850px. They aren't of the best quality, but that kind of comes with the territory of being screencaptures. I'd stick to the high resolution shots. You can download both the video screencaps and the high resolution images as a ZIP file to your hard drive if you want.

As a part of your membership you'll also get access to every Porn Pros site. Here's the complete list: Cumshot Surprise, Freaks of Cock, Sleep Creep, 18 Years Old, 40 oz Bounce, Cock Competition, Real Ex Girlfriends, Deep Throat Love, Flexible Positions, Pimp Parade, Jurassic Cock, Euro Humpers, Shady P.I., Asian Fuckies, Big Handfuls, Cum Martini, Hungry Cougars, and Mexicunts. That really adds up to a huge amount of porn! And from a well-known network like this one? Well, you really can't go wrong.

A membership to Disgraced 18 will cost you $.83 a day for a one-month membership, which works out to a total of $24.90. If you want to go for the three month membership, that will cost you $.65 a day or a total of $58.50. For a new site that has a truly unique aesthetic, Disgraced 18 is really making an effort to produce high quality material. You will of course have to deal with a lower amount of content since it's new, and possibly rely a little more heavily on those great bonus sites--but this is a site that gets it right, and I'm giving it a rating of 78/100.

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Disgraced 18 Video

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