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Cost: $29.95 Monthly, $75 for 3 Months, $99.95 for 6 Months Rating: 62

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Daddy and the School Girl isn't exactly how it sounds. This isn't an incest site, this site is about older men banging hot, barely legal teens. And by older, I don't just mean over-30, I mean real mature men. You get a cute young girl, barely 18, with just a bit of babyfat and an innocent face, fucking a man who could easily be her own father. Pervy, sure, but no incest. If you're into School Girls, Daddy and the School Girl might be a site for you.

Unfortunately, there is one glaring fault about Daddy and the School Girl. As of this review, there is only one video on this site. Yeah, you heard me, one video. A shame, really, because from the onset, this site really seems to have a lot of potential. I'm not sure if this is a brand new website that just hasn't yet found more content to upload, or if this is all thats going to happen, but one set for a website is obviously not enough to get a recommendation from me at this time, period. The stars of the site are Vanessa, the young girl-next-door, and the older man up the street. Plenty of hardcore sucking and fucking happens on Daddy and the School Girl, just too bad there's so little of it. I'll come back and update this if things change though.

When it comes to the website itself, it's very straightforward. Once you log in, you're shown a write up, and links to the video content and the photographs. For video content, you have the option to view the video in full length or in clips. I couldn't really find any option for viewing the videos streaming, so it seems you just have to download them. The only format offered is WMV. The video itself is 34 minutes long, clocking in at around 523MB a pop for the full-length version. If you'd rather watch it in segments, you can download the video in six different parts, each of them coming in at about 85MB or so apiece. The videos come in around 640 x 360. The quality of the video is actually quite good, not grainy or blurry, and the sound quality is pretty good for it. A lot of the video is actually leading up to the scene going on in the set – if you download the first segment, all that's going on is Vanessa talking to the older man and flirting. It doesn't start picking up until segment two.

There are 104 high quality photographs on this site. They aren't lifted from the video, they are actually well put together shots. The photographs come in two sizes, 1053px × 1573px and 1573px × 1053px. They do follow the set step by step, really making sure to catch the hottest parts of the scenes going on in the set. Also, in addition to the photographs taken for the set, there are seven behind the scenes photographs. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what's going on in these behind the scenes photos. I think it's her getting dressed for the shoot, but honestly, I couldn't tell you. The back stage photos are very well shot and are also around 1053px × 1573px each, but I really wouldn't recommend them for anything more than mild amusement.

Membership to this site also gets you full access to a ton of other sites full of amateur action. Some of those sites include Hot Mom Next Door, Ebony Next Door, Squirting Next Door, Shemales Next Door, Throat Fuck Next Door, Big Cock Next Door, Blowjob Next Door,, Masturbating Neighbors, Hot Virgin Next Door, Lesbian Next Door, Girl Voyeur Next Door, Fuck Next Door, Handjob Next Door, and Hot College Girl Next Door. There's a theme there. Not sure if you picked up on that. Haha. Seriously they are great sites though. Good stuff.

Membership to Daddy and the School Girl will cost you $29.95 for thirty days of access, recurring. You can also choose the $75.00 for ninety days of non-recurring access, or $99.95 for 180-days of non-recurring access. You can join using a credit card or personal check. With only one set to speak of on this website, and no foreseeable updates anywhere in the future, I'm going to have to rate this site just 62/100 and not recommend it at this time. Sorry, keep looking!

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Daddy And The School Girl Video

Daddy And The School Girl Video
Daddy And The School Girl Video

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Daddy And The School Girl Picture
Daddy And The School Girl Picture

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  • Daddy And The Schoolgirl by 8/9/2010 6:16:11 AM (55/100):
    Daddy And The Schoolgirl is currently one of the smallest porn sites that you'll ever come across. There's only one video, one photo gallery and one set of bonus behind-the-scenes pictures to be found and to make things worse, they haven't updated in over eight months. On the bright side, the vid looks great, the pics are high-res and members get access to 14 bonus sites.

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