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Couples Seduce Teens Sonia Lopez
What would your mom say if she found out we seduced you? jokes wife, Rachel. "I think its hooot!" giggles cutie, Sonia.

Couples Seduce Teens Jordana James
"I overheard that you guys are looking for a nanny!" said Jordana. Joe, husband: "We'd love to interview you! We could even do it at your house, while we're in town!" "That's perfect," said Jordana. "My parents are away for the weekend!"

Couples Seduce Teens Jackie Ashe
"This is Jackie. I met her inside, she was buying some board games too" "Jackie this is my husband Frank" "Hi, Frank" "I Invited her over. I told her we were gonna have some lunch and play some games".... Back at the house, Frank and Lauren skillfully warmed her up with a bold game ...

Couples Seduce Teens Sammy Cruz
"You don't have a boyfriend?" asked Michelle. "How long has it been since you've had sex?" "It's been at least a couple of months," said Sammie. "But I thought you guys were just going to show me your rose bushes!"

Couples Seduce Teens McKenzee Miles
"The show starts soon," said Devon. "So let's get those clothes off!" "You've never modeled?" asked Marcus. "And you've never messed around with a couple? Well, that makes two things you'll have to try today!"

Couples Seduce Teens Kaci Kay
When wife Lexi said "This is the land of opportunity! Anything goes!", workout partner Kaci looked a little surprised. "What do you mean by that?!" Lexi quizzed her on three-ways next:"If you had the opportunity to be with another woman... would you do it?"

Couples Seduce Teens Remember Last Night
Marcus' memory of the night before might be a bit fuzzy, but he sure adjusts to Alyssa's presence quickly, starting in on her pussy while Devon is still fast asleep. He will certainly never forget what happens next -- and as good as Alyssa looks as she's being fucked from behind while eating pussy at the same ...

Couples Seduce Teens Aurora Chase
"It's the same as training. You have to try different programs and genres..... It's actually very good cardio, and it helps your blood flow... I know my blood's flowing really well right now... We're going to make you into a new woman in more ways than one!"

Couples Seduce Teens Peaches gettin' Creamed
-EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES EPISODE!- Real teens, real couples, real work, and REAL FUN! Talk about loving what you do - These guys have the best jobs in Hollywood!

Couples Seduce Teens Allie James
Marcus met Allie online, which was great - until Devon found Allie's self-shot pics on Marcus' phone, that is. Devon's anger turned to arousal once she saw Allie in the flesh, and she was more than happy to share her hubby's cock with the young whippersnapper.

Couples Seduce Teens Mae Meyers
Mae is just minding her own business, playing on the swing set, when Devon shows up with a different sort of 'swinging' on her mind. Luckily, Mae is an open minded girl who likes to try new things - like sucking Devon's pussy juices off of Marcus' cock! Just another day in the park, right?

Couples Seduce Teens Gracie Glam
Gracie dropped by to have her makeup done by her neighbor Angelina, because she wanted to impress a guy she's attracted to. Angelina's suggestion? Act really slutty. How should she do that? Time for show and tell!

Couples Seduce Teens Emily Evermoore
Emily: "I'd love some one-on-one tutoring... But why are you asking me about sex?" "Everyone is more open and easygoing around here, that's all," said Lexi. "Have you ever been with a woman? You know, I didn't find out I was bisexual until I was older..."

Couples Seduce Teens Sabrina Starr
"What's going on?" John asks as he enters to find his wife busy moistening the pink of her new friend. "Don't worry! He's my husband" she says to Sabrina who doesn't suspect that they've set her up. "Whadya mean? I thought you were a lesbian! I didn't answer an add for, ...

Couples Seduce Teens Maxine Tyler
After returning Devon's lost wallet, Maxine was happy to follow her and Marcus back to their place for a cash reward. When they arrived she was surprised that Devon asked "Can I at least give you a thank-you kiss?" She let Devon kiss her on the lips but her reward was about to get much, much wetter!

Couples Seduce Teens Haylo Lynn
"We've got a place right down the road," said Vanessa. "Why don't you come back and lay out with us for awhile!" "I guess I'm up for anything!" said Haylo. Husband, Lars: "She seems comfortable in front of the camera, too!"

Couples Seduce Teens Ashlynn Leigh
Ashlynn, the daughter of a family friend, is the newest employee on Marcus and Devon's ranch. She wasn't quite prepared for the immediate come-on from Devon, but once her juices were flowing, she got into the swing of things REAL quick. Now she's a part-time ranch hand and a full-time fuck toy!

Couples Seduce Teens Mindy Lee
"I went online looking for someone who'd let me stay with them and check out campus," said Mindy. "The other couples were weird-- I thought they were trying to hit on me!" Lexi: "Look at all this underwear! What exactly do you wanna do this weekend?"

Couples Seduce Teens Sanae Moon
Joe, husband: "That dog cost seven thousand dollars! You don't have that kind of money!" Veronica, wife: "Not to mention that we had plans for this afternoon-- fucking like crazy! We'll have to work something out..."

Couples Seduce Teens Lystra
"She took a little more work.. she is really shy," says wife, Monica, as we drive to meet her new pen pal. Lystra wasn't afraid of the camera, and soon that shyness turned into screams for more!

Couples Seduce Teens Isabella Dior
"The first step in 'Threesome 101'," said Lexi, "is to make the new girl feel comfortable! How about a massage?" "Oooh, I'd like that!" said Isabella. "I've never done anything like this before...but I like older women!"

Couples Seduce Teens Hailey Young
"I've never been in a situation like this before," said Hailey. Frank assured her: "It's totally normal! Your inhibitions just melt away. We want to show you how fun it is!" Wife Lauren chimed in: "Ooooh, she's blushing! We'll have to teach her a few things..."

Couples Seduce Teens Heather Presley
"Maybe you'll like our table," said Devon, wife. "I'll check it out," said Heather. "Are you guys really married?" "Oh yes," said Devon. "But we still like to have fun! Let's make you comfortable! Have you ever been with a woman?"

Couples Seduce Teens Tiffany Wright
"Can you believe it? I'm her boss," said Veronica. "Are you thinking about maybe moving up in the company? You know...I can't say I got where I am by working hard!" Tiffany: "I guess I'll do whatever it takes to get that raise!"

Couples Seduce Teens Natalia Rossi
Ethan and Lexi are back at it, and today's target for spontaneous seduction is Natalia, who is supposed to be showing them her mother's artwork they are interested in buying. Of course, once Lexi spends a few minutes alone with Natalia, her interests take a new direction -- straight towards Natalia's tasty ...

Couples Seduce Teens Brandi Lace
"You've grown up to be a real cutie," said Joe. "You should come by and visit more often...we need to help you get ready for all that stuff you'll try in college!" Veronica: "I'm a great teacher! I'll show you a few things you can use!"

Couples Seduce Teens Tanya Hardin
"We'd like to interview you for a film project," said Lexi. "Come back to our place! What do you think about sex with another girl?" "I've never thought about it!" said Tanya. Ethan, husband: "What if the right girl came along?"

Couples Seduce Teens Kara Mynor
"Kara said she would be more than willing to take us around town and show us what's fun to do. So, we are here today to see if we can get her to come back with us" Wife- Charlee. And we will all keep our fingers crossed.

Couples Seduce Teens Jessie Andrews
In this legally-sanitized episode, Devon and Marcus take a more-direct-than-usual approach to convincing Jessie to engage in a three-way. Even with the input from our Legal Dept., though, somehow the end of this scene still winds up "sticky situation"....

Couples Seduce Teens Toni
"I don't know if I can do this" Toni protested "What if my parents find out?" "They're never gonna find out. We wont say anything if you don't say anything" Devon replied

Couples Seduce Teens Charlotte Stokely
Did your mom ever tell you about the videos she used to make? Husband - Brad "Did my mom do a lot crazy stuff?" cutie - Charlotte "I like to have fun.."

Couples Seduce Teens Monica Breeze
I wish you weren't married, confides Monica, "You know I don't like men and I want you all to myself." This cunning cutie will learn how to share, and find that she loves it!

Couples Seduce Teens Emma Heart
"Tell me some intimate secrets about yourself" Lexi asked, "Like what" Riley wondered, "Do you have a boyfriend?" Lexi pressed on. "No" replied a confused Riley, "How about a girlfriend.......?"

Couples Seduce Teens Veronica Stone
What are you getting naked for?? cutie, Veronica asks. "I always work out naked," wife, Jolean deceptively answers. "It makes our love that much stronger!" Husband - Brad.

Couples Seduce Teens Mary Anne
Mary Anne was hanging out reading in the park on her day off when Nick and Sophia scoped her out. They couldn't resist wanting to have a little bit of fun with this adorable cutie, and catch it all on film. What a story for the grandkids!

Couples Seduce Teens Victoria Raven
We need help for the church social! said Victoria. Lauren jumped at the opportunity: "Oh, I love to bake! Why don't you come back to our place and get the oven started!" "It's just so weird," said the shy cutie, "you're married and both of you have sex with girls?"

Couples Seduce Teens Ashlyn Rae
Ashlyn is the daughter of some old friends of Ethan and Lexi who needed a place to stay for a little while. Ashlyn didn't know that being spied on and getting her brains fucked out was going to be part of the deal -- but she doesn't seem to mind. ;-)

Couples Seduce Teens Mysti May
Ginger and Rod convinced Misty to come back the house for some "refreshments" and boy, her sexy body was refreshing! This shy little gal soon came out of her shell, and out of her clothes! Who says you shouldn't go home with strangers?!

Couples Seduce Teens Hayley Cummings
Devon brought buxom young Hayley home for Marcus to take some photos of Haley's portfolio. Once both girls were naked though, the shoot took a whole new direction: down and dirty! By the time Marcus blew his cum load on Haley's tits, her portfolio shots were a distant memory.

Couples Seduce Teens Lexxi Rippa
"My wife called me and said she had met this 'little girl' at the mall today...and to come quick! That's why I called you, get this on tape!" Husband- Nick. And you have never seen someone so eager to pick up their wife.

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