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Couples Seduce Teens Kinzy Jo
"Our schedule is hectic," said Joe, "so we need to know if you can handle what it demands." "Are you two, like always making out?" asked Kinzy. "Oh yeah," said Joe. "We can't get enough of each other. And other girls..." Kinzy was shocked: "But your wife is just around the ...

Couples Seduce Teens Ally Kay
Ethan and Lexi discovered that their hot young neighbor from up the street was a naughty cam girl online. Sensing an opportunity for seduction, Lexi dropped by Ally's place to work her magic.... and it just gets better from there. ;-)

Couples Seduce Teens Jessi Summers
"Relax, we'll take good care of you," Lexi reassures Jessie. And indeed they do...

Couples Seduce Teens Micah Moore 2
"Is this some kind of weird TV show? What's going on?" asked a confused Micah "It could be, but not quite" answered Marcus, "Maybe we can better explain it to you......" he continued

Couples Seduce Teens Lana Peach
"I've never been with a girl before," says wife, Sophia, in the car. "My wife will say ANYTHING to get in a girl's pants!" Husband - Brad

Couples Seduce Teens Chase Dasani
I was just expecting ice cream today. I guess I got another kind of cream?! cutie - Chase. When asked how she enjoyed her first threesome, Chase said, "I'll be coming over EVERY weekend from now on!"

Couples Seduce Teens Katie Ray 2
"I bet you'd do just about anything to go on that Europe trip," said Joe. "Yeah, pretty much anything!" said Katie. Veronica chimed in: "Well, we're a pretty open-minded couple...I bet we can come up with a way to make your trip happen!"

Couples Seduce Teens Kelsey Michaels
"I'm afraid my mom might get mad," worries Kelsey at the offer of a ride home. "I'm sure they'd rather you be safe than out here in the cold," Lauren reassures her. And she'll be in good hands...

Couples Seduce Teens Katie Ray
"I wanted to bring another girl into our relationship. But, only SEXUALLY!" This is the result of him at work while I hang out with my girlfriends at tupperware parties." Wife - Bonnie

Couples Seduce Teens Brandi May
"She has really nice boobs!" said Lauren. "Why don't you see how mine feel!" Brandie took a handful. "Let's see what they look like under your clothing!" "I've never done this with a couple before!" exclaimed Brandie. "Are you sure you're okay with it?" "Oh yeah!" ...

Couples Seduce Teens Ashley Summers
Sophia doesn't like to clean and wanted to hire a maid, but Brad drives a hard bargain. "I get to fuck her," he tells his wife as she scans the ads. Sophia has a few tricks up her sleeve, though, and Brad ends up driving his hard cock into Ashley's tight little pussy! Now that's what we call a two-for-one deal!

Couples Seduce Teens Madison Parker
Audrey and Otto expose Madison to the wonders of double penetration. One cock + one dildo = countless orgasms!

Couples Seduce Teens Jeanie Marie Sullivan
"I want my essay to depict the nature of human sexuality," declares Jeanie, the sexy exchange student. Rod and Ginger will have no problem giving her plenty of first hand experience to write about!

Couples Seduce Teens Jesse Jordan
Jesse is looking for a place to stay for her first semester in college. She's not sure Jordan and Tony's place is right for her. Once she had her lips wrapped around Tony's "benefit package," she knew she'd found a new home.

Couples Seduce Teens Naomi Cruise 2
"Your wife wont kick my ass when she sees you've brought me here, will she?" Naomi asked, "No she's not like that at all, she's totally cool with it" Marcus answered "She should be home any time now, actually"

Couples Seduce Teens Misty Rivers
Misty was out selling educational textbooks to raise money for a local school. Audrey and Otto had other ideas about how she could earn the cash... on her back.

Couples Seduce Teens Emma Redd
"She's going to come back and finish her laundry at our place," Ginger tells her husband, Rodd. Emma's laundry might be clean, but she's a dirty girl! If the dryer's rockin', grab your camera and cum a-knockin'!

Couples Seduce Teens Erin Chase
Erin stopped by for a swimming lesson, but the pool was too cold. Fortunately, Devon and Marcus had something much hotter in store for her: a roll in the hay that ends with a splash of hot semen!

Couples Seduce Teens Allie Ray
The car wash is usually a place to get things clean, but when Ethan and Lexi saw Alli, they were ready to get dirty. With a slick offer to help remove a stain, they lured Alli back to their house for what turned out to be some very naughty fun!

Couples Seduce Teens Lyla Storm
Lyla Storm just can't stop tweeting! Her life gets shared with others every minute of the day at 140 characters at a time! But when sexy milf Lexi and her big-dicked hubbie Ethan seduce this barely legal Twitter-junkie, they fuck her ass raw in a hot three-way that gives Lyla her first taste of pussy and something to REALLY ...

Couples Seduce Teens Sophia Young 2
"I think I need to get home, my Dad's gonna wonder where I've been" Sophia whimpered, "I was only supposed to deliver a package." "Just tell him you sat here and had a cup of hot chocolate with us" Devon suggested

Couples Seduce Teens Nicole Ray
Nicole Rae is a young, nubile party planner with a cute smile and amazing all-natural tits, none of which go unnoticed when she walks into Jordan and Tony's house to help them plan a get-together with some swinger friends. Of course, the sexy Jordan can't keep her hands (or tongue) off the young Nicole, and pretty soon ...

Couples Seduce Teens Nicole Rae
Nicole Rae is a young, nubile party planner with a cute smile and amazing all-natural tits, none of which go unnoticed when she walks into Jordan and Tony's house to help them plan a get-together with some swinger friends. Of course, the sexy Jordan can't keep her hands (or tongue) off the young Nicole, and pretty ...

Couples Seduce Teens Ivy Brooke
Lexi found cute, shy Ivy at the mall, where she was looking for a cute outfit to surprise her boyfriend. Nervous that he wouldn't like what she picked, Lexi convinced her to come home and model it. Soon she was getting far more than fashion advice, and will have some tricks up her sleeve for her guy when she gets home!

Couples Seduce Teens Leah Luv
"We're going to meet my new little friend, Leah," says wife, Rachel as we head out. "I didn't want there to be any guys," confides Leah. She'll change her mind soon enough...

Couples Seduce Teens Shasta
We put an ad in the paper, explains wife, Delila, "and we've been emailing for a while now." "I thought it was just going to be me and you," questions cutie, Shasta, upon meeting Jay at the car. But they'll make friends in no time...

Couples Seduce Teens Riley Rey
Riley Rey was lost in the mountains until she came upon the picnicking pair of Devon Lee and Marcus! Turns out it was Riley's lucky day, because not only did Devon and Marcus lead this sexy barely legal teen back to civilization, they also gave her a pussy-sampling, cock-gagging three way that left this tight-pussied teen ...

Couples Seduce Teens Kimberly Wood 2
"You've never played around with a married couple before?" asked Marcus "No I haven't" replied Kimberly. "There's a first time for everything" Devon interjected and before she knows it she's in the middle of a threesome!

Couples Seduce Teens Kiara Diane
Blonde and barely legal Kiara sure was lucky that she ran into Audrey and Otto...because these two sexy swingers love to break in virginal teens tight pussies in exchange for giving the sweet teen in question her first taste of mammoth cock and milf-tastic muff!

Couples Seduce Teens Paige Taylor 2
"You should do something memorable, something you'll never forget since this is your last night here" suggested Lexi. "That sounds like fun" Paige replied "You have no idea" said Lexi

Couples Seduce Teens Zoe Stunner
"I want the job really bad!" Zoe told potential employers Ethan and "Sexy" Lexi Lamour, the only question was how much Zoe was willing to do to get it -- turns out she was willing to do a hell of a fucking lot! Get her barely legal teenage pussy plunged by Ethan's cock? Check! Guzzle down her first ...

Couples Seduce Teens Taylor Hilton
"Never been with a woman?" asks Lexi. "You're missing out!" Taylor says there weren't any cute girls back home. But after their first kiss, "I knew it'd be good!" She climaxed with an earth-shattering orgasm!

Couples Seduce Teens Jaylynn Sinns
"She's going to have dinner with us!" said Devon. "Then we're going to hit the spa!" "I love body massages," said JayLynn. "You're so shy!" said Devon. "We're gonna have to take your shirt off!" JayLynn: "What are you doing?"

Couples Seduce Teens Karmen
"I'm excited to try something different." Karmen said completely unaware that she was about to try something REALLY different...a three-way couple fuck! Karmen said she wanted a workout but what she got was a circuit session with magnificent MILF Devon Lee and the hugely-hung Marcus!

Couples Seduce Teens Cristina Agave
"I've never heard anyone break up with a boyfriend like that," said Lexi. "Have you ever been with a woman before?" Christina: "I guess I've thought about it. But my parents would kill me if they found out!" "Don't worry," said Lexi. "We won't tell!"

Couples Seduce Teens Cameron Love 2
Ithink she's naughtier than we think she is!" Amazonian slut Jordan Kingsley told her man Tony as she went down on the pussy of tasty teen Cameron Love! Cameron didn't need a lot of seducing once she took a look at Jordan's tall, curvy body and Tony's thunderously thick cock! This barely legal bitch was all too happy ...

Couples Seduce Teens Stacee Morgan
Lexi: "You're in school, so you like to get wild! Can I ask you a personal question?" "Sure," said Stacee. Lexi: "Would you mind if I took a peek under that dress?" Stacee: "Well okay, but I can't give you a discount!"

Couples Seduce Teens Kara
"I'm ready for a little cock." Otto told 19 year old lifeguard Kara before she willingly took his purple python balls-deep down her throat, all while nymphomaniac milf Audrey played with Kara's petite pink pussy!

Couples Seduce Teens Krystal Jordan
"I work too much to have a boyfriend." Krystal tells naughty milf Michelle and her horny husband, Reno. Well, barely legal Krystal may not have time for a boyfriend, but she sure has time to get her taut twat lovingly licked by Michelle and then stuffed by Reno's rigid rod!

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