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Casting Couch Teens Angelina Black
Angelina Black was just like any other teen I've dealt with. She looked so innocent yet I felt there was something kinky about her. She wanted to become a model and she came straight to my studio hoping to materialize her dream. I'm no douche so I gave her the chance to show off her impressive stunts in my couch. This ...

Casting Couch Teens Ryann Shields
Ryann Shields is here trying to make it in the biz down in hollywood. She's sexy, young, naive and inexperienced. Well she has a lot of work to do but so far she's doing an impressive job fucking everything she can for a little bit of green! Will Ryann Shields make it? There's only one way to find out! Watch this vid and ...

Casting Couch Teens Jessie Andrews
Being told her whole life how pretty she is and how she should be a model, Jessie came to our studio to help get her career launched. Taking some test photos, we told her we had a client that she would be perfect for. The client being us and putting her right into the Porn World!

Casting Couch Teens Gigi Revera
Casting Couch Teens presents Gigi Revera... She wanted a job that is easy money. She figured modeling is the way to go and came in to get some head shots and a video shot. We got her all set up and in front of the camera told her we could make her a porn star!

Casting Couch Teens Tweety Valentine
Casting Couch Teens presents Tweety Valentine... Hearing how we can help her acting career, Tweety comes to us for our help. We give her some pointers and then give her a chance to show off her talents that are going to make her famous, in the Porn World! She was a bit shy at first to think she would ever do porno, but ...

Casting Couch Teens Zaylen Skye
Casting Couch Teens presents Zaylen Skye... After she turned 18, she moved out on her own and do whatever she wanted to do. Realizing that living on her own was really expensive, she needed to get a high paying job. Zaylen knew modeling paid a lot so she came to us to become a model. We saw the potential she had so we ...

Casting Couch Teens Ally Kay
Ally Kay thinks that this is the right time to find out what she really want in life. One of these is becoming a famous. This promising star came to our office to start on her career... We can make her famous in the Porn business!

Casting Couch Teens Amy Brooke
Being told by all her friend she should be a model, Amy contacted us to get her career going. After the paperwork and preliminary photos, she makes her way to the Casting Couch. While interviewing her she said she would do whatever it takes to make it big and become a star. Well we take her word on whatever it takes and ...

Casting Couch Teens Misty Love
Once she found our studio she knew that we could make her a star. Misty filled out the questionnaire and started her interview. She had the sexy look so we could easily make her a star in the Porn World. She was not shocked about sexual questions and was turned on about the thought of becoming a porn star!

Casting Couch Teens Tanner Meyer
Tanner came in to get some headshots taken and a interview on tape. She told us she wanted to be rich and famous. We mentioned we could make that happen and she was in the right place. Telling her we could make her a star she was willing to enter the Porn World to become a star!

Casting Couch Teens Tiffany Taylor
Tiffany answers our casting call to become a model. When she arrived she was so excited to be famous that she was willing to make the leap into the Porn World!

Casting Couch Teens Tessa Taylor
When Tessa contacted us to become a model we asked if she had any headshots or a demo reel. Not having either we told her we could make them for her to hand out to agencies. After the photos we got out the camera and told her it was to make a porn movie for clients in the Porn World!

Casting Couch Teens Taylor Thomas
Taylor wanted to get her career started as a model but wasn't sure on just how to get into the biz. She answerd our ad and we told her we could make her famous, in the Porn World! After interviewing her and telling her she was going to be a famous porn star, Taylor was ready to suck and fuck her way into the industry!

Casting Couch Teens Layla Exx
As Layla is finally on her own, she wants to make it big in the world of modeling. Answering out casting call she came in for the interview. She had what it takes to make it big in the Porn World!

Casting Couch Teens Natalia Rosa
Answering our ad for new fresh models, Natalia shows up ready to do what it takes to make it big. We interview her and she was not shy at all in front of the camera. Telling her it was for a pornographic web site, she was ready to do what it takes to be famous in the Porn World!

Casting Couch Teens Kiera King
Wanting to be a model, Kiera has what it takes to be a star. Starting off with the interview on camera Kiera was very comfortable in front of the camera. Mike came out and started to get close to her as we told her she was going to be in the Porn World and she was ready to be famous!

Casting Couch Teens Alexa Sky
When Alexa heard we could make her a star she set up an appointment for an interview. During the interview we got the camera and told her our clients like to see before they hire. We also told her that if she does a great job, we could make her one of the Porn World's super stars!

Casting Couch Teens Heather Starlet
Heather never knew what she wanted to do in life but knew she wanted to make it big. When she saw our ad she had the idea she was going to be famous. She was comfortable in front of the camera and even more comfortable when we told her she was going in the Porn World!

Casting Couch Teens Amia Moretti
Another barely legal hottie takes the bait! This time it was fresh faced brunette teen cutie Amia Moretti. They don't make em this hot or this young or this horny anymore! Only in the casting couch sessions do we get hotties like Amia! Man this chick sure knew how to suck cock! She was quite a trooper too taking every ...

Casting Couch Teens Ally Ann
It was time to launch another teen cutie but I need to recruit one first. I've posted an ad and dang many curious teens fell for my trap. One of them was Ally. She was just like an ordinary blonde at first. I was wrong. She took the floor with no inhibitions at all even stripped outright. Her small titties looked so cute ...

Casting Couch Teens Riley Ray
Once again, I posted an ad for teens who got what it takes to be a star. I've got an overwhelming number of candidates but too bad only one spot was left. It was Riley who took the floor audaciously. She was rather a crazy blonde teenager. She stripped her entire clothes and showcased her sweet teen goodies. My fat hard ...

Casting Couch Teens Emy Reyes
Emy went out of her way just to get a modeling gig in L.A. She was an authentic Latin cutie from Honduras with nice teen tits and tight ass that won't quit. All we got was the hoe business to offer. I was kind of expecting that she would leave the studio but Emy answered with a strip show once she saw my big dick. She ...

Casting Couch Teens Summer Bailey
Summer was damn tired of pimping teen shoes for a living. So, she quickly crashed in the studio when she found out that we were having this audition thing. Boy, she wanted fame and cash in a fast way. Summer was a tad of a cutie. She got those nice teen tits that I like and tight pussy too. She stripped right away, grabbed ...

Casting Couch Teens Lily Lovely
A long line welcomed me when I reached the studio. Wow, there were hundreds of cute teens who threw me their flirty smile and tight body. All of them were so eager to be in my newest teen site but only Lily got in. She donned an all-pink outfit that she dropped right away once she saw my bulging crotch. Her soft big tits ...

Casting Couch Teens Kara Novak
Kara Novak was a cute tad that signed up for my newest teen site. She looked perfect, having innocent sweet face, hot apple-shaped ass and tight pussy. Kara was an aspiring model and she'll do whatever it takes just to become a superstar. I booked her that instant and the next day she gave me a tour of her entire teen ...

Casting Couch Teens Jewel Styles
I was running out of hot and horny cuties to launch in one of my exclusive teen sites. So, I posted another ad. The casting was finally on again. Wow, the studio was damn crowded with fuckable teens but only Jewel gave me a big boner. She was redhead, looking all sorts of cute and very naughty. In just seconds, her clothes ...

Casting Couch Teens Mina Leigh
I knew that Mina Leigh had a wild side when I first laid eyes on her. She had what I call cock hungry eyes and she didn't waste anytime slurping down my schlong. Her tight young pussy was all wet when I was banging her and her pale cheeks was flushed. Watch this naughty raven haired teen in full hardcore action!

Casting Couch Teens Alanah Rae
Alanah Rae has been dreaming of becoming a super star one day but she fails every time she goes for an audition. This time around, she got the bill for the latest Casting Couch Teens episode. She looked really cute and I liked the way she played coy at first. I asked her to strip down for me. I was surprised to see that ...

Casting Couch Teens Missy Stone
Missy Stone wore this simple yellow top and matched it with her sexy jean skirt. This teenage brat looked very simple but her sparkling blue eyes got me big time. She was a bit shy in front of the camera but once I showed her wads of cash, she slowly dropped her clothes for me. Missy spread her legs for me, I went it and ...

Casting Couch Teens Cameron Love
Cameron Love was just like any other teen I've dealt with. She looked so innocent yet I felt there was something kinky about her. She wanted to become a model and she came straight to my studio hoping to materialize her dream. I'm no douche so I gave Cameron the chance to show off her impressive stunts in my couch. This ...

Casting Couch Teens Chase Taylor
This hottie goes by the name Chase Taylor. She looked cute all right but that was not the only thing that made me want to do her. This naughty teen has this unusual spunk that got my pole rising right away. Chase gave me a tour of her sweet teeny body and there I was pummeling this teenager whore like a sex machine.

Casting Couch Teens Ashli Orion
Ashli's a young and obviously excessively beautiful teen who has a lot of future ahead of her literally and figuratively. She's surely hungry for stardom and what better way to jump start her career by modeling for the famous Casting Couch Teens movie. This girl got me so turned on I banged her pussy until its worn out!

Casting Couch Teens Jaylynn Fox
Aspiring teen model Jaelyn came to the studio to audition for the Casting Couch Teens. I was on my way out already but I still gave this cute teen a chance to prove herself. She looked so provocative in her pigtails and tight shorts but she turned me on big time when she threw her clothes on the floor. Jaelyn came down ...

Casting Couch Teens Beau Marie
The search for the newest Casting Couch Teen was finally on again and I had a bunch of teen model wannabes that dashed in the studio but only girl stole the attention from everyone else. Beau stood out from the rest not only because she is a redhead but I felt she can suck and fuck dicks real well. This teen was an enthusiastic ...

Casting Couch Teens Rosie Thorn
I was supposed to launch my newest teen site a week ago but, I had no teen model to feature. I was starting to lose hope because I only had one batch left and thank goodness someone stood out and showed my the spunk I was looking for. I was captivated by Rossie right away and she was too liberated, she stripped her clothes ...

Casting Couch Teens Jamie LaMore
Jamie was so serious about her goal to become one of the best teen models and I'm not the kind of guy who would just turn down a cute girl like her especially if she has the potential. I gave her a chance to prove herself in my newest teen site and Jamie was just all over the couch swallowing my shaft like a champ before ...

Casting Couch Teens Madison Ivy
I was betting on blonde girl Madison to be shortlisted in one of my newest teen sites and my hunch was right. She played hard to get first but after all the smooth talking she was down on her knees sucking my cock. Boy that was really amazing but nothing can beat the way she was screaming while I fucked her hole so hard.

Casting Couch Teens Deena Daniels
I was looking for the freshest and prettiest teen to feature in my teen site and Deena definitely got the role with no sweat. I liked the way she looked, her hair in pigtails and she wore a skimpy white skirt that she lifted constantly just to tease me. My cock was up and ready to work after that and you can see Deena ...

Casting Couch Teens Brynn Tyler
I was all eyes on Brynn when she came to audition for my teen site. She was sporting this cute pigtails and tight outfit that turned me on right away. This blonde teen has the star material I was looking for, so I gave her the slot. It was effortless to go under her clothes and in no time I was already digging her on couch.

Casting Couch Teens Nika Niore
When Nika came by to audition for my teen site, I did not think twice and gave her the slot right away. She flashed her sweet teen curves in front of my face and quickly feasted on my tasty man meat to quench her thirst for cock. Nika sucked my cock just like a pro and in a few minutes I was already pounding her moist ...

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