Bust That Cherry

Cost: $4.99 for 3 Days, $24.95 a Month, $89.99 a Year

Bust That Cherry - www.BustThatCherry.comSemi-regular updates, 30 days for $24.95, 3000 pictures, 200 scenes.

Bobbing for apples, Pin the tail on the donkey, Duck duck goose. These are all games that people play. Now you can add another game to that list. Bust That Cherry. Well, maybe not for kids, but for adults, definitely. Here are the rules. Bust That Cherry involves tight barely legal girls, 30 or so of them. You bend them over, stick your cock into them, thrust and repeat. At least that's what the website Bust That Cherry indicates. On it are videos and pictures, thousands of them, of girls getting it for the presumably first time. As you can imagine, it hurts, a good hurt, and it's tight. Bust That Cherry shows this nicely. Especially to a girl named Cindy Crawford. Not the model because I'm sure she's not a virgin. She was married to Richard Gere for that matter.

Bust That Cherry is worth the membership, especially if you're a virgin thinking about getting it on with someone. Notice the pleasure and pain on the girls' faces. Notice the delight on the men's faces. Notice the thrusting until white, warm come comes shooting out of his penis and onto her back, her face, the carpet, wherever come is proned to hitting.

Ahh, Bust That Cherry. I most certainly will. Or just jack off to the videos. Yeah, that's probably better.

Content Quality: 9
Content Exclusivity: 4
Star Quality: 4
Network of Sites: 10
Picture Quality: 8
Video Quality: 14
Price Value: 9
Quality of Updates: 9
Site Design: 9
Site Originality: 4
Site Navigation: 9
Total Score: 89

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  • Bust That Cherry by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:15:59 AM (65/100):
    Bust That Cherry might look like an average-sized, hardcore site, but there is so much more to it than the 30 videos in its collection. Still, those vids offer stellar-quality playback when downloaded as Windows Media files. There are iPod-compatible vids to download as well. The extras include a crazy amount of bonus movies and pics and bonus sites. It's nice to see that you get so many extras because the website hasn't updated in quite some time.

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