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Cost: $34.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days RexMag.com Rating: 80

18 Magazine - www.18Magazine.com18 Magazine is a very sophisticated site brought to you by the Pancho Pass network that presents nothing but the hottest 18-year-old amateur models. If you're always in search of the newest models who are up and coming in the world of online adult modeling, it looks like 18 Magazine just might be a great place for you to chill for a while. According to the tour page, they have 18643 photos, 115 videos, and 220 albums. It also says that the photos are 1024x768 or bigger, and that the movies are 640x480 in both AVI and WMV formats. There are no download limits, zip files available, fast downloads, new content every three days, new models every time, and exclusive pics and vids. That all sounds great, but now it's time to log in and make sure that 18 Magazine lives up to each and every one of those promises. Let's check it out.

The inside of 18 Magazine looks even better than the tour pages, if you can believe that! Everything that you liked on the outside is amped up even more on the inside. Glamour-filled layout perfect for the girls it features, a feature on top that shows you the six most recommended updates (always a good thing), and quick access to all the 18 Magazine bonus sites right on top. I'll tell you about all those in just a few minutes.

Below those updates you will see a few large thumbnails for the recent picture updates and the upcoming picture updates. They all have dates, and I'm happy to tell you that they really do update three times per week. The video updates are below that, showing the six most recent ones with thumbnails and dates.

The content on the 18 Magazine videos is very nice—lots of sensual softcore posing and it's all very sexy. I don't see any masturbation whatsoever, so if you were hoping for some softcore solo scenes in that vein, you may be disappointed. These are just basically very beautiful girls showing off their tits. That never gets old for me, but if it does for you, you've been warned!

18 Magazine went through a period where they failed to update the videos – we looked at this site in the middle of 2008 and noticed no new videos for almost a year.  However, now (mid 2009) there are new video updates, so we're updating our review. The bad news is here—the videos have  not been updated since late 2007 (it's mid-2008 as I'm writing this). Yikes. Maybe the quantity will make up for no updates? Let me check on that for you. Wow—the videos on this site only feature eight different girls, and they are arranged by girl. Cameron has seven, Giselle has one, Hillary has six, Jessica has two, Joss has two, Nicole has three, Tamara has one, and Tanya has five. That's a total of 27 videos. Some of them are broken up into three or more parts, but even with that I'm not sure how they came up with a supposed total of over 150 videos. With softcore videos like these (which are of course much shorter than hardcore videos), I really don't think 27 is enough to get you through 30 days of membership. Use your own judgment on that one.

In regards to the bonus sites, here's the full list, courtesy of the Pancho Pass network: True Tere, Kylie Teen, Piper Fawn, Lez B Teens, Tabatha Fey, Cute Girl Feet, BFT Girls, Teen Travels, Teen Foot Club, Ana Fey, Stormy Friday, Porn Wipes, Dasha Markova, Harmony Finn, Ivy Summer, Felicity Fey, Nastya Girl, Kristina Fey, Katie Fey, Andi Pink, Crimson Teens, Scarlet Peaches, Redcity Nudes, Panty Fruit, Ariel Rebel, Wild Tarts, Paris Tale, Tranny Sex Nation, and Exclusive T Girls. I went ahead and logged into a couple of these really quickly, and they have basically the same great layout as 18 Magazine, and unfortunately some of the same content limitations.  There are also some new sites and sites like Brittany's Bod which are quite excellent and updated often.

In terms of the video quality, they are actually available in either AVI or WMV as promised. The clips are the same size no matter which you pick—usually about 30MB each (fine for dialup or broadband). There are about six clips per movie—and no full movie downloads. They are in fact 640x480 as promised, but the fact that they are broken down into small clips is a big hindrance, particularly for broadband users. Dialup users may not mind so much.

I'm very impressed with the photos! They're all just as large as promised (1024x768 or larger) and they look great, very clear and sharp. Well-lit too. The zip files are typically just over 10MB so it's a quick download, yet there are at least 120 photos in each set. The photos section is also organized by girl, and there are 22 girls overall. How many total photo sets? 249 at the present time. Very nice! this is where 18 Magazine really shines. I guess the key is to know that this is not a video site, it's a photo site. They need to start marketing themselves that way.

If you join 18 Magazine by credit card, you'll pay $34.95 for 30 days recurring, or $69.95 for 90 days recurring. While you'll save some cash with the 90 day option, I think there's really just enough content here for 30 days. That's going to depend on how much time you have to spend on porn (did I hear you say “never enough?”). So look over the quantities again and compare it against the prices and you'll know what's the best option for you. They do also offer options to join by check for the same prices, or by phone for the same price but there is no 90 day option. Personally I think the prices might be a little high in comparison to what is offered here. While the photos section is excellent, the rest of 18 Magazine is lacking in content. I am giving it a rating of 80/100 at this time.

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18 Magazine Video

18 Magazine Video
18 Magazine Video

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18 Magazine Picture
18 Magazine Picture

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  • 18 Magazine by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:16:43 AM (76/100):
    They are 18 and they are ready to bare all, so who are we to stop them? Rather than scold these chicks and tell them that they ought to think a little longer about it, why don't you head on over to 18 Magazine and see what all the fuss is about. There are 44 movies and about 284 galleries featuring some really cute, petite babes. You can download movies in Windows Media or AVI formats. With no recent updates, though, the bonus sites really come in handy.

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