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Team Squirt Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie was amazing. With her perfect ass and great tits was a certified hotty. And what sets her aside from the rest is her squirting abilities. This girl could squirt her ass off.And Rocco made sure he would get her extra wet. He took care of that ass and gave Lisa a time she would not forget in a long time.

Team Squirt Hunter Bryce
We were running late for a meeting when I caught Derrick spying on his neighbor, Hunter Bryce, out on the patio. He had his high powered binoculars and he was watching her exercise across the street. She had a tight outfit with tiny shorts. She had a small top with big juicy tits under there. Derrick built up enough courage ...

Team Squirt Leighlani
Leighlani was a real piece of work. A squirter's dream.My boy called bullshit on it but showed him.This girl squirted and looked the part. And my boy made sure he gave this one a real scream.And she loved every second on it.This girl is one to remember and the freakiness unparalleled.

Team Squirt Heidi
Heidi came over to give Derrick a birthday explosion. She was a sexy blonde with a juicy ass. It was a luscious ass that deserves a second mention. Heidi got things started by masturbating her wet pussy into a squirting frenzy. Then, she got banged and rode that cock while playing with her juicy twat. The action continued ...

Team Squirt Ariel
We changed things up a bit for this update. We have to sexy chicks for your Squirting pleasure this week. Arent girls that squirt just fucking hot. Arielx shows Dahlia how to get it done, with the help of her dildo, she gets squirting all over the place and she has multiple orgasms. Got to love it.

Team Squirt Amile Waters
The verb for this update...Squirting,Gushing,Exploding...This girl was like the Niagra Falls..Squirting was an utter delight for her...I cant blame Amile..It was utter delight watching..She squirted more than 8 times and each one was unique in its very own way..Im truly pro squirt after seeing what Amile could do..A naturally ...

Team Squirt Sophie
There is something about a girl with a British accent. It makes me all hot about the ascot, if you get my meaning. Take Sophie, for instance. Not only is she tits, but she has a great pair as well. She has an ass that is right bonkers. She is so special we brought in our most nubile willie ranger to naffly sling his knackers ...

Team Squirt Stacie
Cameras can be distracting. Take the situation with Stacie, for instance. She was busy getting head shots done and I was testing out my new camera. Next thing I know she tells the photographer to hold on and puts my dick in her mouth. Amazing what camera can get you. Well, I took that ball and ran with it, only to find ...

Team Squirt Amber
Amber got down and dirty in the laundry room. Derrick was in heaven with this chick, her long sexy legs led up to a great ass and she was ready to get fucked right there on the spot. She even showed us how flexible she really is, by sucking on her own toes while getting fucked. Amber has some serious squirting action, ...

Team Squirt Sindee
Holy shit. I am still at a loss for words. Sindee is amazing. Amazing in the way Jordan and Gretzky were. Yeah, I just compared her pussy to 2 of the greatest athletes of the 20th Century. The stream of pussy juice that came out of our pint sized protagaonist is crazy. This shit knocks grown men over. It irrigates crops. ...

Team Squirt Aubrey
Aubrey is a cute little wet and wild girl. She came over with the intentions of creaming all over the joint. She had a sexy ass and a bright smile that lit up the room. First, she sucked dick and got herself ready for some splashing pussy fucking. Then she took the dick and her twat gushed cum everywhere, even all over ...

Team Squirt Kyllie
Wow, we got a good one this week. Kyllie is her name and squirtings her game. Derrick came through with yet another squirter and this one must have squirted about 15 times at least. Man he banged the shit out of her, to the point that he was all covered in her juices. This is one hot update.

Team Squirt Jaclyn
Jaclyn is one hot sexy squirter. I hooked up with her the previous day and brought out her hidden talent. She had no idea that she was able to squirt, and now she is ready for another shot at it. This chick has a fucking nice toned body and a beautiful ass. We got to banging and soon enough I was covered all over in her ...

Team Squirt Mckenzee
Damn.Damn.Damn.What a hottie! This week we had a nice little babe names Mckenzee.This girl could take some mean cock.I gave it a good old fashion beatdown.And boy can she sqirt.She even squirted in my mouth while i was eating her out and i loved it! Enjoy!

Team Squirt Kylie
Man, my buddy Christian invited me over too check out a hot stacked new squirter. I almost got there too late. When i got there she was spread eagle on the couch playing with a huge vibrator. This chick had ass for days and can probably fill a gallon or two with the amount of squirting she did. This one sure going to ever ...

Team Squirt Ryaan
Ryaan decided to shower us with affection once she found out we were squirting connoisseurs. She always thought it was something to hide and be ashamed of but after this little encounter she understands how great it is for so many guys and what a real turn on in truly is. She spouted like old faithful everytime she was ...

Team Squirt Isis
Isis was wet and turned on before I could even get my camera out. She wanted to blast her cum so bad. It did not take her long to wet the floor and everything around us. She is a wet and wild one. Isis bounced and sucked the cock like it was going on sale. She blasted her cum cannon a few more times before she got her ...

Team Squirt Gianna
Gianna is a hottie that can get herself off with a gush of pleasure. She worked it for a bit and then sucked and pulled on my buddy. Her pussy got the shaft. She was moaning and gasping for air as she came over and over. After the commotion he made his final mess all over her lips.

Team Squirt Riley
Riley is one hot super soaker. She has a body that is just fit for fucking. It is hard as a most guys morning wood. She is so sexy and loves to show off. Her ripped belly is just one of her tight asspects. She gets herself all soaking wet just before she gets loose in all our favorite positions. While she is getting pounded, ...

Team Squirt Satine
Satine was picked up by our man at the car wash. She said that she could wash my ride like no other. Well she did not wash the car, butt she showed us how it would have been done. She got excited and hosed the couch down. She started riding my buddy and gave him a good wash or three.

Team Squirt Mya
Mya has a great body with pefect tits that just look so inviting. She is the type to go all night long. It took a little bit to get the juices flowing, but they did get the floor and couch soaking wet. She just needed a stiff cock in her ass to make it blast.

Team Squirt Jasmine
Jasmine and her hot body soaked the room within minutes. Then she takes a huge cock every which way right after. It makes her blast cum all over ounce again. Her tight body took it like a camp. She took it in the mouth and face from his cum launcher to end a squirting good time.

Team Squirt Avy
This spanish girl Avy is definitely fly. She has a slamming body and a real sexy face. Her squirting power is very explosive, as she leaves puddles of cum. She rode the cock like a champ and blasted more juice all over.

Team Squirt Roxy
Roxy is one hot fox. She has the curves all guys want to drive on. Her lack of an outfit is super hot, and she loves to show it. She will show you what it is like to cum on strong.

Team Squirt Kelly
Kelly is a nice and tall hottie that turns into a sex freak when the stiff cock penetrates her. She gets off time and time again while getting it put in her at both ends. She squirted and then got the man squirt all over her face and in her mouth. She almost lost an eye on this one.

Team Squirt Sindy
Sindy is one girl that loves to play. She also loves to squirt and get fucked all day. It dose not take her long to let a stream or two loose by playing with herself. Once my buddy gives her the big stiffy, she can not hold back the fury of cum streams.

Team Squirt Tucci
Tucci is really known as Flower. She is back to show you all again what it takes to blast your girl juicy all over the place. She is still super hot and loves to get fucked in every which way.

Team Squirt Melony
Melony is a self contained waterpark. She is explosive. She knows how to squirt and splash it all over the place. She gets herself off and then my buddy knocked her off her rocker. It was a slippery and wild time.

Team Squirt Cassie
This super hot blonde has a body most girls would kill for. The guys would kill to have her body wrapped around them. Her sexy face is just a small part of her slamming body. Cassie loves the cock and looks great in every position as she is squirting all over.

Team Squirt Isabel
Isabel is more then happy to show us her skills and hot curves. She knows how to tease and get it up. Her stream line blast is like a super soaker. She was so excited to get blasted across her face at the end.

Team Squirt Curtney
This sexy slim hottie loves the cock. Her tight body will keep your cock hard all day, and keep it soaking wet. She does her own thing in the beging for a little warm up, and then she gets it hard from every angle.

Team Squirt Sierra
This little dream is slim and trim. She can take a licking and keep on fucking. Her patite body can deliver a serious explosion of cum. Sierra should not be named after a desert becuase she left this room a soaked.

Team Squirt Gia
Gia is one hot fox. She really knows how to flick the on switch upright. Her sexy curves and dazzling eyes will get you excited right away. She is more of a gusher, but no matter how she cums it is hot.

Team Squirt Kaiya
This hot little lady was looking for something new. They met, they talked, she wanted to bust a nut, so did he. It was a perfect match and a real wet one for that matter.

Team Squirt Mia
Mia is one hot fox. Her body has all the right curves that will make your mouth water as she waters everything. She is a gusher for sure. When that button gets pushed the flood gates open up that tight little pussy. Mia is a must see in action.

Team Squirt Nyomi
Nyomi is a sweet ass hottie that could not wait for anything. She wanted to cum and cum quickly. She was sucking dick before I even got in the house. She got fucked every which way till she popped. It gushed all over and over again.

Team Squirt Jenna
Jenna is one of the hottest school girls you will lay your eyes one. She talks dirty and fucks the same way. Her tight body is one that will get you hard in a sceond. Watch her cum all over the place and get her groove on.

Team Squirt Georgia
Georgia came out to show everybody how wet she can get. She sucked and fucked untill she blew here load all over the place. Like most women they need the cock to hit the right spot and get the juices flowing.

Team Squirt Kinzie
It is time you learnd how to get your girl to squirt. Kinzie is here to teach you all how to get the suqirting action started. Listen up and get a notebook out, maybe some lube, and get the training you have always wanted. Kinzie is a hot ass teacher, so it is going to be hard to concentrate.

Team Squirt Leah
Leah is a hot petite and young looking girl that was full of love. She was so happy to share her love with the camera, the floor and some cock. She loves to wet her self and everything around her.

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