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Cost: $29.95 Monthly, $79.95 for 3 Months, $99.95 for 6 Months RexMag.com Rating: 84

Squirting Next Door - www.SquirtingNextDoor.comIf you've ever wanted to see a real girl squirt out of her pussy, then Squirting Next Door might be the website for you. See the hottest, wettest amateur babes ejaculate as they cum. These babes are all about hardcore action, sucking and fucking their way to orgasm, and when they do, they gush hot cunt juice all over! If you're into sloppy wet pussy, take a look at Squirting Next Door.

Squirting Next Door isn't JUST about squirters. There's also tons of hardcore action going on in each scene, from pussy fucking and oral, to cock sucking and face fucking, to DP and hardcore anal, to girl-on-girl and gang bangs. And there are tons of different types of babes on here, Black, Latina, and Asian to schoolgirls and MILFs to girl next door, all of them who can squirt hot juices out of their pussies. Let's see exactly what Squirting Next Door has to offer.

This website seems to be sectioned off into two different categories – the first being the default, and the second being another section labeled “solo squirters”. From what I can see, there are 42 'solo squirter' sets, along with 15 'regular' sets. All in all, there are 67 sets on this site, all of them with tons of squirting action.

For pictures, it seems most of the sets have around 50 photos each. For the solo squirters, not all of them have photo sets, some just have video sets. The ones that do have photo sets have to be downloaded as a ZIP file and can't just be accessed on the website. In any case, the sets all have photos at around 640 x 480 a pop. The photographs are screen caps lifted from the videos, but for screen caps, they're really not that bad. Every once in a while a photo will be a little blurry, but for the most part the shots come out okay. And the photos make sure to document all the most important parts of the hot sloppy action.

The videos come in a couple of different formats for the hardcore squirters scenes. The solo squirters, on the other hand, only come in full length WMV format, and you have to download them to your computer, you can't stream them. The resolution for those is around 448 x 336, and they tend to be around 150MB or so apiece. For all the other videos, you can download in either full length or in clips, and in both of those formats you can download either WMV or MPEG-1 format. The full-length MPEG-1 videos are around 230MB, while the full length WMV are more like 100MB a pop. The MPEG-1 clips tend to be around 40MB apiece, while the WMV format clips are about 15MB. All of them are 448 x 336. You can also choose to watch any of these streaming from the website, just click on any of the links and they'll open to another page and start immediately (except the solo squirters, of course). They are all of good quality, not pixelated or grainy, and I wouldn't really recommend one over the other unless you have space constraints, which in that case I'd download the WMV.

Your membership grants you free access to all of the websites that are in the Porn Next Door Network of sites. Those sites include Hot College Girl Next Door, Big Cock Next Door, Hot Mom Next Door, Fuck Next Door, Shemales Next Door, Throat Fuck Next Door, Dirty Jason, Hot Virgin Next Door, Masturbating Neighbors, Hand Job Next Door,Lesbian Next Door, Girl Voyeur Next Door, and Ebony Next Door. Good stuff.

If you want a membership to Squirting Next Door, it runs $29.95 for thirty days of recurring access. Non-recurring access plans are $59.95 for ninety days and $99.95 for 180 days. Considering all the content, the way it's all laid out, and all the other ratings points you see below, it all adds up to a rating of 84/100. Do I recommend Squirting Next Door? Hell yeah!

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  • Squirting Next Door by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:16:11 AM (61/100):
    On Squirting Next Door, you will see babes gushing as they cum. To date, there are 24 videos and 24 sets of vid caps, but new material hasn't been added in months, so you will want to check out the bonus sites that come included with a membership. They don't focus on female ejaculation, but they'll keep you pretty busy and entertained if you're interested in a wide range of smut.

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