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Cost: $1.85 Trial, $29.99 Monthly RexMag.com Rating: 65

Squirting Chicks - www.SquirtingChicks.comSilver Sinema brings you yet another squirting chicks site, aptly named Squirting Chicks! The tour pages mention dozens of XXX full-length squirting videos and soaking wet scenes of hot babes that explode when they cum! Sounds good to me! These super soaking sluts are the queens of female ejaculation, and you'll be happy to see well-known pornstars like Briana Banks as well as a ton of hot amateur girls on Squirting Chicks. Let's not waste another second on this intro—let's go into the member's section now!

The member's section actually looks exactly the same as the tour pages, and you'll see the latest updates spilling down the page along with all that hot female cum. Something's amiss from the start though—there are no dates on these updates. It's a pretty good bet that they don't update the site anymore. Let me go ahead and count the updates and see if there are enough to get you through at least 30 days... There are 11 videos. Total. Eleven. Seriously. And no updates? Come on. I have to write the rest of this review, but you can feel free to leave the scene of the crime NOW and keep browsing. While it may turn out to have its redeeming qualities, ultimately there's no way I can recommend a site with just eleven updates unless it's brand new with an actual update schedule. See you in the next review...

For those of you that decided to keep reading, each update has its own page with separate clips listed down the page, one thumbnail each. They do write a nice description for each movie, and I'd give them kudos for that if only they were actually adding content to the site. Next to those thumbnails you get a link to a Windows Media Player version and a link to a Quicktime Player version—your choice.

I'd rather see direct download links, but instead they'll stream in a popup window and below that you will finally have an option to download them to your hard drive. For some reason I was unable to get the WMV and MOV files from this site to play on my system, though I didn't have a problem with any of the other sites on this network. I can tell you based on the streaming videos that the resolution is only 320x240 and each clip is as small as 8KB. Beyond there not being enough updates, this quality is really bad. There's no reason at this point in time to offer such small movies. Dialup users may actually appreciate it, but the rest of us will just be disappointed.

There's a photo galleries section, and there is in fact one set for each movie. Sadly they're just screencaps blown up to 1120x842 resolution. Needless to say, when you take a 320x240 screencap and blow it up to 1120x842, it's going to be blurry and very bad looking. On some of them the color is completely screwed up too. I don't know if they were trying to be creative and cute or if the camera or screencap program really screwed it up, but either way it's a raw deal. As a paying member you should be treated to better quality than this.

Having said all that, what's my verdict on the Squirting Chicks movies themselves? They're good! The girls gush, really squirt, really hot intense female ejaculation just like they promise on the tour pages. The fucking is hot, the scenes are not boring, and the locations are fresh and exciting... This just makes it even more disappointing that the quality and quantity on Squirting Chicks is so bad. What else can I say?

So what about bonus sites? They're not great either, but you get these from Silver Sinema: Tittie Fuckers, Latina Sex, Shocking Cocks, Pregnant Bang, Asian Tease, Super Bush, Want Wendy, All About Ashley, Hot Haley, Jenny Heart, Naughty Nati, Sara Sexton, and Solo Sydney. To be honest they don't add much to your membership, and this site really needs some seriously excellent bonus sites to back it up and make it all OK.

Ready for the cherry on top? Even after you know that there are only 11 updates, even after you know that the quality of the movies sucks—they still try to sell it to you for $29.99 per month. Way too much for a site like this, period. I can only give them a score of 65/100.  Don't waste your time with this site, check out Slutty Squirters instead.  Trust me.

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  • Squirting Chicks by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:15:37 AM (46/100):
    It is a beautiful thing to watch a chick orgasm and squirt! Squirting Chicks gives us exactly that, although so far not much of it. There are 20 videos available and each one finds a different horny babe either masturbating or fucking to a wet, squirting orgasm. In addition to the vids, the site also features nine sets of pictures and 14 sets of vid caps. In terms of extras, members get access to a lot of bonus sites, including some with HD films.

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