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Cost: $4.95 for 3 Days, $24.95 a Month, $54.95 for 3 Months RexMag.com Rating: 89

Squirting 101 - www.Squirting101.comHave you gotten into the mystery of female ejaculation? If so, Axel Braun's Squirting 101 (presented by Reel Pass) is a site where you can indulge your deepest squirting fantasies. When I heard the title, I was actually hoping that pornstars would be teaching amateur girls how to squirt—but instead they'll be teaching YOU how to make girls squirt! Now that's some hot action. Let's log in to Squirting 101 and see if it's as good as they make it seem.

There are 149 updates on Squirting 101. Some of the updates feature two girls going at it, but most are just really hot solo play with sex toys. These girls were tired of us guys having all the fun, so they learned how to shoot cum all by themselves! Watching that pussy juice squirt across the room is really going to get your motor revving. The drawback however is that the site is no longer updated. Looks like it's been since September of 2007. That's too bad, but at least there's a lot of content to get you through.

In terms of getting around the site, it's really easy. Favorite updates go down the left, new updates go down the right. Each update has its own page where you can access the different formats of the movies as well as the photo gallery, or you can head straight to the movie or gallery for each update right from the main page. It's incredibly easy and well designed. Kudos to whoever put this network together—all the sites are so easy to move around.

Each set offers a movie and photos. Let's look at the photos first. Well—while they are labeled photos, they are really just screencaps. They're fine quality though—sized nicely at 720x540 pixels. You can really see all the hot detail in each pic because of the high quality. It's nice to see screencaps that are as good looking as the movie that they came from. That quality extends itself across the whole network too. You can download these in zip format as well, all in one shot. There are usually anywhere from 60 to a few hundred screencaps per set.

A full movie, like the one I'm looking at now starring Tika Tarius, will be about 250MB in WMV format. The resolution on those will be 720x540. There are smaller clips ranging from that same resolution all the way down to 444x240. They all look good, so even if you're stuck on dialup downloading the smallest quality that they offer, you still won't be left out in the cold. You may get wet though, with all that squirting going on! About 20 minutes each, sometimes a bit longer!

You get a lot of great bonus sites with your membership to Squirting 101, all from the Reel Pass network: Butt Divers, Coed Vids, Heavy Handfuls, Horiental, Lions Den XXX, Milf Gets Fucked, Nacho's Killer Pussy, Naughty Pigtails, Papa Loads, Porn Newcomer, Stolen Porn Videos, Real Hidden Porn, Screaming O, NS Full On Video, Only Movies, Mr. Biggz, Monster Loads, Jizz Bomb, Lil Latinas, Four Finger Club, and Fresh Outta High School. Each site is filled with updates, and most are currently updated too. This is a truly excellent group of sites, and one you will want to explore completely.

If you want to join Squirting 101 and once and for all figure out how to make your girl squirt, then all you've got to do is charge $29.95 for one month, $39.95 for two months, $54.95 for three months, or $74.95 for six months. I think there is probably enough for a six month membership, but if you do run out you've got all those bonus sites to fall back on! I'm very impressed with what I've seen here, other than the fact that there are no current updates. They're up to speed on the quality and quantity though, and at the end of the day that's what really matters. Squirting 101 earns an 89/100 from me. Worth joining? Hell yeah! Now go do it!

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Squirting 101 Video

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  • Squirting 101 by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:16:03 AM (77/100):
    The little known secret that gals are never taught in the big "sex talk"' is that they have a G-spot that can give them more pleasure than they ever imagined. However, Axel Braun has built a whole site to teach gals how to ejaculate on Squirting 101. The action is wet, wild and slippery. Anyone can learn how to drive chicks crazy to cum, too! There are 155 good to great-quality videos and three photo sets in Zip files. You get 34 bonus sites and 22 reality feeds too. Trouble is, nothing new has been added in months.

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