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Cost: $19.95 a Month, $49.95 for 90 Days Rating: 84

Sexy Starr - www.SexyStarr.comSexy Starr says she's 18, and brand new to the internet, and that she just can't wait to get her clothes off for you. If you're into fresh faced, hot little brunettes (well, as of the week of this review I'm writing, she's now a dark honey blond), you might be into Sexy Starr.

Now, Sexy Starr, from what I can see, is basically a solo girl web cam site. Not always live cam, though sometimes it is just videos that she shoots herself on her webcam and then uploads them to the site for you. It really seems to be a girl who is into showing her stuff for the camera, in all different kinds of ways. This isn't some mass produced site, this is really much more of a one-on-one kind of experience with a girl and the camera. And the viewer, of course. Sexy Starr is really a no-frills kind of website, and sometimes that is a very good thing.

So, upon entering the member's only area, I am really taken aback by how little there is on the website itself. Not necessarily content wise, just the layout and the first impression I get once I log in. On the page, there's the tool bar at the top, which helps you navigate through the web page (not that you'd really need it, there's not much too it). You can browse pictures, videos, and cam archives. Cam archives are where most of the content lies. You can tell that the main focus of this is definitely the web cam. There's a link to click on for the live cam, if you can catch her, or you can schedule a time, you can get her on the camera, and basically direct your own video. I like that idea.

Keep in mind that web cam videos are rarely of the highest quality. The ones on this website really aren't all that bad, but they certainly aren't the best quality videos out there. But, there are also regular videos. There are currently 13 different non-cam videos, and each of them features tons of solo action. Each of these videos are in WMV format, and to view them, you need to download them to your hard drive. The videos are around 75MB apiece, and each is around 640 x 480. The videos are of relatively good quality, and they expand well without losing too much of their quality, so feel free to fullscreen them if you like. That works fine.

If you want photos, you can have those, too. There are 29 different photo sets so far. The photographs are very high quality, clocking in at around 798px - 1200px apiece. Fucking sweet. The web page says you can view them as medium or as full, but don't even bother with the medium links ... when you open the medium photos, it's nothing but a series of giant, grainy pixels. The full size photos, however, are great. They are high quality, crystal clear, and it is obvious they are professionally shot. The color and composition are fantastic. There's an average of around 125 of these super high quality photos per set.

Like I said earlier, most of the content on this website is web cam based. You can access the MASSIVE archives to find tons more content. There are about 140 different screen cap galleries, each with an average of from 4 snaps to 200 snaps per video. There's also a private cam archive, with about 300 different videos uploaded to the archive. The videos are streaming, and they run typically between 15 minutes and 3 minutes, with most of them falling around 5-8 minutes a piece.

You can also read her diary, which she updates frequently, and the site as a whole is updated frequently too. This girl is on the ball. This site may have a couple of drawbacks, but for what it is, it is excellent.

Membership to Sexy Starr will cost you $24.95 for thirty days of access (with $19.95 recurring every thirty days afterwards), or $49.95 for ninety days of non-recurring access to the website. Your membership can be paid by credit card, you can have your bank account (checking or savings) billed. Considering the content, this being a new website, and the amount of updates, Sexy Starr still earns a really great rating of 84/100. I really like what I see here. Buy the girl a better webcam and she'll really be in business, but damn-it's good stuff just as it is. Recommended? Damn straight!

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