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Cost: $24.95 Monthly, $59.95 for 3 Months, $99.95 for 6 Months Rating: 86

Anette Dawn - www.AnetteDawn.comAnette Dawn is a one of the most gorgeous leggy blondes that I've ever laid eyes on. This hottie hails from Budapest, Hungary. With sexy brown eyes, perfectly tanned skin, and perfect 34D-24-35 measurements, this girl is stacked and knows how to use it. She's got a very wholesome look about her, but you can tell that underneath that wholesome look is a girl who is really into showing herself off. She's certainly not shy! Anette Dawn is the kind of girl made for the camera and I personally have never been able to get enough of her. But how's her site? Let's get those details right now.

On Anette Dawn, you can see her do what she does best – show off her body to you, in front of the camera. This site is, through and through, a solo girl site. There is some toy play, but for the most part it's just Anette, a camera, and the viewer. She certainly likes lots of lingerie and dressing up, and is really into getting herself off in front of the lens. If you like hot European girls who are into showing off, you're gonna love Anette Dawn.

The front page shows you a few of her most recent updates, along with a letter from Anette and the tool bar that gets you around the website. She seems to update her site at the very least once every two weeks, sometimes more. From what I can tell, the video sets and the photo sets are not connected in any real way. Instead of being taken together, they are taken as separate entities, and therefore most of the photo sets do not correlate with the video sets at all. Somehow that's kind of refreshing. There is also some hot wallpaper for your desktop under the Bonuses button in the toolbar.

Currently, there are 54 different video sets uploaded on this website. The video sets can be streamed directly from the website itself, which is the simplest way to view the content, but if you don't have DSL, Cable, or better connection, I really wouldn't recommend it. If you'd rather download, you can download the videos either in full-length format or in clipped segments. Both the full-length format and the clipped formats come in WMV and MOV file formats. A full length WMV tends to be around 230MB, while a full length MOV tends to be more like 260MB or so. A WMV clip comes in at roughly 30MB apiece, while a MOV clip is more like 33-35MB a pop. The videos themselves are all of the same resolution, about 720 x 404. They are all of good quality, not jittery or pixelated. The sound on them is decent, and they aren't just taken with a camcorder, so they aren't going to give you a headache by watching.

The photographs on this site are very high quality. For the most part, it seems they come in at around 1076px × 1615px apiece. There are currently 69 different photo sets in all, and each of these photo sets normally has around 140 pictures or so, some more, some less. You can download any of the photo sets as a ZIP file gallery. You can also set the photographs to be viewed as a slideshow from the website, and there is always the regular gallery view on the site. From what I can tell, the photo content is strictly pin-up style, with the occasional toy-play.

Membership to this site grants you 100% free access to the network. That means you can access the content of Blue Fantasies, Euro Foxes, Busty Ones, Naughty Staff, and Twistys absolutely free of charge. Gotta love that. It's all good stuff.

Membership to Anette Dawn will run you $24.95 for thirty days of access, recurring. There's also the $59.95 for three months plan, also recurring. Non-recurring plans come in increments of $75.00 for three months, or $99.00 for six months. Any membership plan can be bought by check or credit card. With the amount of content on this site, along with the bonus materials and everything else, I'll give it a rating of 86/100. Anette Dawn is a winner in my book any day—her site isn't quite as packed as I'd like to see, but for her niche and her style, it works. Good stuff—definitely recommended!

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When you join Anette Dawn, you also get access to the following websites: Blue Fantasies, Busty Ones, Euro Foxes, Naughty Staff, Nicole Graves, Twistys, and When Girls Play.

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Anette Dawn Videos

Anette Dawn Video
Anette Dawn Video

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Anette Dawn Picture

Other Reviews of Anette Dawn

  • Anette Dawn by 8/9/2010 6:16:11 AM (78/100):
    Anette Dawn is a gorgeous blonde bombshell from the beautiful city of Budapest. This Eastern European babe has a hot body, great lips and a nice set of surgically enhanced tits. With weekly updates, her site has resumed growing and to date you can enjoy 73 of her stellar-quality videos and 72 sets of high-res pictures. In terms of extras, you get access to six bonus sites, which are pretty sweet in their own right.
  • Anette Dawn review by 6/1/2007 (7.5/10):
    Anette Dawn is a busty blonde featured in a relatively modest number of high quality picture series and videos. Pictures, videos as well as Anette look absolutely great, so the only thing needed is more content.

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