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Cost: $1 for a 3 Day Trial, $29.97 a month, $59.97 for 90 days Rating: 59

Use My Daughter - www.UseMyDaughter.comUse My Daughter is a site featuring wasted dads and slutty daughters. These guys are like, 'Want to fuck my daughter? It will cost you, fuckers!' When these drunk fucks can't afford to pay for their liquor, or their cable bill, or their car payment, or whatever, they whore out their daughters in exchange for some of that cold hard cash! Unlike the daddies who won't let their daughters within fifty feet of a horny guy like yourself, these papas don't care WHO their daughter fucks as long as he gets paid for it! Let's get into Use My Daughter and check things out.

Before I even log in, I can see that Use My Daughter only features a few different girls. That works for this site though, because of the whole storyline with these drunk fathers whoring out their teen daughters. A little continuity isn't a bad thing here! Mostly you're going to see this hot red haired chick named Janessa, but there are also a couple of updates with Kara, a hot Asian teen, and Samira, a smokin' brunette. Good lookin babes for sure. Let's dig a little deeper into Use My Daughter.

The bad news is that there are only 12 updates on the site right now, and they are all dated 11/11/2008. This date problem is one that I have seen throughout the entire network of sites, so this may be a glitch, but if it's not, then don't count on any updates! 12 updates isn't going to get you through even a standard 30 day membership, but the bonus sites will definitely tide you over if you don't mind relying on those. We'll cover those in a few minutes. For now you just need to know that the layout here is functional and good looking, easy to navigate, with the updates right there on the main page, bonus sites at the top and bottom, and more network info along the right side. Nice.

The downloads are available in full length WMVs and MPEGs for downloading and Flash for streaming. Those downloads will range from about 375MB for a WMV to 558MB for an MPEG. There are also smaller clips that you can get in WMV low and high quality, both streaming and downloadable, and Flash just to download. For the highest quality files, you're looking at only 320x240 resolution. Honestly that just pisses me off. That's way too fucking small. It's like watching a video on your cell phone screen. Unless you're actually putting these videos on an iPod or other portable device, I say forget about it. You can find way better right here on this site, just keep browsing.

The hi-res pics on the other hand are very nice. Now why didn't they put this much effort into the videos? They're near 1000px and about as nice quality as they can get. There are also slideshows and zip sets, both of which work great.. They also give you screencaps that are the exact same quality as the videos themselves. I'd stick with the hi-res pics for obvious reasons.

All Elite Pass gives you more than 60 bonus sites, many of which are no longer updated, but all of which have a decent amount of content at the very least. I can't list them all here, but here are the teen sites that'll work for ya: College Fuckfest, Real Rookies, Jayda Brook, Mother Daughter Fuck, Schoolgirl Creampies, Sleep Assault, Sleep Sins, and Tara Ryan. Good stuff!

If you want to join Use My Daughter it's $29.97 for 30 days or $59.97 for 90 days. You'll be able to use your credit card or check. Due to the quantity and quality of the movies, I have to say no to a recommendation. Many of the bonus sites are worth a membership, but Use My Daughter on its own is not. Final score equals 59/100.

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