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Taylor Bow - www.TaylorBow.comTaylor Bow is a site that's all about this chick who did her boyfriend wrong, so he decided to put their sex tapes up on a website and make some dough off of it. Is that the real story? Basically if you want to think it is, then just skip to the next paragraph and keep dreaming. I'd like to indulge in that fantasy myself, but legally I know it's got to be fiction, because that bitch would have sued his ass by now. I don't care one way or another as long as it gets me off. Let's check out Taylor Bow.

Taylor Bow is definitely a wild child. She really seems like the kind of girl that you could get involved with, as opposed to some unreachable pornstar. Just your typical hottie that loves to suck cock and get fucked. She's a genuine amateur but there's nothing amateur about her style. She's insatiable and she shows it. This Olivier guy is one lucky bastard getting to fuck her six ways from Sunday and THEN make a buck off of it, if that story is true! Taylor Bow gets my official hottie seal of approval. The content is good. But how much of it is there? Let's see.

There are five “chapters” to the whole Taylor Bow “story” if you get my drift. It all comes down to 20 updates, and each update adds up to a total of just over 70MB if you download the whole thing. Unfortunately it only comes in clips, so you're looking at a set of just under 10 clips per update, and again just under 10MB for each of those downloads. I'm the kind of guy who hates downloading clips, but for this kind of specialized content, I'll deal.

Unfortunately there is no photos or screencaps section here. I can see why they'd skip the professional photos because that would totally blow their cover with that whole “she did me wrong so I posted these videos of her on the internet” story. But I gotta say, there's no excuse for not putting up at least some screencaps from the movies. Even if the story is real, dude could pull up a freeware program and generate us some damn screencaps, you know? So that's a drawback for me.

There are no bonus sites and no real extras on the site. Again, that keeps their story more believable, but it also leaves you with less content to enjoy! Since there are 20 updates, it might be enough to get you through 30 days if you take your time and enjoy it. Use your own judgment on that.

Pricing for Taylor Bow is $23.95 for 30 days. That's the credit card price. If you want to pay by check it'll be just under $30.00. It's a decent price, affordable, and OK for 30 days, but I'd definitely make sure you get in and out within that time period because there's just not enough there to justify a longer membership. Taylor Bow earns a rating of 72/100 from me, and the site does get my recommendation on the basis of a short membership, because she's fucking hot, the story itself is enough to make you bust a nut, and the content is sizzling, though you'll wish there was more. If I were in your shoes, I'd definitely grab that 30-day Taylor Bow membership right now.

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  • Taylor Bow by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:15:33 AM (72/100):
    Taylor Bow is the star of her own site, although she didn't have anything to do with it. Instead, this collection was supposedly created by her ex whose heart she broke. He has posted all 20 sex videos they made together for all the world to see. Each one is divided up into great-quality, one-minute clips. Consider checking this brunette cutie out for a month to see her suck, fuck, shower and hang out naked for the camera.

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