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Taylor Bow Road Head
Every time I got behind the wheel, I knew you'd want to get on my cock. Driving with you was fuck fun because I knew how much you love sucking my cock and giving me head while I'm driving. Road head from Taylor is the best.

Taylor Bow Fucked While Sleeping
You slept so much people have no idea how lazy you are. It is good you left me for a guy with a nicer ride, maybe one day he will take care of you and you can sleep all day every day. But if you won't wake up for me I will jack off on your ass because it is so fucking hot it gives me a huge boner each time I see it.

Taylor Bow Blue Bed Blowjob
I love to film you in the morning because it is before you put fucking makeup on your face and you actually look prettier without it on at all. And that ass is very nice and plump. Even 'Teddy' agreed that you owed me a good blowjob and that I should blow a big nut all over you before you got up to brush your teeth.

Taylor Bow Smoking Blowjob
You love to smoke cigarettes. You don't let people know this but you really do love it. You love it so much that you even smoke them while you give me good blowjobs. You are quite a piece of work Taylor, maybe that is why I fell in love with you.

Taylor Bow Cupcake
Cupcake Christmas tape with Taylor. We went to visit your relatives at Christmas...can you believe how much I fucked you silly during that trip? No one would believe that you actually ate my cum off a cupcake, but I have the tapes that show it of course.

Taylor Bow Swing Dancing
This tape shows Taylor all dolled up in a pretty dress. She has her makeup on and we are ready to go out for the evening. I slammed her silly before we went out and filmed the thing as we all know how much Taylor likes to perform for the camera.

Taylor Bow Morning Head
This tape has you and me on a sleepy Sunday. You teased me by not showing me your goodybox, but then I begged and you showed it. It was so tight and juicy Taylor. I fucked you so hard this day and you told me you loved me forever. Guess you were lying.

Taylor Bow Skate Boarding
We used to have so much fun together Taylor. You looked so cute skateboarding. You looked even cuter when we went into the laundry room and I fucked your brains out on top of the spin cycle...remember? You let me orgasm in your face so much, you must really love that spermy goo. The people who see you out getting a coffee...I ...

Taylor Bow Intern
I remember after watching Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky that you were so turned on, you wanted to play a game of "Intern"... Well, bitch, the games on you - how do you like it now? I own your soul!

Taylor Bow Cherry
You are so pretty Taylor. That is why this hurts so much. I may not ever have another girl as pretty as you. But you don't care. You have everything and you don't need me to kick around anymore. I have nothing and I feel like shit. WAIT! I do have all 20 of these tapes we shot during our relationship...I know that I am ...

Taylor Bow Bed Blowjob
Taylor always told me that I should consume plenty of protein to keep my body sexy and firm. And I always told her to eat lots of protein and I even told her that she could eat MY brand of protein. And because Taylor is such a cum queen she happily smuggled down my manly goo like teaspoons of honey. This video took place ...

Taylor Bow Monopoly
Board games are great fun. But they are even more fun if you include an easy girlfriend who likes to get a hearty pounding from a rod full of semen. Taylor always loses at monopoly because she is bad with money. But the good thing about it is she is easy so she is more than willing to work off any debts she has with sex ...

Taylor Bow Brown Shirt
I was fucking blindsided when you left. Fucking did not see that one coming. You are a gold digging weasel. Does everyone know how much a guy's car means to you?!? You want to LOOK COOL in his RIDE? Well I will tell you a quick story. It is about a girl who was dating a nice guy with a perfectly nice car...not a 'pimp ...

Taylor Bow Pop Rocks
Those of you who know Taylor will know that she likes to eat candy. It is strange that so much sweet goodness can go into a girl and yet she is still mean and sour. Surprised that Taylor is actually not nice in person? Then you don't know the REAL Taylor like I do. But I am just the poor fool who she dumped for a needle-dicked ...

Taylor Bow Pink Blowjob
So we went for the weekend to your Aunt's house. She treated us nice. Of course you talked so much shit behind her back and how you hated her. Then we went into her guestroom and we fucked all over all of her furniture. If it weren't for me, we wouldn't have even put those sheets over the furniture. Well one of us had ...

Taylor Bow Aberchrombie
One thing you need to know about Taylor is that she likes to workout a lot and keep her body in shape. The other thing you need to know about Taylor is that she is horny as fuck and she loves to get pounded by manmeat. Now that she has dumped me for a fucking nerd she doesn't deserve for these secrets to remain so.