Sleep Invasion

Cost: $4.99 for 3 Days, $24.95 a Month, $89.99 a Year Rating: 78

Sleep Invasion -

Sleep Invasion is a website featuring one man and his depraved escapades. This dude catches these hot babes when they are sleeping and uses their body without them knowing! This website brings you raw insight into just how far a sex craved pervert is willing to go to fulfill their desires. You haven't seen anything like the stuff you'll see here on Sleep Invasion.

Sleep Invasion puts you right in the footsteps of a pervert as he enacts all of his most wicked fantasies on unsuspecting women. There are all kinds of girls on here, exes and room mates of his that he's found in their most vulnerable moments and taken advantage of their hot, supple bodies. Whether you like them blond, brunette, or red-headed, he's got them all under his belt and under his grasp, fondling and fucking their sleeping bodies, and you can see it all right here on Sleep Invasion.

When you log in to the member's only page, you'll see a whole bunch of links and tabs that will take you in every which direction than the one you want to be going in. Don't worry, none of that stuff is bad, it's all related to the network that you'll have access to with a membership, which is a good thing. But more about the network later. If you want to see the sets for this particular site, go to the Featured Series category, and you'll see all of the episodes that have been uploaded to the site, starting with the most recent update. So far, this website has uploaded 41 different episodes to the site, but seeing as how the last update was in April of 2007, it doesn't look like they're going to be uploading any more.

If you want to check out the photos, click on the view gallery tab at the top of the screen. You'll be taken to a page with thumbnails of all of the shots. It seems most of the galleries are around 250 shots a piece, some a bit more and some a bit less. The shots are actual video captures lifted from the movie, and they are really quite small, only around 320px × 240px a pop. They are relatively clear for being screen grabs, and they definitely make it a point to not miss out on any of the action that goes on in the scenes, but they aren't the best quality photographs I've seen out there.

For video content, you can either stream the video from the website or you can download the videos to your hard drive. If you decide to stream it, you're gonna want to have a pretty fast internet connection, because while the videos themselves aren't that large (around 640 x 480 or so), they will freeze your computer if you don't have a quick ISP. If you'd rather download, you can download the video in full in either a WMV format file or an iPod compatible mp4 file. The WMV files typically come in at around 100MB or so, give or take a few, while the mp4 format files are much smaller, coming in at around 70MB. Mp4 video files can also be played on winamp and some other video players, if space concerns are an issue. The videos are of good quality, pretty clear with functioning sound. They're not the best, but it's pretty clear that these videos are amateur and shot with a hand held, but that's to be expected with the theme of the site and all.

Remember that network I was talking about? Well, along with your membership, you'll get access to every single site in the All Adult Pass, which you can access from the member's only page. Some of the websites included with your membership are Escort Trick, Smut Bus, XXX At Work, and Real Hooker Videos!

A membership to Sleep Invasion will run you $24.95 per month if you want to do the monthly access plan, or you can save some money and go for the $89.99 year long membership deal. Despite the fact that the site doesn't update anymore, since it's packed with hot updates, it still gets a decent 78/100. Recommended? You bet. Sleep Invasion really delivers if you can't get enough sleep fuck content!

>> Sleep Invasion Videos and More Here <<

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