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Sex For Grades is a website that just reinforces what we all know — if you fuck the teacher, you're bound to get better grades! See these hot barely legal babes and co-eds as they bang their teachers, principles, and coaches for good grades! These girls might not be smart, but they're smart enough to know that with their perfect, nubile bodies, they can get that passing grade they desire. Sex For Grades brings you some of the hottest amateur schoolgirl action anywhere!

Sex For Grades has all kinds of hot babes to choose from. Whether you like them innocent and guileless, troublemaking and naughty, petite, curvy, athletic, the girl next door or a punk rock babe, you'll find them all here on this site, sucking cock and getting fucked like pros! You won't see any of this hot schoolgirl fucking action anywhere but on Sex For Grades. But how is the quality on everything? Let's find out.

When I logged in to the member's only area, the first thing I noticed was how user-friendly the website seemed. As soon as you log in, you'll be greeted with the most recent updates to the website, starting with the most recent update first and going backwards to the first episode. The website currently has 24 different episodes, all with photo and video content. While this website is no longer being updated, it is a part of one of the biggest networks for porn on the net, so there's really no need to worry about not having plenty of quality content to choose from. If you want to view the content, just click on any one of the links, and you'll be directed to another page that has all of the hot video and photo content for that scene!

If you wanna check out the video content, you've got a variety of options to choose from. If you want to stream the video in full, you can do that, but the videos on this site are pretty large, so if you don't have DSL or Cable, I'd recommend just going ahead and downloading the videos to your hard drive. The videos come in three different formats, a mp4 format that you can upload to your iPod or PSP (and even some phones!), a high definition Divx format, or a WMV video file. The mp4 format files normally tend to come in around 150MB or so. The Divx format files are typically somewhere around 500MB or so (I told you, the files are pretty large!), and the WMV files tend to come in at around 250MB or so apiece. All of the videos are of great quality, with excellent picture clarity, good sound, and decent lighting. The videos themselves seem to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 740 x 480 apiece, and they expand to fullscreen decently.

If it's photo content you want, every single episode comes with an image gallery to accompany the video. They do a really good job of getting lots of high quality shots for every single episode. Most of the episodes have somewhere around 900 high quality, professional shots taken. The images themselves tend to be around 800x500 resolution or so, and the photographer makes sure that not one second of all of the hot schoolgirl banging action goes undocumented! You can set the photo galleries to view as a slideshow, ranging in speeds of very slow, slow, medium, fast, and very fast.

A membership to this site grants you membership to every single website in the massive network this one is a part of, including Banged Babysitters and Dirty Teacher's Pet! Lots of good stuff that you can definitely get into.

If you want to get a membership to Sex For Grades, you can get a year long membership for only $89.99. If you'd rather go month by month, you can get a monthly membership deal for $24.95. Your membership can be paid using an online check or a credit card. Considering all of the high quality content on this website, as well as the tons of bonus materials, I'm going to give this one a rating of 82/100. So does Sex for Grades make the grade? You bet.

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  • Sex For Grades by 8/9/2010 6:16:00 AM (72/100):
    At Sex For Grades students and horny teachers come together and cum together in 30 hardcore episodes with good-looking pictures and stellar-quality, downloadable videos. This is just the tip of the porn iceberg and members also get access to a whole bunch of full-length DVDs and tons of additional vids and pics. It looks like new scenes have stopped being added, but you do get over 80 network bonus sites covering a variety of niches.

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