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Real Hidden Porn—finally a site for every guy who has taped a girl without her knowing... or has even thought about it! No setups or scripts... this is real hidden porn! We've all thought about it, but some people actually do it. Witness private secretly taped homemade videos and real people caught on cams by peeping toms or hidden cameras when they thought nobody was watching! It's all here for you to see for the first time ever. That's what they claim, but is it really true? Let's get into Real Hidden Porn and find out!

The one thing I can say is that the videos on Real Hidden Porn really do seem real. If they're not, they are VERY believable and well done. They feature guys and girls videotaping their lovers, people having sex at work and caught on hidden cameras, guys and chicks fucking in public places, peeping toms secretly recording others... you name it, they've got it! Their most recent updates include these titles: All Tied Up, Dirty Laundry, Skinny Minny, Just Eat It, Naughty Nanny, Out of the Closet, Late Workout, Chunky and Funky, and Piledrive Pussy! Sounds good, huh? But how is everything? The quality on these kinds of sites can leave something to be desired, but of course that comes with the territory—these are homemade hidden videos after all! Let's check out the Real Hidden Porn content and see if it's worth your cash.

Love the layout here. Similar to the other sites on the network, you'll see the updates on the main page, bonus sites listed to the left, and important links (like top rated, my favorites, etc.) across the top. There's always a home button too so you can get back to the beginning without hitting the back button 800 times. Nice. There are an incredible 96 videos here—damn that's a lot of freaky motherfuckers sharing their videos with the world! Good stuff. More than enough to get you through a long, long membership. And they update every single week too. Very good news there.

The only downside I can really see here is that a lot of the newer videos are only 5 to 8 minutes long—BUT with 96 videos total, you've still got tons and tons of 20 to 30 minute videos in the archives. There's just so much here. It all feels really authentic—some of it's shot through heating vents and shit like that... I mean they really make it feel real if it isn't. I'd be willing to bet that at least some of it is. Your downloads will be anywhere from 45MB to 300MB just depending on the length. The quality of these videos is good though—really good. Obviously the camera is just in one place—no cameraman shooting different angles. But if you like that authentic hidden camera feeling, they really do a good job of convincing you. You can get these videos in WMV format only, but your choice of low quality or high quality. The biggest ones look to be 720p, so you're getting very nice quality video nonetheless.

No pics here of course because that wouldn't make any damn sense, but they do offer vidcaps for you. These screencaps are sized 720x544px just like the larger quality movies, and they look really good. Very nice for screencaps. They serve as a great preview for the movies so you can really see what you're getting before you waste any time downloading. There are in fact zip sets, which is always a perk! Very nice, no complaints about the screencaps at all. They give you your moneys worth here.

You can rate each scene with stars if you like, or add them to your favorites if you want to be able to access them later and watch 'em all over again. Tons of hot bonus sites are yours for free courtesy of Homemade Video Pass when you join: Our Homemade Porno, My Dirty Teen Girlfriend, Stolen Porn Videos, and Swinger Sex Tapes. That's only the beginning—there are many more exclusive sites that you'll get too.

If you're thinking of joining, you can get into Real Hidden Porn for $24.95 for a month recurring, $39.95 for two months recurring, $54.95 for three months recurring, or $74.95 for six months with no automatic rebilling. Don't even bother with the trial options. You'll need to stick around longer than that if you want to enjoy all this hot content and the bonuses. Strong content, and LOTS of it, means that Real Hidden Porn earns a very healthy rating of 87/100. No reason not to recommend this site to you—it's a winner. Go join!

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Bonus Websites

When you join Real Hidden Porn, you also get access to the following websites: My Dirty Teen Girlfriend, and Our Homemade Porno.

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Real Hidden Porn Video

Real Hidden Porn Video
Real Hidden Porn Video

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  • Real Hidden Porn by 8/9/2010 6:16:04 AM (74/100):
    While most sites don't go very far in terms of making their "hidden camera" content believable, Real Hidden Porn makes you think that these videos could actually have been taken by people with hidden cams or by security surveillance systems. There are 105 good-quality videos, but nothing new has been added in months. You get 33 full-access bonus sites and a slew of feeds. All in all, this site is worth joining despite the update schedule.

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