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Rap Video Auditions - www.RapVideoAuditions.com

Rap Video Auditions is the first website of it's kind. On this website, you'll see super hot babes who think they're going to be in a rap music video, but once they get there they realize that they're really just there to suck cock and get fucked! On Rap Video Auditions, you'll see some of the hottest babes with the phattest asses and most perfect bodies showing just how talented they really are.

Rap Video Auditions is a website that brings you only the finest babes out there, all totally amateur, and shows just how far they'll go for a touch of fame! There are all kinds of super hot ladies on this website, whether you want them petite or stacked, blond, redheaded, or brunette, a hood-rat girl or an Uptown babe. Asian, black, Latina, white, good girls, bad girls, whatever your fancy, they're here on Rap Video Auditions, sucking and fucking their way to porn stardom!

When I first logged in to the member's only area of the site, I was shocked by just how much content this website has. The member's only area actually functions as a starting point to help you navigate the entire network that this website is a part of, and I must say, this is a HUGE network. There are TONS of links to click along and get lost in, and it's easy to do so. The easiest way to not get lost and to go straight to the content for this particular website is just to click on the Featured Series link, and that will take you to another page that just has content for this specific website, starting with the most recent update first. This website has 41 different episodes featuring some high quality video and photo content.

If it's video content you want, you have a variety of different options to choose from with this website. There is a streaming video option for those of you who have fast internet connections, but unless you have a fast DSL connection or better, I'd really advise to just go on ahead and download the video content to your hard drive to watch through a video player — the files are rather large, and will be jittery and glitchy on dialup. The videos are around 740 x 480 resolution. Very nice. You can download any of the videos in a full length format, in either a PSP or iPod compatible mp4 format, a WMV format, or a high definition Divx format. The mp4 videos seem to clock in somewhere around 100MB or so, while the Divx files are more like 290MB a piece, and the WMV format videos are typically somewhere in the ballpark of around 150MB or so. They are all of good quality, with great image clarity, functioning sound, no pops or hisses. The camera work on these videos is good, without any weird angles or anything to make you dizzy. They expand to fullscreen pretty well to, without losing too much video quality.

If you'd rather go for the still photography route, you can do that as well. From what I can tell, most of the photographs seem to be somewhere around 800 x 500, and they are all of very good quality. The images are very high quality, with good picture clarity and quality composition. It's pretty obvious that a lot of time and effort was put into these photos, and not a single photograph is blurry or pixelated. Most of the galleries seem to have somewhere around 300 or so of these high quality images, though some of the galleries have more and some have less. They do a really good job of making sure that not a bit of the hot action that goes on in every single episode is missed from the lens.

A membership to this site also gets you membership to every single site in the network, including (but definitely not limited to) Chocolate Sistas, Her Thick Black Ass, Raw Black Amateurs, and Ebony Internal. Damn good stuff.

If you want to get a membership to Rap Video Auditions, that will cost you $24.95 if you want to get a month long membership. If you want to save some cash, you can get a year long membership that only costs $89.99. With some good quality content and a ton of bonus material, this website gets a rating of 84/100 from me. Rap Video Auditions is in a class of its own. Highly recommended.

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Other Reviews of Rap Video Auditions

  • Rap Video Auditions by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:15:58 AM (73/100):
    Posing as record company executives, guys turn Rap Video Audtions into hardcore porn shoots. They have tricked 44 ebony babes into fucking on camera and each one has a stellar-quality video to prove it. You will also find 32 sets of good-looking photos showing some of the main scenes. Extra content includes tons of additional vids and pics, full-length DVDs and a bevy of diverse bonus sites. The extras come in handy becaue the website only updates about once a month.
  • Rap Video Auditions review by AdultReviews.com 4/20/2007 (6/10):
    Rap Video Auditions is a reality site where producers interview potential music video models and demand extras from them. Unfortunately videos are not downloadable. There is however a huge amount of content on this site network.

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marcus 100:
love the girl
May 17, 2010 at 11:30 PM

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