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Naked Movie - www.NakedMovie.comNaked Movie knows just what all those blockbuster hits are missing – hot babes and raunchy sex. If you've ever dreamed about seeing big screen movies redone porno style, this is definitely the kind of site that you need to check out ASAP! I would definitely bust a nut if I saw some of my favorite movies remade into hardcore porn. Needless to say, I am logging in to Naked Movie right now and I'll let you know what I find.

Naked Movie is all about restructuring flicks to create one of a kind porn versions! Ever wished that those chicks on Star Trek had their cunts full of cock? Try Star Trix. How about your favorite stoner flicks turned into steamy sex sessions? Or eighties classics redone with a decidedly sexier twist? That's what this site is all about. Who says porn has to be serious all the time? If you're in for a good laugh, as well as seeing some hot chicks getting their brains fucked out, Naked Movie looks like it could be a good deal.

But wait--there's bad news. There is one very sad fact about Naked Movie, and that is it's scant offering of content. There are only five different sets offered on Naked Movie. Tragic, I know. But it seems that this site has done a pretty good job of keeping semi-frequent updates for it's very short reign thus far. So, there is hope yet that Naked Movie will continue to pump out material, though I can't make any promises. What they've currently got is: Star Trix, Miami Spice, Superbadd Ass, Pop Gun, and Farold and Fubar. Gotta love it.

Though there isn't too much on the site yet, I'll still fill you in on how it works. When you enter, the first things you see are the sets, arranged by the most recent update first. You click on a thumbnail, which takes you to a page that holds all the content for that set. You can also search the site by most viewed, top rated, and categories, though since the site is so small, I don't see why you'd need to bother at this point. There's also a favorites feature, where you can select any set as a favorite. Once favorites are set, you can easily access your list of them by clicking on the favorites link on the top of the screen in the tool bar. That tool bar also has the 'sites' link, which grants you easy access to the rest of the Muffia network, but more on that later.

If you want videos, just click on the thumbnail links. You can start with a streaming trailer, or jump straight to the video itself by clicking on 'movie'. That will take you to a streaming full length video. If you'd rather download, you can get 'em in full length or clips. The videos are 640 x 480, and a full length WMV is around 400MB, while WMV clips (there are four per set) are around 100MB apiece. There is also an option for an MP4 format, for use on your iPod, iPhone, or PSP. The MP4 format videos only come in full length, are also around 640 x 480, and run an average of around 400MB a piece. The video quality is very good on all formats and they definitely get my seal of approval in that area.

For photos, there are very high quality photographs taken for each set. They are around 1440 x 480 or so, and there are typically close to 600 photographs per set. The photographs are of an incredible quality, very professional and clear. While the videos are good, it is the photographs on this website that really steal the show. They are also conveniently arranged: when you click on one photograph from a thumbnail, you just click on the photograph to go to the next, no fumbling with back pages. I always appreciate that. You can also download the entirety of the photo set as one ZIP file right do your hard drive.

Membership to this site also gets you membership to the whole Muffia network (and yes, that's Muffia, like the mafia of muff. lmao I love it). With that membership, you also get access to sites like My Sexy Life, Cum Fu, It's Real, and more. It's a nice well rounded network of sites that gives you everything from hardcore to fetish, from MILFs to teens, and everything in between. Lots of crazy shit. It's all good.

Membership to Naked Movie will cost you $24.95 a month. Your membership can be paid with a credit card, or if you prefer, a personal check. Considering the low amount of content, I'm going to have to rate this one just 77/100, but keep in mind that it's growing and it's got a lot of great bonus sites, so it's not necessarily one that you want to skip. Use your own judgment--good site, very unique content--it's just very much brand new.

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Bonus Websites

When you join Naked Movie, you also get access to the following websites: Cum Fu, FootVille, It's Real, King Dong, Kristin's Life, Manuel Uncut, Molly's Life, Muffia, My Sexy Life, and Pornstars Lick.

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Naked Movie Videos

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Naked Movie Video

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Other Reviews of Naked Movie

  • Naked Movie by 8/9/2010 6:17:10 AM (64/100):
    At Naked Movie, you can see your favorite Hollywood films acted out by porn performers who also add in bits of what they do best (fucking, of course). There are seven great-quality videos available and each comes with a picture set. Unfortunately, the updates have stopped, so it's a good thing that you get access to nine bonus sites. They cover all kinds of hardcore fun and are the main reason to join at this point.

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