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My Sister's Hot Friend Delta White
Delta White has a surprise for her friend's brother. Even though it's a day late, she wanted to give Rocco a cake. But he'd rather give her a pounding in the kitchen!

My Sister's Hot Friend Lindy Lane
Lindy Lane was supposed to play a game with her friend, but she only found her friend's brother at the house. Instead of getting bent out of shape, Lindy decides that fooling around with him is as good as playing with her friend!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Monique Alexander
Monique Alexander needs a ride to the airport but her friend's brother is passed out from a hard night drinking. When he wakes up, he tells her that she needs to stay here, dump that loser,.....and get with him!

My Sister's Hot Friend Melissa Mathews
Melissa Mathews let her friend use her cell phone and ended up with a $300 bill. When she went over to talk about it, Melissa only finds her friend's brother. Melissa can wait for her friend but she can't wait to have her friend's brother fuck her on the couch!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Kim Capri
Kim Capri is taking some time for herself after a fight with her friend. When her friend's brother stops by, Kim takes out her frustrations by knocking the wind out of him. Since it came to blows, Kim decides to make it up to him by giving him a blow job!

My Sister's Hot Friend London Keyes
London Keyes just bumped into her first kiss who happens to be her friend's brother. Since it's been so long, she's ready to finish that innocent kiss with something a lot more suggestive...

My Sister's Hot Friend Jayden Jaymes 2
Jayden Jaymes is out on a boat with her friend's brother when he confesses his feelings towards her. Jayden is up for some fun and since her friend isn't there to interfere, these two are getting off off-shore!

My Sister's Hot Friend Rachel Roxxx
Rachel Roxxx can't set up her tent so she calls her friend's brother. He doesn't mind helping this hottie with her tent as long as she takes care of the tent he's pitching in his pants!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Ally Ann
Ally Ann can't believe what she's hearing. Her friend's brother/roommate is going to throw a party while she's at college orientation. Ally is willing to stay quiet as long as she has something to put in her mouth!!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Brooke Belle 2
Brooke Belle likes to ride her bikes hard and fast. She can talk shop with her friend's brother since he's a mechanic at the local garage. Of course the chrome gets Brooke going but what really drives her wild is a riding her brother's friend.

My Sister's Hot Friend Nicole Ray
Nicole Ray knows that seducing her friend's brother is a bad idea but she's horny. And when Nicole finds herself alone with him, she plans on turning that bad idea into one amazing fuck-fest.

My Sister's Hot Friend Jayden Jaymes
Jayden Jaymes had a hard day at work and the last thing she wanted to see was her friend's brother acting like a slob in her kitchen. Jayden can forgive his mistakes if he can pull it together and pop on her face!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Elizabeth Anne
Elizabeth Anne looks innocent enough but she has a wild side her friend's brother is about to discover. Since he couldn't use his shower, he came over to Elizabeth's bathroom to wash up. Elizabeth doesn't mind sharing her shower as long as they do some dirty things first.

My Sister's Hot Friend Kayla Paige
Kayla Paige lost a bet with her friend and has to clean up the yard. But Kayla doesn't know what to do so she asks her friend's brother. But he won't lift a finger until Kayla hikes up her short skirt...

My Sister's Hot Friend Tiffany Tyler
Tiffany Tyler thought she had her friend's place to herself for the weekend but she caught her friend's brother spying on her. They've both wanted to hook up with each other and since his sister isn't there to stop now's their chance...

My Sister's Hot Friend Rachel Starr 2
Rachel Starr is supposed to show her friend's brother around town but she has other plans for him. She hasn't seen him in a while and wants to paint her bed red before they hit the town...

My Sister's Hot Friend Madison Ivy
Madison Ivy thinks her friend's brother is a nerd who doesn't get out enough. Since Madison's friend isn't home, she plans on teaching this geek how to please her physique!!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Katy Karson
Katy Karson was expecting a big turnout for her party but only Billy, her friend's brother, showed up. Katy needs a distraction and Billy's cock is just the thing to take her mind off of her problems...

My Sister's Hot Friend Sara Stone 2
Sara Stone just got in a fight with her boyfriend and is talking about it with her friend's brother. To cheer her up, he told Sara about his crush on her. Even though Sara's flattered by his puppy love, she just wants to get fucked doggy style...

My Sister's Hot Friend Shyla Stylez
Shayla Stylez is house-sitting for her friend while she's out of town. When her friend's brother shows up a week early, Shayla is thrilled for some company and the chance to seduce her friend's brother...

My Sister's Hot Friend Erin Marxxx
Erin Marxxx can make herself feel at home anywhere and especially at her friend's house. So when her friend's brother gets home, he's not surprised to see Erin lounging on his couch. He is stunned when Erin jumps off the couch.... and onto his cock!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Heather Vahn
Heather Vahn has always had a crush on her friend's brother but never had the courage the tell him. Heather's older and more confident now, and confesses her secret to him over a game of pool. They quickly forget the game, and let the forces of attraction take over.

My Sister's Hot Friend Avy Scott
It's been a while since Avy Scott has seen her friend's brother and she's finished waiting. Now that they're grown up and her friend isn't in the way, Avy's gonna make up for lost time with a hot load on her face...

My Sister's Hot Friend Taylor Tilden
Taylor Tilden got ditched by her friend. She needs to get somewhere so Taylor demands that her friend's older brother drive her around. But the only way Taylor will get what she wants is by driving him crazy with her tight body.

My Sister's Hot Friend Sierra Sky
Sierra Skye just started having sex and has some questions about it. She asks her friend's brother for advice but he's finding out Sierra can show him a thing or two like her huge natural tits!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Mia Lina
Mia Lina is trying to study for finals at her friend's house. The only problem is that her friend's brother keeps interrupting her. The only way these two will stop fighting like cats and dogs is by giving in to their puppy love...

My Sister's Hot Friend Cameron Love
Cameron Love has had a crush on her friend's brother for a while. They saw each other at a party a few weeks ago, but now it's time they get their freak on!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Diamond Kitty
Diamond Kitty and her best friend's brother are crashing after a long night of partying. Diamond is feeling playful, but Billy has mixed feelings. But after Diamond shows him what's under her shirt, he no longer cares about mixed feelings.

My Sister's Hot Friend Chayse Evans
Chayse Evans is a bad ass with a tight ass. Her friend's brother came over to pick up his sister's purse after a wild party, but Chayse isn't giving it to him that easy. Instead, she's giving him her ass!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Ashli Hart
Ashli Hart has always had a crush on her friend's brother. When he finds her in his room, they both blush. Ashli starts something she can't end until she's more than just a friend.

My Sister's Hot Friend Kacey Villainess
Kacey Villainess dropped off her car with a new mechanic, but to get the service she wants she's gotta give the service he wants. The two come to a mutually gratifying understanding.

My Sister's Hot Friend Sara Stone
Sara Stone is a big fan with big tits. Her friend's brother just played a gig at a local bar and Sara stayed after to congratulate him. He's in luck because Sara digs musicians and soon plays a tune on his meat whistle.

My Sister's Hot Friend Alexis Texas 3
Alexis Texas can't stand the fact her friend keeps sending her brother Billy to pick her up after work. Since they're alone, Alexis and Billy decide to see if they can be naughty friends with benefits...

My Sister's Hot Friend Jaelyn Fox
Jaelyn Fox is beginning to take her art more seriously. Since she hasn't painted the male form yet, she needs a model. And Jaelyn knows her friend's brother is the perfect specimen to practice her strokes!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Marlene Sex
Marlene Sex is hanging out at a coffee house minding her own business. When she notices a friend's brother undressing her with his eyes, she busts him ... and tells him to use his hands instead!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Alanah Rae
Alanah Rae never leaves home before pleasing herself with a good-luck finger bang. She doesn't care if her friend's brother walks in on her, as long as he lends a hand ... or finger.

My Sister's Hot Friend Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn is home alone when her friend's brother shows up. He came by to pick up his sister, but he's gonna be picking up his clothes after Jessica fucks him!

My Sister's Hot Friend Shawna Lenee
Shawna Lenee has a funny way of getting what she wants. After slicing her own fan belt, she calls her friend's brother to check it out. When he arrives, Shawna has him look under the hood... hers!!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Diana Doll
Diana Doll is a flirty foreign exchange student. As she's becoming more familiar with English, she's also becoming more familiar with her friend's brother – her tutor. Since Diana has the basics down, she wants to try more challenging linguistic stunts, instead of tongue and cheek she wants cock in cheek!!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Flower Tucci
Flower Tucci is always working an angle. When she calls her friend to make sure she's distracted, Flower knows her plan is coming together. So when her friend's little brother shows up to save the day, Flower is ready to answer her front door and let him in the back!!!

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