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My Sister's Hot Friend Ella Milano
My Sisters Hot Friend brings you Ella Milano... She is home from college and over at her friend's place waiting to have dinner when her friend's brother gets home from work. Ella got there an hour early to make sure she was there when her friend wasn't and her friend's brother was. She set the trap and he fell for it now ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Lily Carter
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Lily Carter... Sher and her family are moving and her friend's brother is at the house reminiscing about the past. While they walk through the house they also walk through memory lane. Lily comes clean and admits her crush on him and then he tells her the same. Since they are the only two ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Sabrina Maree and Valerie Rios
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Sabrina Maree and Valerie Rios... Valerie is very excited her sister's friend is getting married but she's always wanted to hook up with her and now is a good a time as ever and she even brought a couple of surprises for both of them to play with.

My Sister's Hot Friend Victoria White
Today is Victoria White's birthday and she's going out to the mall with her friend. When Victoria gets to her friend's place, it's Mark who greets her with a rose. He tells Victoria that his sister is going to be about an hour and goes right in for a kiss. She's into a guy who puts himself out there and rewards Mark with ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Bobbi Starr
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Bobbi Starr... Growing up together Bobbi and James had made a pact that if one of them ever fell on hard times and needed a hand the other would help. Years later James shows up at Bobbi's door after being thrown out by his girlfriend. With his belongings in garbage bags, no job, and nowhere ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Brynn Tyler
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Brynn Tyler... James is helping Brynn study her lines for a very important sexual role and when the script gets too hot to handle they both get down and dirty like the script requires.

My Sister's Hot Friend Andy San Dimas
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Andy San Dimas... Rocco's had the hot's for his sister's best friend for years, and he's finally had enough of the just friends line. When Andy moves into a new house, and mentions she needs some art for the walls of her bedroom Rocco see's his chance. Arriving at her place with a piece of ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Angelina Armani
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Angelina Armani... She decided to pay Derrick a visit at his place while he was moving some stuff. He thought his sister sent Angelina over to give him a hand but Angelina makes it clear that his sister doesn't know she's there. So Angelina can help him out by giving him a hand job!!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Jesse Jordan
My Sisters Hot Friend brings you Jesse Jordan... She and Chad have traveled with friends and family to Los Angeles for a much needed vacation. Finding themselves alone at their fancy rented vacation home, a long time crush is realized, and the two old friends decide to finally get it on.

My Sister's Hot Friend Halie James
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Halie James... She's going on vacation with Billy's sister but what Billy doesn't know is that they are going to a nudist resort and he's not having any of it. Billy is sure to ruin their long awaited trip if she doesn't lay down and take it like a big girl.

My Sister's Hot Friend Scarlett Fay
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Scarlett Fay... At Will's sister's request Scarlett drops by to give him some advice on his college studies. Quickly discovering that he's in over his head, she decides to take him up on the one thing he's good at, and, with her pussy wrapped around his cock, schools him in Sex 101.

My Sister's Hot Friend Alexa Nicole
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Alexa Nicole... She's taking a dip in her friend's pool while her friend isn't home. But what Alexa wasn't planning on was her friend's brother being there and is always up for a pleasant surprise. She was planning to get wet today but not in the way that it's gonna go down when the two of ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Darcy Tyler
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Darcy Tyler... After a late night of partying Darcy and Danny wake up together on the couch, clothes partially on, and beer cans litter the room. Did they do it? Neither can remember, and as they've always wanted to get it on, and with everyone out of the house, they take advantage of the ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Lexi Swallow
My Sisters Hot Friend Lexi Swallow is taking a dip in the pool when her friend's forgetful brother shows up with flowers and a balloon. He's forgotten all about Lexi's birthday and is trying to make it up to her any way possible. She appreciates the thought but actions speak louder than words so she has him fuck her right ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Priya Anjali Rai 2
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Priya Anjali Rai... She's over at her best friends house when she sees Jordan. It seems that Jordan had a scare with his girlfriend when she lied about a very serious matter. Priya gives Jordan a lecture about being confident in himself and not letting his girlfriend take advantage of him. ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Kenna Kane
My Sisters Hot Friend brings you Kenna Kane... She crashed her friend's car, again! She doesn't want to tell her friend so Kenna goes to her friend's brother to see if he can take it to his friend's body shop. He's more than happy to take the car and the blame if Kenna is willing to take his load on her face!!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Kelly Surfer
My Sisters Hot Friend brings you Kelly Surfer... She thinks she is alone at her friends house, so she decides to catch some rays... in the nude of course. Seth has come over to his sister's place but instead of her, he finds a beautiful naked girl sunbathing instead. Bonus!

My Sister's Hot Friend Blue Angel
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Blue Angel... She is out here on vacation visiting her best friend so they are going out on the town but in the process of getting ready she has a chance to get laid by her friend's brother. This vacation is sure starting off good for her, now how is she ever going to be able to go back home ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Cassidy Clay
My Sister's Hot Friend presents Cassidy Clay... Evan's salon is empty and his kid sister Violet blames him. So when Cassidy and her husband LT show up, Evan decides to do her hair for her personally... in the private room in the back.

My Sister's Hot Friend Sunny Lane
My Sisters Hot Friend brings you Sunny Lane... It's Danny's birthday and there's a wrapped surprise waiting on his bed. When he goes to open it none other than his sister's friend, Sunny Lane, pops out to wish him a happy one. But popping out of the box was only half of the surprise. Danny thought he'd be blowing out candles ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Syren Sexton
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Syren Sexton... Danny is enjoying his weekend by doing some gardening when his sister's rude girlfriend starts yelling into his backyard. He goes over to see what the commotion is, and finds Syren wanting to go shopping with his sister. He is disgusted with her and wondering what good is ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Heather Starlet
My Sisters Hot Friend brings you Heather Starlet... Rocco finishes his workout and just wants a nice cold drink. Which is stolen out of his hand by his sister's obnoxious friend, Heather. He gets pissed and starts yelling about rules and privacy and respect. She makes fun of him for getting old, but still thinks he is ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Kimberly Kane
My Sisters Hot Friend presents Kimberly Kane... She has been working in her garden trying to come up with a concoction that would make her friend's brother irresistibly attracted to her. When she gives him the love potion, it takes hold immediately hand she invites him to run through her naughty garden.

My Sister's Hot Friend Izy-Bella Blu
My Sister's Hot Friend presents Izy-Bella Blu... She is looking for Scott Stone's sister and isn't going to leave her couch until she talks to her. Scott tells her that she's not even there so he comforts her...with his cock. Since Izy-bella isn't leaving the couch, she's going to get her shaved pussy wet on it. Scott ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Haley Cummings
My Sister's Hot Friend presents Haley Cummings... She heard all about Billy's accident from his sister and stopped by to see how he was feeling. She knows he's still in some pain and wants to make him feel better. Haley decides the best way to take his mind off the pain is to take his cock in her tight pussy!

My Sister's Hot Friend Alexis Grace
My Sister's Hot Friend brings Alexis Grace... Johnny's sister canceled her party and Alexis Grace is upset because she spent a lot of time decorating it. Since no one was coming over, Johnny suggested that they can make the best out of a bad situation. Alexis starts off by giving a sexy blow job and lets him fuck that ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Katie Kaliana
My Sister's Hot Friend presents Katie Kaliana... She lost her purse and is trying to talk to Danny Wylde about it as he's leaving for a date. Danny is irked by Katie because she is his sister's friend who wakes him up 4 o'clock in the morning all the time. Suddenly she started letting him fuck her sweet ass pussy and bust ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Carla Cox
My Sister's Hot Friend brings you Carla Cox... Danny Wylde is looking for his sister but finds her friend, Carla Cox, passing time by reading a book on her bed. It looks like Carla rather pass time with a little deepthroating instead so she takes the opportunity to take some in her sexy mouth like a pro. Carla may look ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Reena Sky
My Sister's Hot Friend presents Reena Sky... John Strong comes home and sees Reena Sky without his sister so he freaks out a bit. He's so worried that his sister is missing but Reena has a special way to calm his nerve. She gives him some amazing head to start off with and then let him fuck that tight body of hers. It's ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Jayden Jaymes 3
Another sizzling update from My Sister's Hot Friend with Jayden Jaymes... She doesn't like to share her space and she doesn't mind letting her friend's brother know it. Since they're renting a house by the beach, room is tight and neither one wants to share a room. But Jayden is great at negotiating sticky situations, ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Riley Evans 2
My Sister's Hot Friend presents Riley Evans... Carlo Carrera is suppose to have dinner with Riley Evans but he's caught dead asleep. They both started talking about the guy she's seeing and he's doesn't want to fuck her in the ass. This might be Carlo's lucky day because Riley wants some anal penetration from him! Who ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Isis Taylor
My Sister's Hot Friend brings you Isis Taylor... She always knew there was something different about her friend's brother, Danny. He acted shy and reserved around Isis whenever his sister was around, but opened up when they were alone. Now that she has him alone at her place Isis intents to find out why he's been holding ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Jaelyn Fox 2
My Sister's Hot Friend brings you Jaelyn Fox... She doesn't have to use any tricks to get Derrick to fuck her but this horny girl is horny and uses any tricks necessary to get the cock out to come out and play. It's a good thing his sister's not around to witness this trick because she has used it many times in front of ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Mallory Rae Murphy
My Sister's Hot Friend presents Mallory Rae Murphy... She spends lots of time in James's house and all that hanging around has finally led to her admitting why she's there all the time. Both of them have been waiting a long time for this but Mallory Rae finally makes the first move and James is quite surprised with her ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Karlie Simon
My Sister's Hot Friend brings you Karlie Simon... She just got dumped by her man and she was lucky enough to be able to stay with her friend's older brother. She was rushed out of her house so she doesn't have a lot of clothes, but once she's alone with her friend's older brother, she won't be needing any!!!

My Sister's Hot Friend Jazy Berlin
My Sister's Hot Friend presents Jazy Berlin... She is studying some really hard micro-biology and her friend won't be there for an hour to help her out. But Rocco, her friend's brother, doesn't mind rolling his sleeves up and giving it a shot. But after Rocco's brave display of generosity, Jazy isn't as interested in micro-biology ...

My Sister's Hot Friend Gracie Glam 2
Gracie Glam is going away to art school and Alex decides to give her some going away gifts. She's so grateful that she wants to give him something he'll never forget. Like some good head and a piece of that tight pussy. Gift giving never felt so awesome!

My Sister's Hot Friend Sea J Raw
Sea J Raw got ditched by her best friend and she's trying to set up a date on Twitter but Mikey Butders wants to prove that he's the real deal. It didn't take long for her to man handle Mikey into some hot fucking. Poor Mikey... because he rocks her silly!

My Sister's Hot Friend Tarra White
Tarra White is looking for her purse and her best friend's brother, Jordan Ash, is trying to put the moves on her. So he tells her that he knows where the purse is but he just wants to play with emotions. She gets so hot and wet for Jordan that they started to fuck on the couch! Losing something never felt so good!

My Sister's Hot Friend Heather Summers
It seems like Danny Mountain hasn't change since college according to Heather Summers. She doesn't want to sit on his furniture but then she started to get hot and bothered so she wanted sit on his cock instead. Reliving the college years the right way!

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