Mother Daughter Fuck - Dudes Fucking Mothers and Daughters Together

Cost: $1 for a 3 Day Trial, $29.97 a month, $59.97 for 90 days Rating: 78

Mother Daughter Fuck - www.MotherDaughterFuck.comMother Daughter Fuck, that's the fantasy we've all had of picking up a MILF and her sweet teen daughter and turning them both out at the same fucking time. The lucky bastards on this site get to fuck both the hottest teens and their wild moms, and guess what? You're the lucky dude who gets to watch. They make sure to tell you in big bold letters on the tour page that the mother and daughter do not participate in incest, but these hotties are still out to fuck the entire town anyway. Let's get into Mother Daughter Fuck and see if it's worth your cold hard cash.

Looking at the tour pages you can see that this mother and daughter pair love to enjoy the hot boy toys. They fuck a lot of white guys, but there are also a couple of black guys in the mix, so they're into interracial too. The videos aren't predictable at all, because some feature both mother and daughter but some are filmed while one or the other is out of town, so you get a good mix. You can really tell that these two are related, both hot, one older and foxy as hell, one younger and horny and wild. Really good stuff. But are the updates good enough? Let's find out.

The layout is good and there are a whole lot of updates here. They all have the same date on them though, 11/12/2008. Maybe that's a mistake. If it is, it's a mistake that goes across the entire network. The updates are in the middle so they get your attention, with network info to the right, bonus sites on the top and bottom. You can browse models by name via the letter links at the top of the page too. There are 34 updates on the site. Not bad.

Let's check out the size of these videos. You're looking at 512x384 resolution here. That's not too bad. Wouldn't mind seeing a little bit higher quality though. You can get the full downloads or clips in WMV high and low, MPG low, and Flash. You can stream them too if you like, but if you prefer to download, a full size movie will be around 350MB. I'm split on these videos, because they're higher quality than a lot of the videos on this network, and still not quite high enough quality for me to recommend them. For this kind of rare content though, I'm thinking the trade-off is worth it.

The hi-res pics are close to 1000px. They look amazing. There are zip sets, slide shows, or plain galleries that you can flip through or click on each image one at a time. The screencaps are the same size as the movies and pretty ok looking. No zip sets for the screencaps. All other options are the same as the high quality galleries. I really can't complain about the photo content here at all. Very well done.

All Elite Pass gives you more than 60 sites to enjoy with your membership. Which ones might specifically appeal to you? College Fuck Fest, Real Rookies, Dripping Goo, DP Violations, Mommy Loves Monster Cocks, Moms That Cheat, Sleep Assault, Sleep Sins, and Use My Daughter all sound good to me. Some sites are better quality than others, but with this network it's more about quantity. And they do give you a lot.

I think Mother Daughter Fuck is worth it at $29.97 for 30 days or $59.97 for 90 days. It's not that the quality is so high, because it's really not. It's more about the rare theme of the site and the amount of the content. There is a trade-off involved there, so you'll have to use your own judgment. But I'm more or less wanting to give Mother Daughter Fuck my stamp of approval. Final score, 78/100!

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