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Cost: $2.95 for 2 Day Trial, $24.95 a Month Rating: 86

It's Real - www.ItsReal.comIt's Real is not your average porn website. It's Real features crazy wild content that no other website has. If you want to see weird shit, like chicks with three tits being fucked by guys with eighteen inch cocks, this might be your site. This site looks like it was pulled straight from those crazy ass tabloids that you see on the racks while you're waiting to pay for your six pack of beer. It's Real touts itself as the authority on freak-show sexuality and sexual-oddities videos. Sounds good and different to me. Let's check it out in detail.

It's Real updates on the second Thursday of each month. I'd like to see weekly updates, but on a site with this unique kind of content I don't mind waiting a little longer. You want to see a man with two dicks fucking the shit out of a freaky young babe? You got it. There are tiny little girls with HUGE asses. Extra nipples. Multiple vaginas on one girl! Girls with tits waaaay too big for one body. If you need something more than your average site, with the kind of stuff you aren't going to see anywhere else, that's what It's Real is gonna bring you.

Once you enter into the member's only area, you're greeted with all of the updates that they has to offer. Careful with all of the tool bars on the site, though. It can get a bit confusing, but as long as you stick to the main part of the site, you'll be okay. There's a favorites feature, which is always nice to see. You choose your favorites, and you can easily access it right from the tool bar at the top of the screen. You can also click the option to change sites, which allows you to easily work your way around the network. You can navigate by the most viewed sets, the top rated sets, or by individual model. At the time of this review, there are 18 different sets on this website. I like to see more than that, but with monthly updates it's growing pretty fast.

Each of the sets come with videos and with photographs. There are roughly 215 photographs per set. The photos are roughly 600 x 800 pixels, and are of impeccable quality. They are absolutely crystal clear, and these photos really follow step by step with all of the hot, freaky action in each scene. I really can't say enough how awesome quality these shots are. They really are some of the clearest, largest, most high quality shots I've seen on any website. The layout of the galleries is very convenient, allowing you to move from one photograph to the next simply by clicking on a photo. You can also choose to download the entire gallery as a ZIP file if you wish.

For videos, there are loads of options for viewing. For starters, when you click on the videos section, the first thing that shows up is the video itself. You can watch every video streaming from the website. The streaming video runs quick and easy if you've got broadband, and it's of great quality, really clear, not grainy or pixelated whatsoever. If you'd rather have the convenience of downloading the content to your hard drive for use later, you can do that as well. Videos are 640 x 480 resolution WMV files, and you can download them in full length files or in clips. A full length file will run you around an average of 400MB, while a clip runs an average of 100MB.

Membership to It's Real grants you membership to all of the websites on the Muffia network (get it? Muffia, like the mafia of muffs... haha you gotta love that). Along with seeing some of the freakiest, strangest circus sex on the internet, you also get full access to: Cum Fu, a site full of Asian babes; Molly's Life, a teen solo-girl site; My Sexy Life, a wild and sexy reality site full of the what porn stars do on their off time; Foot Ville, a site for the foot lovers out there; Kristin's Life, a hot solo MILF site; and Naked Movie, a site that features all your favorite movies and TV shows, except this time XXX rated and full of hot sex!

Membership to It's Real will cost you $24.95 per month, and I'd say the price is about right for monthly unique updates--it'll be even more worth it in a year or so when there is more content, but you really can't pass up the opportunity to see this wild shit at least once. And of course there are bonus sites to round out your experience when you run out of content on the main site. Considering all the content within, I'll rate this one a nice generous 86/100. They deserve it. This content on It's Real is crazy. Go get it!

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Bonus Websites

When you join It's Real, you also get access to the following websites: Cum Fu, FootVille, King Dong, Kristin's Life, Manuel Uncut, Molly's Life, Muffia, My Sexy Life, Naked Movie, and Pornstars Lick.

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Other Reviews of It's Real

  • Its Real by 8/9/2010 6:17:10 AM (70/100):
    Over at Its Real, members get to decide for themselves if what they see is real (huge tits, a chick with two vaginas, a large clit, a double-dicked guy, etc). There are 21 photo sets as well as 18 videos to download. Quality is great in Windows Media files and there are also nine network bonus sites included with the membership. However, the site has not been updated in some time, so the network is really why you would sign up.

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