I Have a Wife Breanna Sparks Picture

I Have a Wife Breanna Sparks
Big-tittied Breanna Sparks is masturbating on her couch when there's a knock on her door. She dresses and finds a man whose car broke down outside her home. His phone died, and all he wants is to use her phone to call roadside assistance. While he's waiting for help, Breanna decides it's a wise idea to ask him when the last time he had sex was. Alec says it's been a while since he's married, but Breanna doesn't give a fuck, she just pulls out his cock and puts in her her mouth!

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Big Tits At School Breanna Sparks
  Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Better be on your best behavior when you step into Mrs. Breanna Sparks's class. She doesn't take any guff from anyone, even though she dishes it out all class long. Turns out, the whole time this rude Milf was sassing her handsome student Bill, it was ...

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Big Tits In Sports Breanna Sparks
Big Tits In Sports Breanna Sparks
  Saturday, October 29, 2011

Busty Breanna started her day thinking she was going to have the pool all to herself; relaxing and dozing in the late-summer sun. But when her bro shows up to take over the pool with buddy, Keiran, her hopes are dashed! In an effort to win it back, she ...

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Baby Got Boobs Breanna Sparks
Baby Got Boobs Breanna Sparks
  Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Breanna is always taking care of her hot body and has Johnny her personal trainer to help her. But she is behind her payments and Johnny will have to stop his services. Breanna Sparks convinces him to get some money that she has in her locker, but instead ...

Latin Adultery Breanna Sparks
Latin Adultery Breanna Sparks
  Thursday, May 26, 2011

Johnny's just got out of the shower when Breanna Sparks, a hot, new cleaning lady walks in the bathroom. She apologizes for bursting in and starts to leave, but Johnny wants her to stay. She starts cleaning and tells him that she and her husband live ...

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