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Ice Cream Bang Bang - www.IceCreamBangBang.comAlright, Ice Cream Gang Bang isn't your normal website. On this site, we've got a man with an ice cream truck, and he's trolling the streets looking for some good pussy. And does he find it? Oh yes. Hot teen girls who love sweets come looking for some treats but end up with some nice big cock. Sound good? You might like Ice Cream Gang Bang.

Ice Cream Gang Bang gets some of the hottest young teen girls out there and gets them in the back of the ice cream truck and shows just how far these young sluts will go for something sweet, be it popsicles or a hard piece of meat! The girls on here are sexy, hot young teens with big innocent eyes and perfect tight little bodies. There are all kinds of girls on here, blonds, redheads, and brunettes, each of them ready to suck some cock and get fucked. Every single set on this web site has tons of hardcore action. There's plenty of cock sucking and fucking, as well as a good amount of girl on girl and threesome action going on in here. If you wanna see hot young chicks getting themselves fucked, get yourself to Ice Cream Gang Bang.

Currently, there are 20 sets uploaded onto this website. I'm really not sure what the update schedule on this website is. Sometimes it seems like the site updates twice a month, sometimes once a month. The last update was a few weeks ago, but as the update schedule has been so erratic, I can't really pinpoint an exact schedule. Once you log into the member's only web page, you'll see the most recent update, and there is a link to see all of the updates on the web page.

Video content comes in a couple of different options. If you want to watch the clips, you can view them streaming direct from the website to your computer. The low clips come in at 240 x 180, while the medium clips are more like 320 x 240, and the high clips are 480 x 360. All of the medium, high, and low clips are about the same quality, just some are larger than others. The clips are very, very small, about one minute or so apiece. You can also watch the movie in full in Flash format, or in WMV high, WMV low, or WMV medium. The website says that you can download the video, in full, to your hard drive, but I can't figure out how to get it to actually download, so I'll assume that you can't actually download files.

For still photography, there is both a photo gallery and a file full of digital stills. The photo gallery tends to have around 100 or so decent quality photographs coming in at around 640px × 480px apiece. Some of them are a little blurry, but they the best quality. The digital stills gallery normally has somewhere in the range of around 500 or so per set. These normally come in at about 600px × 900px or 900px × 600px. These photographs are of impeccable quality, really well taken without being fuzzy or blurry at all. Both sets of photographs follow step by step through all the hot action that goes on in every scene.

A membership to this site grants you free access to a ton of other sites! Among some of the websites you can view are Pimp My Black Teen, Tinys Black Adventures, Big Cock Teen Addiction, Big League Facials, Big Tit Patrol, Horny Spanish Flys, College Teens Book Bang, Casting Couch Teens, I Spy Camel Toe, and way more!

Membership to Ice Cream Gang Bang will cost you $29.98 for a month of access, and it will recur every month until you cancel your membership. You may pay for your membership by credit card or by online check. Taking into account the amount of content on this website, along with all of the bonus materials, I'll give this one a rating of 73/100. Love the theme here, but they need downloads and higher quality videos. Good site, still recommended, but I hope they fix the issues and then I'll be happy to come back and give them a fresh review!

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Ice Cream Bang Bang Video
Ice Cream Bang Bang Video

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Ice Cream Bang Bang Picture
Ice Cream Bang Bang Picture

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  • Ice Cream Bang Bang by 8/9/2010 6:15:44 AM (69/100):
    Grab a popsicle because you might need one to cool down after taking a look at the 21 videos and 21 sets of pictures available on Ice Cream Bang Bang. Some vids have great stats, but they all look average or even poorer than that. The pics are crisp and clear, but not very large. It has been over six months since the last update. You get 29 full-access bonus sites and among them you'll find quite a few with teen models. Still, the lack of ice cream updates and the unimpressive quality, prevents me from recommending you join.

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