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Hardcore Partying - www.HardcorePartying.comHardcore Partying is notorious for being one of the wildest sex party sites on the net! When the music gets loud and the drinks get poured, clothes start coming off and Hardcore Partying is there to catch all the action on video! This is definitely one of my favorite sites, I've been a fan for a long time and I've got nothing but positive things to say about them. They get my highest recommendation. Let me tell you why.

For starters, the layout is simple and clutter-free. When you log in, you'll see the latest updates splashed down the page in an easy to use format. The newest one is showcased at the top with a large thumbnail, headline, and lengthy description. All the other updates are listed down the page with shorter descriptions and smaller thumbnails. They always show a great part of the action so you know what you're getting before you download.

By clicking on the updates you're taken directly to the video downloads. You can grab these movies in sizes from 3MB to 20MB, with clip lengths of one minute to ten minutes each. I really do wish that they would offer full downloads for those of us who are on broadband, but ten downloads of 20MB apiece really doesn't take long. For a site of this high quality, it's worth it to put up with the separate downloads-and possibly get a program that puts the files together as one for you.

The photos are generously sized at 800 x 530 pixels each. Some of you are getting used to the really huge photos that they have available on some of the porn sites now, but I really think that 800 x 530 pixels is more than adequate. You can see all the action on one screen with no scrolling, and it doesn't take forever to flip through the images after you've saved them for your personal porn collection. The lighting is good and the photographer knows how to capture all of the crazy action without it looking like nothing but a big mess of people. Every shot is carefully chosen-there are no automatically generated screencaps here!

The list of bonus sites is pretty impressive, and I personally enjoy nearly all of them. Here's the entire list of 13: Right off the Boat, Limo Patrol, Latina Caliente, Slut Seeker, Teen Hitchhikers, Bit Tit Bangers, Milf Cruiser, Big Sausage Pizza, 2 Chicks 1 Dick, Cheerleader Auditions, Girls Hunting Girls, Eat my Black Meat, Nude Beach House, and Euro Bride Tryouts. Every site employs the same easy to use layout as Hardcore Partying. You don't have to get used to new, funky layouts, and you're not bombarded with crazy ads popping up everywhere. These are really some of the best reality sites on the net. You'll definitely enjoy your time here!

Your membership can begin right now for as little as $38.80 per month, which I really think is worth it considering how many bonus sites you get. Even if you didn't get any, it would still be worth it for such a massive amount of Hardcore Partying videos. If you can't get enough of wild group sex, this site really sets out to quench that thirst. Save yourself some money and grab the three-month membership for $58.80, or the one-year membership for $95.76. I give Hardcore Partying a 95/100. They're near perfect as far as I'm concerned, and I'd recommend their site to anyone! Go get 'em!

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Hardcore Partying Video
Hardcore Partying Video

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Hardcore Partying Picture

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