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Cost: $6.93 Trial, $39.95 Monthly Rating: 83

Desperate To Be Famous - www.DesperateToBeFamous.comDesperate to Be Famous is about those Hollywood girls who will do anything to get their pretty faces on the silver screen, and singers who can't wait to get on that stage so they'll do it all to get there. Even if that means exposing their perfect asses on your computer screen! These sluts are ready and willing to do just about anything. Handjobs, blowjobs, hardcore fucking... whatever it takes to get those directors and casting agents to give them the job. Hell yeah! Let's get in there and see just what these babes on Desperate to Be Famous are willing to do when the cameras start to roll!

It's incredible how nasty these girls on Desperate to Be Famous are, so hungry for the fame, fortune, and flashing lights that they'll suck down as much cock as possible to earn that name. Do they worry about being caught one day? Who cares, they know it's just more notoriety and fame if that happens! These sexy babes give new meaning to the idea of sleeping your way to the top. Pretty blondes and brunettes giving it up for the chance to become stars. Well, at least for now they can say they're sex stars. And you are the captive audience. Let's get in there and find out what Desperate to Be Famous gives you in exchange for your hard earned money.

You really get two sites for your money here--Desperate Actresses and Desperate Popstars. The layouts are good, very easy to navigate, and not cluttered at all. There's nothing fancy here--they let the episodes speak for themselves. There are 45 updates on the sites right now, and it seems that they get around to updating each site on the network every couple of weeks. It's a great amount of content that will definitely keep you busy for a good long while!

Clicking on an update takes you to the page with all the content that's associated with it. These babes are really hot, all glammed out just like you'd expect. You can tell they've got something to prove and that they're trying to earn their stripes in the industry. Each update has a nice description and an instantly loading Flash video. You've got to click a separate link to see the full screen Flash vid, or if you'd rather keep the movie you can grab a WMV video at around 100MB and 720p resolution (super crisp and clear!) or an iPhone/iPod video for about 60MB and I'd eyeball this resolution at about 320p. Equally sharp and clear, just smaller. I'm very happy with the quality here. It's not HD, but it is hi-res. Very nice.

The images that come with each update are hi-res photographs at 1500px resolution. These are as good as they could possibly get. You can see everything from the subtle shimmer of her lipstick to the slick shine of her wet pussy. It's easy to navigate between pics too. You can either just click the thumbnails you like, flip through them slideshow style, or download them in one shot in a convenient zip file. There are usually between 25 and 75 photographs per set.

One odd problem I had with the site was a popup that said "Can not find the server!" It seemed like a genuine error, not a sneaky ad, and I had to click on OK to close it. It happened several times as I clicked on various updates and navigated between the bonus sites. I had no problems accessing any of the content though, so I'm guessing the server is just fine.

As a part of your membership, Tramp Stamp Studios gives you an all-access pass to the following sites: Glamour Tramps, Deep Throat Tramps, Porn Casting Calls, The Voyeurs Club, Stroke My Bone, My VIP Orgy, The Art of Pee, Ultimate Anal Movies, Really Hot Schoolgirls, Lesbians Elite, Lovely Grannies, and Strip Club Love. I love the easy access here. Just click on the site names in the navigation toolbar and you're good to go. No re-entering your password. That's great.

There are a bunch of bonus Flash movies at the bottom of the site that you'll enjoy too. These have nothing to do with the desperate actress or desperate popstar theme, but they're still great to watch.

It will set you back $39.97 per month until canceled to be a member of Desperate to Be Famous. With the amount of content that's available on this site, I'd say it's definitely worth it. This is one of the most unique pairs of sites that I've seen in a while, and they do deliver some seriously hot hardcore content featuring desperate horny starlet wannabes. If you've got forty bucks to spend, this is a pretty good place to blow it... plus you get all those bonus sites. Desperate to Be Famous has earned itself a final rating of 83/100 and our recommendation.

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