Blind Date Bangers

Cost: $4.95 for 3 Day Trial, $29.98 Monthly Rating: 84

Blind Date Bangers - www.BlindDateBangers.comBlind Date Bangers is a reality site with quite similar features with other related sites.  There are roughly around four to five sites offering the same content as this site, and a membership to Blind Date Bangers site will give you access to them as well. The story centers on two singles who want to meet a new partner and have a “no holding back” approach when it comes to dating (you know what it means).

On its first page, the site promises a “non-scripted” concept. I'm glad ‘coz they partly did. You will observe that most Blind Date Bangers scenes are 100% uncensored. The cast did their parts very well (convinced the viewers that they are indeed not actors/actresses). Most of the scenes seemed real without any edited actions. The girls are absolutely hot; they definitely know they are not only in it for a typical blind date. At present, there are about 12 girls on this site, all are amateurs and absolutely attractive.

Now, let's go to its content. The site promised a respectable number of original and exclusive updates all including both photos and videos. I will be honest with this; the videos are just of average quality. The scenes were good but, there are little problems on lighting; that is quite manageable though. What disappointed me more back then was the fact the videos were not downloadable.

These video clips are segmented and are available in WMV format but the link is to an HTML document, not a movie! There is ONE feature on the site that has downloadable links though; I don't know why some sites don't follow the same concept? It is just so disappointing that I was expecting for downloadable scenes to watch whenever and wherever want. So far, features eleven promising episodes, with all episodes divided into video clips, gallery pictures and the availability to view the whole movie. The clips are segmented into one-minute clips – with 29 – 55 clips per episode and 75 – 120 full-size photo images available. You won't have problems regarding navigation—the pictures you will see at the screen are connected to more complete features including video clips. Moreover, live feeds are also being offered on this site.

The same case with other sites, watching these streaming movies can be a bit irritating, because your computer's internet connection is rebuffing them so many times. The moment you stop your membership you can't review the content any longer.  

I really hate debating about the cost but I guess this average site is a bit expensive. I have seen sites, with a relative concept and similar content but offering it at a reasonable price. Anyway, if you can't go on with a quite high one month membership deal, you can always have its trial offer which costs just about $2.95.

If, for any reasons you are still not satisfied with the content of this site, try to check out the bonus sites included with your subscription. Blind Date Bangers includes reality sites such as Vanilla Teens Black Cream, XXX Proposal, Teeny Bopper Club, Coeds Need Cash, Horny Spanish Flies, Bus Stop Whores, Mr Chews Asian Beaver, Bikini Contest Porn and more.

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Blind Date Bangers Video
Blind Date Bangers Video

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Blind Date Bangers Picture

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  • Blind Date Bangers by 8/9/2010 6:15:44 AM (67/100):
    There's a ton of reality shows out there that feature a couple getting together for the first time, but what you don't get to see is what actually happens behind the scenes. On Blind Date Bangers, the camera keeps rolling after the date is over, and that's when the action really heats up! There are 32 episodes with mediocre to average-quality vids and only five have photos. The site hasn't updated in over two years, but you get 30 bonus sites, just remember you have daily download limit of six movies per day.

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