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Cost: $4.95 for 3 Days, $39.95 Month Rating: 95

Back Seat Bangers - www.BackSeatBangers.comThe premise of Back Seat Bangers is simple-these guys go driving around town looking for girls who are willing to suck and fuck in the back seat of their car. The reality level here is especially high, because who hasn't done this? Everybody loves to bang a girl in the backseat. This is where you can indulge that need without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. So come on, let's live vicariously through these lucky guys, shall we?

The site and all of its content is just very fun and hot, like sex itself. They don't take themselves too seriously, rather they just take us along for the ride, picking up girls and getting them to do the wildest things in the back seat. It's awesome to watch these hot babes getting down and dirty even though they know the camera is rolling. The really exciting part is that most of these videos are shot while driving down the road where all the cars driving past can see what's going on. That's right-they're not hidden somewhere on a dark mountain road or in an empty parking lot. They're right there on the road, cruising down the street where anyone (even you!) could drive right by and see them.

They manage to capture all of the action from really great angles, which is impressive. I thought the videos would be somewhat one dimensional since they're shooting from the cramped space of a back seat. Even if you're in a large vehicle, it just seems like it would be awkward to shoot. Evidently they have some experienced camera guys who know how to work around everything and get the best shot. Let me tell you, there are some dick-in-pussy closeups that will drive you wild. Applause to Back Seat Bangers for trying so damn hard! They definitely got the job done.

At the time of this review there are over five dozen girls-that's over sixty for the mathematically challenged! A new girl is added every single week. There is a ton of content here, hour after hour of hot back seat suck-and-fucks. Both photos and videos are equally hot-and though I generally ignore the pictures (most of us do, right?) they serve as a good preview for what's in the videos.

There's a huge array of bonus content in case you get bored too. Check out this list of sites: Milf Seeker, Her First Anal Sex, Gang Bang Squad, Teens For Cash, Bang Boat, Her First DP, Wild Fuck Toys, Her First Big Cock, Housewife Bangers, First Time Swallows, Black Cocks White Sluts, My Sex Tour, Her First Ass to Mouth, College Wild Parties, Porn Stud Search, Her First Lesbian Sex, and Just Facials. I can assure you that they're all excellent sites, and you can find reviews for all or most of them right here on this site.

Honestly I loved this site. It was exactly what I imagined it would be, but at the same time it totally surpassed my expectations. It wasn't cheesy or fake-it really seemed like these guys are randomly picking up chicks on the road and giving them the fuck of their lives. The girls are just so damn naughty too... Just the thought of these girls having sex with these guys who they have never met before... That makes me so horny! It makes you wonder what would happen if you did the same thing, just went out and picked up random girls... Are all girls this horny? Are they all so daring and nasty? I'd love to do some experiments and find out, but for right now I'll continue living vicariously through these lucky bastards who run the site!

With new episodes every week, around 150 episodes total at the time of this review, hot girls, nasty sucking and fucking... I don't know what more you could ask for. The price is a tad high at $39.95 per month, but keep in mind that you don't have to deal with download limits or digital rights management either, meaning you can save the movies and watch them without entering your password each time. I give this site a 95/100. Back Seat Bangers is damn near perfect!

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Back Seat Bangers Videos

Back Seat Bangers Video
Back Seat Bangers Video

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Back Seat Bangers Picture
Back Seat Bangers Picture

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  • Backseat Bangers by 8/9/2010 6:15:30 AM (82/100):
    Get ready for a hot ride as the Backstreet Bangers rev up to burn rubber! A group of guys pick up sexy chicks who could use a lift and invite them into their backseat for a lot more than just a trip down the street in 277 sometimes excellent-quality movies. These chicks get the ride of a lifetime as a big cock slams into their wet and horny pussies and another cums at them full throttle down their throat! Updates are once or twice a week, so think about pulling over and picking this site up.

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