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Back Seat Bangers Addison Rose
Addison was waiting for her cheating boyfriend when we got her to show us the goods she'd like to get in our next music video. One thing led to another and instead of riding in her man's hot rod, she was riding on my friends rod!

Back Seat Bangers Taya Silvers
Some honeys you see and you just KNOW, you can fuck them. Taya is just that kind of honey. All this attitude and bullshit, make you just wanna put a dick in her mouth to shut the bitch up! Saddle up sizzlut!

Back Seat Bangers Phoenix
After a rough day Phoenix was ready for some fun! We told her we were doing a game show and needed a contestant. Once we were on the road the clothes came off and this little slut was ready to fuck! The more people that slowed down to watch, the harder she fucked!

Back Seat Bangers Sara
This hot little teacher had no idea what she was in for when we picked her up. Sara was fucking cock and getting her tight little pussy pounded in no time. Hamilton fucked this banger until she begged him to stop, then he gave her a mouthful of some hot cum. Sure beats an apple!

Back Seat Bangers Ashley Gracie
We found Ashley walking the street with her tight ass peeking out. She believed our stupid story that we needed her for a music video. We had the audience so we talked her into putting on the show! Her oral talent and wet pussy put on an unforgettable performance!

Back Seat Bangers Lucy Sky
After a day of pimpin' and striking out we came upon Lucy, literally! This sweet treat wasn't shy, she knew what time it was when we explained that you have to give a little to get a little! She rode cock up and down the freeway and loved every inch of it!

Back Seat Bangers Anna
We posed as quiz show hosts and tested Anna's trivia knowledge. She didn't win any cash with that, so we gave her second chance! She won big in our little game - her prize - a blast of cum to the face and her own spot on the internet!

Back Seat Bangers Tramp Transportation
$1000 dollars and Veronica will do anything you want! It's pricey but, a hot asian chick with a bangin' body.. sounds like a gonga! So, watch this slut sucky sucky for lots of cash money!

Back Seat Bangers Becca Bratt
Becca works in a nail salon. She works her ass off for about 50 bucks a day. We got her in the van with a couple of lies and crisp bills. Pretty soon she was working her ass on Reno's hard cock for 50 bucks a bang!

Back Seat Bangers Haley Scott
We told Haley we were going to be filming a music video & were looking for hot ladies! Haley fell for it & told us she was into playing guitar. She said she liked fingering! That's funny, we were planning on fingering her in the backseat during her bangin' "interview"! Don't miss out on the ...

Back Seat Bangers Karen
We found Karen out shopping for some shoes. She seemed like a shy little honey, but she turned out to be a horny cock suckin slut. As soon as we got her clothes off Karen turned into a cum hungry tiger.

Back Seat Bangers Sasha Knox
Liz had her eyes on a Ford GT. How to get the cash? We told her she had a chance to win big bucks on our game show. She was more than happy to do whatever it took to get the part and the car! She sucked and fucked her way to victory as everyone watched!

Back Seat Bangers Tyla Wynn
Tyla is a stripper out of work. She'll do anything for a few dollar bills!There's no song so, don't stand get on your knees. And, when you're done sucking my dick maybe you'll get a tip... keep your panties off cause I ain 't finished yet!

Back Seat Bangers Cole
Cole has big beautiful brown tits that need sucking. She also has a tight pink pussy that needs fucking! So we picked her up and threw her on the floor and went to work!! She loved to fuck on the highway and suck dick in the backseat! This banger was 100% grade A choice pink meat!

Back Seat Bangers Kelly's Ride
Who doesn't love a hot, cute, blonde college hottie? The purr of the engine must have put her at ease because it wasn't long and she was playing the skin flute with the road noise! Don't miss this backseat tramp get fucked hard and love every drop of goo!

Back Seat Bangers Jamie
Our mission today- get the hottest slut in Hollywood in the van by telling her she is going to be on the next Fear Factor! Jamie is more than eager to come along when we tell her $100,000 is on the line. We find out that taking cock in every hole while on the open road is not a factor for Jamie!

Back Seat Bangers Summer
Summer was blonde, beautiful, and dumb just like we like'em. She wasn't shy when it came to answering questions about her sex life and even less shy when it came to getting fucked in public! She sucked and fucked her way down the road and then took a huge load of cock snot to the face while everyone watched!

Back Seat Bangers Monica Breeze
Monica wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Doesn't matter, we just need a slut to fuck silly! She heard the words cash and suck my cock, she was like "totally"! We had her pussy stuffed faster than a prize turkey and finished with a load of man fat to the face!

Back Seat Bangers Melia
Looking for some hot action in the back of the van, we found 1 lucky contestant. Meet Melia, she is soft and sweet and wants something long and hard! Watch this slut get all sweaty and greasy fucking her little ass off in the back of our van!

Back Seat Bangers Piper
Piper had just flown in from Wisconsin hoping to land an acting job. We knew if she would get in the van it wouldn't be long before this wanna-be actress was chokin' on a pole! After playing tonsil tag we made sure to fuck her good n' hard while everyone watched!

Back Seat Bangers Roseanne
Roseanne needed a car and some cash. We had just the thing of this Philipina slut! The van door shut and the cash was flashed, this bitch fell to her knees and said ahhh! We made sure we fucked her hard for everyone watching!

Back Seat Bangers Jessie
Jessie is a tough little punk lady. She doesn't play well with others and gets fired up easy! We knew we could put this little firecracker out. All we had to do was blow our load over her sexy little face!!

Back Seat Bangers Layla
Layla was a tall, thin, model/actress type. She'll get her big break today..her big shot at fame! What we really mean is we're going to bust open her snatch and give her a big shot of juicy cum on her face! Then post it all over the internet!

Back Seat Bangers Domino
Domino is a student gone slut! She gives teachers blow jobs for "B's", and anal for "A's". So, we gave her an oral exam where she got everything right. Then she got her grade... an "F" for "fucks on the first date!".

Back Seat Bangers Ginger Lee
Ginger had a slow Southern drawl and a body that'd make a preacher man blush. She threw caution to the wind, pony'd up and jumped into our wagon for another hot ho down... You won't want to miss this belle, she'll get ya'lls guns to fire better than a professional six shooter!

Back Seat Bangers Jessica
We saw this little slut and we knew we had to pick her up! This sexy little slut was all about sucking some big cock, so we put her to work. After she finished sucking it Silvio pounded her tight little pussy and blew his load all over her little banger face. Have a nice walk home, slut!

Back Seat Bangers Alexia
We picked this dirty slut "Alexia" up out side of a local mall. She wanted a ride so we gave her one. Passers by gave us the thumbs up for using the car pool lane, and letting them take a peek. We'll have fun fun fun, taggin' Alexia's skanky coochi all day!

Back Seat Bangers Angel
We caught Angel out doing a survey and we decided to invite her into the van for a little interview. She didn't want to get in the van so we gave her some cash. Didn't take her long to warm up, strip down, and fuck! I think we passed this survey with flying colors!

Back Seat Bangers Zara
This week we were looking for a thin, model/actress type with mile long legs. We scored Zara in one of those strip malls. They're a sure bet, for one stop shopping! And this slut was a gonga!

Back Seat Bangers Lacey
Lacey just has that look. The look that says, "I suck dick!" This little cum dumpster jumped in our ride and started sucking! Then she pulled down her panties and started fucking! I guess you can tell a slut by her looks

Back Seat Bangers Fallon
Fallon was a typical blonde with big tits. We told her we needed her for a game show. "I better get something out of this." Don't worry baby, a hard fucking with big shot across the face is always nice. Backseat Bangers spreading holiday goo for all of the nice motorist!

Back Seat Bangers Tiffani Rox
Little Tiffani was looking to buy a new car, so we made her an offer she just couldn't resist. We gave her a complimentary "test ride" and she gave us a complimentary "test fuck" along the way. Come see our skills of persuasion at it's best in this episode!

Back Seat Bangers Hayley Jade
Hayley would do anything to meet a rockstar. This dumb stench trench believed that we were marketing a new drumstick and needed a model... well we had a drum stick, only this drumstick pounded out sweet notes in her twat and blew thick man glue all over her face!

Back Seat Bangers Gianna
We picked up this unsuspecting slut doin' what sluts do best... walking the street. She jumped in the van and Franco jumped her bones! Nothin' says lovin' like backseat bumpin'. Cum watch it all!

Back Seat Bangers Melissa Martinez
Lulu, a hairstylist, wanted to give acting a go. We told her we needed a hot latina for a dancer and she bit! Of course we had to see the goods. She put in the effort by throating a cock and letting us stuff her pink burrito for everyone! What a dirty little slut!

Back Seat Bangers Jemini
We picked up Jemini at the bus stop. She was hot, sweaty and ready to go home. Sorry, bitch this van only goes one way! That's right sugar, you're going downtown..on my dick! And you're still going to end up hot, sweaty and this time, sticky!

Back Seat Bangers Ingrid
Crusin down the street... We pulls up and who do we see? A fresh cute poon shakin' her T-I-T's... Horny as hell, so we pull out the cash so a bitch gets paid. Cuz a dick in her mouth is always hard best swallow that cum or we'll pull your card. Knowin' nothin' in life but to be a pimp, don't quote ...

Back Seat Bangers Lexi
We found Lexi waiting for the bus and convinced her that we'd give her a ride where ever she wanted to go. With a little sweet talking we convinced her where she wanted to go was for a ride on Seth's cock. And we got it all on camera! Thanks Lexi!

Back Seat Bangers Tracy
Tracy's boyfriend left her alone at the gas station so we decided to give her a lift. So we lifted her into the van and right onto my cock! We went to the gas station to filler' up and that's exactly what we did!

Back Seat Bangers Deja Daire
We needed a cute girl that was ready to do what it took to make it big! Chloe was just that. This rocker chick was ready to give a little head, to get ahead! Chloe stole the show when she got on her knees and performed her duet with the sex pistol!

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