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Cost: $1 for 1 Day Trial, $24.94 a Month, $59.37 for 3 Months RexMag.com Rating: 92

40 oz Bounce - www.40OzBounce.com40 Oz Bounce is all about big fat asses drenched in 40 Ounce Bounce malt liquor! 100 percent authentic. Most are phat black asses, but there are definitely some big bootied white girls here too. 40+ inch big and round booties, shoved up in the camera just like you wish they were shoved up in your face. This is the best booty site with a homie twist. Get drunk, oil up some asses… it's a good time. Let's log in to 40 Oz Bounce and find out if it's good enough for us.

What they don't really mention on the tour pages of 40 Oz Bounce is that you get a lot of action between white guys and black girls here. There are also quite a few updates that feature two babes getting their asses oiled up and fucked! Each movie does have a storyline, like when Amile Waters' phat ass takes her man to Rock's Court after he got them in debt by spending on cartoon porn, or the time that Ice La Fox steps in with that Latina ass to take care of a disgruntled bank customer. Hot stuff here on 40 Oz Bounce! Much more variety than I thought there'd be.

There's a simple layout in the members area, latest updates shown first and they really do update weekly. There are a lot of updates on the site right now too—a total of 42 right now, and with weekly updates that's growing quick. The quality  here is mind blowing too, but let's take that one section at a time…

OK so how about those photos? You get 42 sets, one for each movie, and they're really big—about 2200x1700 pixels each. Truly excellent hi-res quality! There are maybe about 50 photos per set, which I think is an adequate amount when they are serving up such amazing content. Who needs 500 photos when  you can have 50 really great ones?

The videos are available in small clips or large downloads, and of course you can stream too. There are WMV and MPEG format movies, and you're going to see 640x480 resolution on both of them pretty much. A full movie is between 250 and 300MB. I like the quality on the WMVs, but the MPEGs are a little smaller so I'd skip those unless you're really trying to save a few minutes on download time.

40 Oz Bounce is a part of the Porn Pros Network so these are your bonus site selections: 18 Years Old, Blacks in Becky, Euro Humpers, Real Ex-Girlfriends, Freaks of Cock, and Deep Throat Love. They're all right there just by clicking on the “all our sites” link. Easy.

If you want to join 40 Oz Bounce, you get 30 days for $24.94 or 90 days for $59.37. I don't see why you wouldn't want to join. High quality videos, great photo sets, weekly updates, and a site that seems to work flawlessly. Plus all those amazing big booty girls! I mean damn… I wouldn't pass this site up for anything. I give it a rating of 92/100, and I recommend that you join 40 Oz Bounce tonight!

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40 oz Bounce Video
40 oz Bounce Video

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40 oz Bounce Picture

Other Reviews of 40 oz Bounce

  • 40 Oz Bounce review by AdultReviews.com 4/11/2008 (7.5/10):
    40oz Bounce caters to the lovers of big voluptuous asses. The site contains 25 episodes of both black and white girls jiggling their large butts in front of the camera. All scenes end with sex, but rarely anal sex. The weakest point by far is the poor video quality. It simply has to be upgraded before it lives up to the action.

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michael hawkins
michael hawkins 100:
40 oz.bounce i think it wounld be a great idea to let the fans now which porn are escorting who aren't.and you should let people join by mail as well as credit cards.thamk you.mike.my email address is m.hawkins69@yahoo.com.have a great day.08-22-2012
August 22, 2012 at 5:34 PM

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