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40 oz Bounce Phylisha and Luxury
40 oz Bounce presents Phylisha and Luxury... Cleo-Clap-Ass is coming up. She must take down the evil emperor or have her peeps suffer. However to overcome his power she must weaken him by ass fucking him into oblivion with her massive juicy booty...

40 oz Bounce Cheyanne and Lollipop
Cheyanne and Lollipop are in a difficult situation. These rounded ass babes need some help and heres a lucky guy whos going to get his cock rocked these massive asses that will surely squeeze the man's angry meat... These huge booty babes will surely get down and dirty!

40 oz Bounce Essence Beauty
This huge booty babe will show some love and appreciation... Essence will show you how she perform with her Emphire State Building Size Ass!

40 oz Bounce Tony and Stacy
Ebony hotties Tony and Stacy work in a Beffy Butt Burger. They find themselves getting hot and horny in the kitchen. They just love to bounce their big juicy asses on a huge monster cock while preparing for their customers...

40 oz Bounce Janae and Stacy Adams
The booty count vampire is on the hunt for booty counting! When he spots 2 fine round big booty bitches, he starts counting down how many seconds it will take for them to start sucking his cock and draining that cum! Janae and Stacy love banging that fat cock and slapping their huge asses against those balls!.

40 oz Bounce Sensious and Gemini
Smoking hot black beauties, Sensious and Gemini went out on a double date to watch a horror movie when all of a sudden one of their dates turned into a were-wolf! That dude was hungry for some luscious black booty and a cold ass 40oz bounce to pour all over those sweet hot round asses!

40 oz Bounce Luscious Louis and Dior
As Cocky Ballboa trains for the big fight, Nathan Threat is dealing with his drunk ass coach's bullshit. When fight night comes around and fists start flying, mouth pieces are falling out from watching the jaw dropping big booty ring girl honeys Luscious Louis and Dior! These damn fine bitches can't wait to unwrap their ...

40 oz Bounce Sinnamon Love 2
00Negro is out to save a few honeys with big asses and get some 40oz Bounce on the way. Two of the biggest booties owe their delicious brown sugar asses to 00Negro after some crazy shit that went down, just like these hoes went down on that double oh shaft! Sinnamon Love even took 00Negro's secret weapon deep in her chocolate ...

40 oz Bounce Sandi and America
Hammer The Barbarian conquers and takes the 40oz bounce along with the village asses! Sandi and America don't fight that barbarian cock, they embrace it and take it deep! These huge booty, luscious, busty bitches get wet and horny just rubbing up on each other, getting pounded and conquered!

40 oz Bounce Ms. Bliss and Stacey Sweets
These curvy scurvy big black booty wenches know how to make a pirate smile! Ms.Bliss and Stacey Sweets give swabbing the poop deck a whole new meaning. Taking on a big pirate cock, these horny bitches take every inch deep inside their booties and swallow that sea monster like it was rum!

40 oz Bounce Blue Diamond and Kieta Eden
The Predator, yeah the fucking Predator, comes down to Earth for some 40oz Bounce, he quenches his thirst and takes on 2 of the juiciest black asses this side of the world! Blue Diamond and Kieta Eden make this alien's cock lift off! Like all aliens, this Predator probes hot bitch asshole!

40 oz Bounce Aryana and Lelani
When Samurai Afro returns to avenge his near death experience, he comes back with a furious cock! Looking for those big booty black bitches, he finds Aryana and Lelani, two of the FINEST apple bottom ebony queens willing to do anything for their Sensei... Like shoving his hard sword deep in their Zen booty holes with no ...

40 oz Bounce Vanilla Red
When your head black chief of your tribe you want to keep your finest Nava-hoes tight and away from the white man! When wild west scoundrels come lookin for trouble, Big Chief takes care of the danger and saves his round booty babes and fucks'em in the big tee pee!

40 oz Bounce Kiwi and Brownii
Kiwi and Brownie Treats take on a big challenge when they face the ultimate Samurai! With their big black luscious booties they take on drunken masters and crazy wanna be ninjas! Shit goes wild when they really show off what those ancient tricks are really used for on their masters cock

40 oz Bounce Kelly and Eve
Kelly and Eve are fucking fine as hell and know how to shake their huge delicious plump black asses and ripe big ol' titties! There are seriously no words to describe how fucking hot these ebony queen sluts are! When we pulled a prank on these bitches and scared them half to death they slipped into a trance and started ...

40 oz Bounce Sara Jay and Ms Juicy
Bottom heavy and curvaceous bitches, Sara Jay and Ms. Juicy head out to a party at the abandoned museum when all of a sudden The Black Count pops out from his coffin and sucks their blood, turning them into sex slaves! Big tits, big asses and a whole lot of cock sucking, these 40oz bitches fuck that hard black cock like ...

40 oz Bounce Sophia Castello
Big booty delicious apple bottom Sophia and her fine ass girlfriend are working at the airport keeping our country safe from big bad insurgents. Best way to fight terrorism is by giving those uptight assholes a good ol' American blowjob! Problem with these bastards is they never got to fuck a good fat juicy ass, let alone ...

40 oz Bounce Luscious Lopez Ooga Booty Cave-Whore!
Luscious Big Booty Lopez is a smoking hot cave-whore who loves to hit the clubs... Actually she gets hit by clubs and 40oz bounced!! I tell ya boy it was rough in those days! Her huge round delicious Latina apple bottom is worth fighting through dinosaurs and other neanderthals just to get the chance to ram this incredible ...

40 oz Bounce Ms.Booty and Joei
If you're into big black luscious booty you can't miss "The Krunks" get nasty on the dinner table! When the family friend brings over a fine big booty hoe, Joei Deluxxx, Ms.Booty gets up off her seat and clears the table for some real dessert! These delicious chocolate booty bitches get wild and horny after munching ...

40 oz Bounce Luscious and Ms.Cleo
This 40oz Bounce features the HOT and DAMN FINE Luscious and Ms.Cleo! These hoes get into some shit when aliens, yeah mother fuckin' aliens! come down to get some 40oz bounce from these big black booty bitches! Luckily for them Capt. Save-A-Hoe was there to kick some ass and get his dick up in Luscious and Ms.Cleo's ass! ...

40 oz Bounce Kandi and Luxury
Round black American P.O.W. booties, Kandi and Luxury are held captive and are forced to be sex slaves to Vietnam limp dick fuck-ups! The Cocktip Thunder Force is called into the deep jungle to save those delicious round ass sistas! When all hell breaks loose, those ebony sluts get down and start suckin' cock like starving ...

40 oz Bounce Sierra and Kim
Sierra and Kim are in the surgery room, under the knife for bigger asses! When the surgery went down, so did the nurses on a big fat black cock! Their big luscious black asses did all the operating and with titties like those, the procedure was a definite success! Code 40, these slutty nurses need cock, STAT!

40 oz Bounce Lacey and Kaylina
Nathan takes over a hair salon and makes it into a strip club with two fine big booty asses! Lacey and Kaylina shake those asses like there was no tomorrow! Shit goes wild when they both take the cock into their own hands and make sure the club gets bouncin'!

40 oz Bounce Tia Cherry
Tia Cherry has a great booty shake that makes her some real money! Fucking and sucking hard cocks all day helps too. When her pimp tries to take advantage of her game, Tia and 2 other hoes get nasty, violent and really horny! Tia's huge round black ass is beyond words.

40 oz Bounce Baby Cakes
Baby Cakes has a big black booty with some serious kick ass authority! Shes a guard at Guantanamo Bay who will put down the law if you step outta line! When an nmate chooses to test his luck her big delicious round ass makes sure that cock doesn't escape! Her name may be sweet but her big tits and huge round black ass ...

40 oz Bounce Osa Lovely
Nurse Osa Lovely has a hard job as a care taker at the insane asylum. When one of the patients shows just how hard he wants to make things on Osa, she makes sure he gets special treatment. With a luscious black ass and a dripping wet pussy like Osa's, it's no wonder these guys go crazy! All Osa wants is to be surrounded ...

40 oz Bounce Stacey and Vanessa
When zombies go after Stacey and Vanessa's big ass booties, they run into a house in hopes to find a big cock to hide behind! Fortunately for them they got what they wished for... or did they? These bitches spent no time sharing a big cock between their big round asses and dick sucking lips! Too bad for them the cock was ...

40 oz Bounce Kapri Styles
Watching Kapri's PHAT ASS shake and bounce while she is getting a hard cock shoved up in her ass is amazing! She gets it rough and hard when a gangsta barges into the office where she's working at and takes her by force! Of course she succumbs to his big black cock and starts sucking away! You gotta watch her work that ...

40 oz Bounce Sydnee Capri
Sydnee Capri was 40 ounce bounced with a mass amount of pleasure!! Her huge delicious round black ass is perfect to shove a hard cock deep in her asshole by the pool!! When she shakes it, it makes the world go round with those amazing ass cheeks flapping and slamming on the shaft of a big dick!!

40 oz Bounce Lacey Duvalle
Some punk bitch has a hit out on gorgeous big titty Lacey and her amazingly fine ass! Course she ain't havin' it! She uses her powers of persuasion and ass bouncin' to call off the hit! She grabs a cock and rocks her curvy luscious body, fucking it hard and making it too irresistible not to 40 oz. bounce that HUGE JUICY ...

40 oz Bounce Rosario Stone
Rosario Stone is one drop dead beautiful woman who has a HUGE spicy Latina ass that bounces EVERYWHERE when she shakes it! When She appears on a retro game show, she makes sure she gets her prize.. in her filthy fucking mouth! You gotta see this juicy ass shake on that cock and the shit that comes out her passionate luscious ...

40 oz Bounce Milian Blu
With a big bouncy ass like Milian's juicy creamy black booty, she deserves to be recognized as a super ass hero! She comes in to kick some ass and shake it too! There is no stopping this gorgeous piece of black booty from taking over any cock! Milian Blu uses her slippery wet tongue to tease and to please!!!

40 oz Bounce Ice La Fox
When a disgruntled customer goes into the bank to make a withdrawal by force, bank manager Miss Ice La Fox steps in to handle the situation with some persuasive services! With huge round tits and a gorgeous round Latin ass, Ice La makes sure her customers are happy and pleased to be making a deposit each time! When she ...

40 oz Bounce Amile Waters
Amile's PHAT ass takes her man to Rock's Court after getting them in debt by over spending on cartoon porn! She's too much fine juicy black ass to handle for that prick anyway! She not only got some of the best dick sucking lips and a great set of titties, but she also takes it up her creamy chocolate asshole! This girl ...

40 oz Bounce Kali Dreams
Fuck meetings and corporate bullshit, look up a nice big black ass whore like Kali Dreams, who can really get business done right! In this episode of 40oz Bounce, Kali comes in to take care of business and make sure those fine ass-ets go where they're needed most, on a big fat dick! Topping off with a cool refreshing big ...

40 oz Bounce Mariah Milano
Tuesday, July 15, 2008}Mariah Milano gets audited by the Internal Rectal Services and she definitely needs to pay up with her huge assets when they come knocking! Poor Mariah has no choice but to succumb and drop to her knees and beg for a way out of debt. She shows them just how amazing her job skills are when she blows ...

40 oz Bounce Lauren and Lovely
Lovely Butts and Lauren Foxxx are the last two DAMN good hookers this pimp has after the other top 3 of his 5 best bitches got murdered, so he hired some 5-0 protection to not only keep these two big juicy ass hookers safe, but to also find out who killed the other 3. Shit like this can get any pimp stressed out! Lovely ...

40 oz Bounce Stacy Adams
What's the first item on your to-do-list when you break out of prison; FUCK some hot bouncy booty of course! These jailbirds aren't complete dip shits - they hideout in a women's gym locker room. That's when stacked babe Stacy comes in all hot and sweaty from kickin' some ass in a game of soccer. Cut to it; hardons are ...

40 oz Bounce Skyy Black
Thanks to the hit show that exposes two timing back stabbing sluts, Scammers was able to uncover Skyy Black doing what she loves to do... Suck alot of cock and fuck like a champ! She cant help it but show off that sweet delicious black ass, the more she gets around the more she knows she has it going on!!! Too bad for ...

40 oz Bounce Ayana Angel
Three amateur Jamaican poser drug dealers pull up to make a deal, when things go bad, Ayana steps in to take care of business with that round black lethal ass of hers! Guys dont have a chance when that phat ass and those tig ol' bitties bounce around! Loard have mercy, boi!!!

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