Ruth Blackwell

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Ruth Blackwell - www.RuthBlackwell.comNot only does Ruth Blackwell help white porn stars realize that there is no better cock than black cock, she does it while pregnant. This pregnant white woman is pregnant - and she might not know which of her past mates is the father, but she knows the father is one of the many black men she's fucked. Now, Ruth Blackwell is dedicated to helping other porn stars realize that once you go black... Check out her adventures now.

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Ruth Blackwell Videos

Ruth Blackwell Video
Ruth Blackwell Video

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Ruth Blackwell Picture
Ruth Blackwell Picture

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  • Ruth Blackwell by 8/9/2010 6:15:34 AM (80/100):
    Who is Ruth Blackwell you ask? She is a self-professed lover of black man-meat. Her site is an expression of her love for black schlongs and her desire to share that love with other white chicks. There are 119 episodes featuring Ruth and some other sexy lady who Ruth is initiating onto the dark side with pride. You can download each scene in a good-quality video and also check it out in some high-res photos, which you can download in Zip files. There are also 17 bonus sites.

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