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Lactalia Leaking Latina
Before you look at these pictures please keep in mind they were taken about a month after I gave birth, so I'm still carrying a bit of extra weight. I know guys don't like to hear women talk about their weight and body issues and I'm not complaining, just a little disclaimer lol. I hope you like these leaky pictures…

Lactalia Milky Cam Show
Ok so if you haven't joined me for one of my webcam shows yet what the heck are you waiting for? Come chat with me and let me turn you on, be you're little love puppet:-) Cum watch me perform for you… My shows are usually on Wednesday's check my webcam schedule for my next show, hope to see you in chat :-)

Lactalia Summer Spray
I wasn't sure what would be the breast name for this shoot, summer spray or leaking by the lake lol. These pictures were taken earlier this year when it was still nice and hot outside and I was just about to go skinny-dipping at a lake not far from my friend's country house. There's nothing like the shock of cold lake ...

Lactalia Yummy Mummy
I heard this expression for the first time not long ago and though it was very cute, especially since breast milk is so sweet and yummy. If you haven't tasted it or don't remember from those early days it tastes like really sweet milk and is very healthy for you. I did this shoot this past spring on my friends balcony, ...

Lactalia Live Lactation
Hey guys if you haven't joined me for one of my webcam shows yet what the heck are you waiting for? The shows are completely free and you get to have me be you're little love puppet, you're wish is my command, sorta lol. So you bring the food I'll supply something to drink…

Lactalia Drippy Nippy
For those of you who aren't familiar with Montreal it's an Island. The only way in or out of Montreal is by using one of it's many bridges. Should you ever be driving into Montreal and taking the Victoria Bridge make sure to look at the waterfront as you might just catch some horny half naked honey squirting milk all over ...

Lactalia Boob On Boob
If you haven't joined me for one of my webcam shows yet, what the heck are you waiting for? I guarantee an hour with me and Seska and you'll forget so many of your regular stresses, it may only be for that hour buy I guarantee an hour with us will help clear your mind, and hopefully some other things:-) We love to kiss, ...

Lactalia Leak
Hey guys hope you're all doing well:-) I got these new fat pants the other day, for those who don't know I call pants that have an elastic waist "fat pants" and thought they would be great with my pink shirt for a little leaky shoot. The pictures came out nice and bright and my milks was sweet as ever, take a ...

Lactalia Buckets Of Fun
Hey guys these pictures are from one of my cam shows back in August. I had a fun filled hour trying to fill just about all your requests, the double penetration was a lot of fun:-) A few of the guys in chat wanted to see my feet, and many others wanted to see some milk, so I combined the two…

Lactalia Milky Toes
Hey guys these pictures are from one of my cam shows back in August. I had a fun filled hour trying to fill just about all your requests, the double penetration was a lot of fun:-) A few of the guys in chat wanted to see my feet, and many others wanted to see some milk, so I combined the two…

Lactalia Summer Squirt
I woke up this morning and went outside to get the mail, guess what, it was freaking cold! Sadly up here in Montreal it seems winter is on it's way! Not to worry you have me here to keep you all warm:-) Now that summer is officially over I wanted to post a fun shoot I did in July on a hot summer day, a little reminder ...

Lactalia Milky Spray
Hey guys I have you're dose of milky goodness for you today:-) I really like the grainy natural light look on these pictures, I find they came out pretty good. The milk streams really come out well when we don't use the flash, check out me spraying myself…

Lactalia Dr. Boobenstein
Ok that's a really dumb name for this shoot, sorry! I have no idea what the heck the PHD stands for on my shirt, when I think PHD the first thing that comes to mind is a doctor. I'm no doctor but I like to play doctor on the internet:-) I hope you like this shoot with my big black dildo and milky boobs.

Lactalia Milky Mamories
If I only had an Oreo cookie to dip in my glass of milk, since I don't I'll just pour it all over myself. These pictures were taken soon after I gave birth so please excuse the extra baby weight, I know I say this often, it's a woman thing, we're all a bit nuts when it comes to our bodies:-)

Lactalia White Nighty
Seska took these pictures of me when I was about 6 months pregnant, I could still somewhat see my feet when I looked down:-) My boobs haven't caught up yet but as you can see from other shoots they will, and they'll get huge!

Lactalia Angel
I think found my next Halloween outfit lol. How can such a naughty girl be such an angel, I've figured it out:-) I really like the way these pictures turned

Lactalia Tutu
I can't believe I haven't posted this shoot yet, Seska took these pictures of me when my belly was just starting. It's fun to see how I progressed and how big my belly got in a few months (well 9 to be exact:-) I really like these tutu pictures, the color is a bit off, but you can't blame Seska she's not used to being ...

Lactalia Eliptimilk
If you want to get into shape you should drink plenty of milk and do some cardio. I don't know the rules on how long you should wait after drinking before you run so I just multitask and do both at the same time:-)

Lactalia Milk Facial
I think I have found the next hottest thing in porn, the milk facial! Sure any guy can blow his load all over a girls face, but how many can cover a girls face in yummy milk:-) This was so much fun I can't wait to give someone else a nice milky facial!

Lactalia Milk In My Tea
These pictures were supposed to go with a video clip but the tape got messed up somehow. I was having tea with a friend and put some milk in both our cups, mothers milk is so sweet you don't need to add sugar:-)

Lactalia Milk Maid
I really like how these pictures turned out with the natural outdoor light. I seem to have in issue with leaking milk through my shirt, the best way to solve the problem is to drain my breasts, all over my pussy:-) Doing this shoot outdoors on the balcony made it much more exciting, take a look…

Lactalia Beginner Belly
I was going through some photo's and found this shoot that Seska took of me way back when I was in the middle of my pregnancy. It's crazy how much bigger my belly got after this shoot now that I look at all the pictures. Seska likes my boobs so you'll notice she tried to get then in almost every shot, gotta love her:-)

Lactalia Milk Bath
My milkshake brings all the boys to the tub:-) Ok if you haven't heard the Milkshake song you'll think I'm a little nuts, which is kinda true even if you have heard it:-) Just like the Milk Me shoot, this one was taken right after I had my baby, so I have a bit more meat on me and my boobs are massive! They were also filled ...

Lactalia Mid-Day Masturbation
Don't you just love some mid afternoon masturbation, hopefully you can do the same while looking at these pictures…

Lactalia Leaking
really like the way these pictures of me leaking and squirting then masturbating came out. I should do it more often lol...

Lactalia Lollypop
Got a sweet tooth? I have something for that craving you have, take a look…

Lactalia Kelly Find
A friend of mine, Kelly, started a new search site for those who like big breasted women and asked me to do a special shoot for her wearing her lil top. I wanted to do something a bit different then other girls would do, so I soaked the shirt from the inside out, take a look…

Lactalia Pump It Up
I've gotten a few emails recently asking me about my breast pump, well they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's all you need to know, anyone thirsty?

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