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Cost: $29.95 Per Month, $59.95 for 3 Months RexMag.com Rating: 75

POV Pervert - www.POVPervert.comPOV Pervert aims to bring you some of the best POV content ever. The latest update is right at the top of the main page, with a total of eight thumbnails to show you the hottest moments of the action. I'm not really sure that many thumbnails are necessary, since it all looks so similar from a POV format. It's a nice thought though.

There are about 66 updates on POV Pervert right now. Since they don't list the dates of the updates, there's no way to tell if it's currently updated... But since it's got the older layout as opposed to the newer sites on Meat Members, and most of the older sites aren't updated anymore, it's safe to assume that it's not.

Even the smallest WMV downloads are decently sized and great quality—the larger downloads will be around 40MB per segment and they really look great, near full screen for me. I was impressed with all of the girls on this site. They're all very into their respective partners, giving them the full attention they deserve. You'll appreciate this since it's POV—you'll feel like you're the one getting all the attention from these hot babes.

The pictures are a little too blurry for me, and for some reason the latest update only offers a zip file for download—there is no way to view the actual photos on the site. The good thing is that they're decently sized at 640 x 480 pixels, so they'll give you a pretty decent view of the action even if it is a little bit pixelated or blurry.

The strange thing is that although there are 66 updates on the site, it feels like there isn't much at all. The layout is dark and drab, and it's all smashed onto one page... The other Meat Members sites have them all on one page as well, but that feels like a convenience thing for the member. This just feels like they didn't put any time into the layout. It's awkward and there's also no access to the 40+ sites in the Meat Members network that you have access to. On the other sites there is a convenient drop down menu. I'd like to see them implement the new layout here, it would be a big asset.

Now finally, about the Meat Members network... You get a total of 40+ sites when you sign up for this site or any other in the network. They are excellent sites, mostly all of them with a brand new layout that's super easy to use and not problematic like this layout is. It more than makes up for all the issues that this site has... and they also list the dates of the updates as well, which is incredibly helpful. It looks to me like they are putting some serious work into the whole network, and it's paying off tremendously. I enjoyed reviewing the entire set, and I encourage you to check out the whole Meat Members review here on this site for further information about all the sites that you get for your money.

Membership will set you back $29.95 for 30 days or $59.95 for 90 days, which effectively gives you a full month free, minus 5 cents. For this site on its own I definitely wouldn't say that's an appropriate price—but since you're really getting a full network membership, it is BEYOND worth it. It's an excellent deal and one that I recommend you take advantage of. This site gets a reluctant 75/100—but the network itself gets much higher marks from me. Membership is definitely recommended—just make sure you log in on the main Meat Members site so you don't miss all the great updates on all 40+ sites!

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  • POV Pervert by RabbitsReviews.com 8/19/2009 (74/100):
    POV Pervert captures the sex from the angle of the male partner as he is sucked and screws hot, horny chicks. The 79 videos give you good-quality playback in MPEG and Windows Media format. Most come only in clips, but some of the newer ones have full-length versions. You will only find two photo sets and they have decent, but far from high-res images. There are 53 bonus sites covering a wide range of hardcore categories.

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