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Cost: $24.95 a Month, $49.95 for 3 Months Rating: 78 User Rating: 5

Grind My Cock - www.GrindMyCock.comGrind My Cock is all about the lap dance. But not like the lap dances in a strip club. Why? In strip clubs, you can't touch. This website is about what-if – exactly how far could those lap dances go if there weren't so many rules? Grind My Cock says it can show you how. I love the theme. Let's see if it's as good as it seems.

Grind My Cock is simple enough. Take a hot girl, put her in a room, give a guy a camera, and let her grind herself all over him. Easy. Simple. Hot. There are a decent array of girls on here, a good ratio of blonds, brunettes, redheads, teens and a few MILFs. Honestly, it seems to be a decent enough depiction of a demographic – all of these girls look like the kind of girls you'd see working the strip club. A decent strip club, mind you, but these damn sure aren't the girl next door. There's more than just grinding on this site, there's also a good amount of fucking and some cock sucking, but most of it's pretty focused on the teasing aspect. Grind My Cock isn't JUST cock grinding, but it's mostly cock grinding. So you've gotta make sure that will be enough for you before you join.

When I first log into the member's only area, there's a series of screen caps, which are each photo links that take you to a particular movie. If you click on any of them, a large scale video will begin streaming (WMV format, if you have windows media player it will play in the window). Beyond a few videos, when you keep scrolling down the page, there are tons of videos and photo links for more content, but that content is not a part of this website. They are links to other websites, which you have to pay for. You can, however, access more Grind My Cock content by clicking on the Grind Videos link on the top of the page. Now you know.

There are 34 sets in all. Well, when I say set, I mean more videos, since there really aren't 'sets' beyond the video itself. Just click on any photo to start streaming. If you'd rather download the videos instead, you can do so by right clicking on any of the photographic links and choosing the 'Save Link As' option. Unfortunately, the only format available is WMV , full length. That's ok with me though because I always prefer WMVs over MPEGs, MP4s, and all that other fancy shit. The resolution on the videos seems to average around 1280 x 720 (nice!), but some of the videos are smaller in size. And for the actually size of the videos, they seem to hang roughly around 270MB, but again, some are smaller – it seems there is no set standard of size or resolution for the videos. For the most part, the stuff is primarily POV based, though there are a few sets which aren't. The POV stuff is better than the rest. The quality as a whole is decent, not gritty or grainy. Also, I have no idea if this site updates or not. The website itself says 'more added soon,' but as there are no dates anywhere on the website affiliated with the sets, nor is there any indication in writing that there is a set update schedule, I will have to assume that what you see is what you get!

There actually is a photo section on the website, but it's listed under 'bonuses'. Just click on the 'bonus area' button in the tool bar on the top of the page. You'll be directed to a very basic page at first. There is a single photo – you click on this photo, and it directs you to another page, with more photos. There are 20 different photo sets on this bonus area in all. The average range of shots is about 70 - 150 (it is quite varied from set to set). The average resolution runs around 800 x 450 to around 1200 × 675 (again, a lot of variance). They aren't professionally taken photo set separate from the sets, but rather they are screen caps, and by virtue of being screen caps aren't really of the best quality. They aren't entirely awful, but a few (as always with screencaps) are blurry or grainy. It also says there is a medium and full option for these photos, but the medium option didn't work.

Membership to Grind My Cock will cost you $24.95 for thirty days of access. Overall I really liked the content here, and with 34 sets it should be enough to get you through a standard 30 day membership. It's not the best site I've ever seen, but it's a nice detour if you're tired of the same ol' same ol', and they really do have good stuff even if the size and resolution tends to vary. Grind My Cock earns a very decent score of 78/100, and I do recommend it as long as you're cool with the minor drawbacks. Not a bad site at all.

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Grind My Cock Video

Grind My Cock Video
Grind My Cock Video

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Grind My Cock Picture
Grind My Cock Picture

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eckentode 5:
this is wone of the site that will make u not get any mor site ita not grinding at all and the vids are so sort well i think its my pin. that is not worth 24.95 i know because i got it and i think i was rip off it look like some cips for dance on my dick worest site i have got today
May 11, 2009 at 10:19 AM

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