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Cost: $2.95 Trial, $29.95 a Month, $68.95 for 3 Months RexMag.com Rating: 93

Tera Patrick - www.TeraPatrick.comTera Patrick is by far one of the best known pornstars on the internet. As a matter of fact, she is billed as the top pornstar the world over. Her website claims to be absolutely packed with her hot films, photo shoots, behind the scenes info, and lots of rare candid shots and videos that you can't find anywhere else. They also have contests to go and meet her at some of her exclusive parties around the nation. Some lucky guys won a day on the set of one of her flicks—could you be the next one? Is it worth the price of membership for a shot at that alone? Hell yeah. But enough about all those hot extras—let's get into the hardcore content and see what Miss Tera Patrick is really all about.

The navigation is no different than what you see on the tour page, so there are no unpleasant surprises inside. Some extras certainly—more info and more navigation options—but it's all good. Right now you can download 64 of Tera's XXX DVDs, and that works out to a total of just under 300 hours or just under 275 gigabytes of hot content. Tera updates every week too. That is really a very impressive amount of content, and there are bonus sites too! But we'll get to those in just a few minutes. First let's tackle the movies.

Tera Patrick is best known for that sensual voice and the passion she puts into her sex scenes. That fiery attitude is unlike any other babe in the industry. Beyond that, she's got the exotic Thai background, statuesque 5 foot 9 inch frame, and gorgeous deep brown eyes. She's won an incredible amount of awards for her work, and there is no wonder when you watch these hot hardcore and girl-on-girl scenes. Tera Patrick has no limits. She puts so much energy into each scene. Amazing XXX content. That's all I can say. If you know Tera, you know she's the best.

If you're not used to DVD sites, you might think that you can just download the full DVDs straight to your hard drive. That would be awesome, but nope—they are just too big. So you've got to download them scene by scene. That's the quickest way to get at the content though, and you don't end up having to download all the other scenes that you're not interested in—just the best of the best, know what I mean?

The segments are around 15 minutes each, an it's between 200MB and 300MB for those small chunks. That's a pretty hefty download for just 15 minutes, but again these are real DVD quality so you're trading download time for excellent quality—totally worth it if you're a quality junkie like me. There are large thumbnails for each section so there's no question about what you're downloading, and usually you'll see 5 or 6 sections per DVD. Wondering about the total on that? Typically it'll be between 1GB and 1.5GB for the whole movie. Not too bad. You can also stream the movies on demand without ever downloading a single file. For me that was the method of choice. I hated streaming back in the blurry RealPlayer days, but now with the new Flash streaming movies, it's HQ all the way, and completely instant. I definitely recommend it.

But what about dialup users? You're not left in the dark, don't worry. Tera Patrick has you covered. You can get the smaller clips at around 100MB each (still not too tiny but at least they don't sacrifice quality—go grab a coffee while you're waiting or something, it's worth it).

Now you're probably wondering about the photos, or wondering if they have them at all. Despite the fact that this is predominantly a DVD site, they also offer HQ professional photo sets. The one drawback (if you think it is one, anyway) is that they're not limited to just Tera Patrick. There are quite a few other pornstars featured. I'd call that a bonus rather than a drawback, but I guess it depends on you and what you like. The photos are 800x1200 pixels, around 25 per set, and they are fucking fantastic in terms of quality. I mean if you are jonesing for some super crystal clear photos, this is the place to go. No zip sets damn it, but you can click on 'em old school style or flip through the full size pics one at a time. Works well, no problems.

There are some cute bonuses on the site, but I'm not sure that they really live up to all the promises they make on the tour pages. There's a journal, bio, interview, filmography, awards, faq, Ask Tera, news, links guestbook, live chat, and a link to a (coming soon) live show. I never hold my breath on that coming soon stuff, but hey you never know.

You get a ton of bonus sites with Tera Patrick courtesy of Fame Digital, but you can only access these at the top of the home page (use the arrows). Here are the sites: Big Fat Cream Pie, Silvia Saint, Peter North, White Ghetto, Silverstone DVD, Devils Film, Squirtalicious, Hairy Undies, Cumshot Oasis, Mother Fucker XXX, I Swallow Peter North, Curry Cream Pie, and Tranny Pros. All great ones. I've reviewed them all.

Time to talk price. It's $29.95 for 30 days or $68.95 for 90 days. That takes off a full 25 percent, so I'd go for it. If you prefer to pay by online check or Web900, you can do that too but for varying prices. Worth it? Absolutely. Tera Patrick is ALWAYS worth it. I'm very happy with everything I have seen here—high quality movies, photo sets, and great extras. My final rating for Tera Patrick is 93/100, and I'd be a fool not to recommend it!

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  • Tera Patrick by PornReviews.com 5/23/2011 (59/100):
    Tera Patrick's website is just like her; bright, flashy and fun. Her entire career, from start to finish, is on display here - there's also a fair bit of exclusive content to appease her superfans. Membership includes access to dozens of bonus sites, which might come in handy when you realize Tera's site is never updated.
  • Tera Patrick review by AdultReviews.com 5/5/2011 (8/10):
    Tera Patrick doesn't need any introduction. This exotic, beautiful, and full chested porn star has been at the top of the industry for years. Her official website, reviewed herein, offers hundreds of her scenes as well as those of her porn star girlfriends in content that covers it all, from group sex and gang bangs to sensual lesbian action and solo strip teases. For her fans, no other site online can offer the volume of her material plus the intimate access you have to her life through the Fanclub inside. Media options could have been a touch better but overall Tera has a great site for her fans to join here.
  • Tera Patrick by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:16:49 AM (84/100):
    Tera Patrick is probably one of the most memorable women to ever perform in porn. She got her start in 1999 and has been wowing audiences ever since with her sultry good looks and insatiable appetite for hardcore sex. Her official site brings you 365 sets of pics and around 317 stellar-quality videos of her and her friends. You also get 16 full-access bonus sites, but main content hasn't updated for a couple months now.

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